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    Wiki Abuse

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    This is probably Rootology with a bag on his head or maybe a good friend of his with a bag on his head. I really don't know but anyway you look at it, they must be really ugly.
    File:Unknown comic.jpg
    Bag fetishists
    Really a bunch of perverts

    Wiki Abuse was a site that was created with the mission of cataloging the actions of abusive administrators on Wikipedia, with the wiki Web 2.0 twist of allowing anybody to contribute. It was founded by Rootology on June 19, 2007, and in its first incarnation had the lifespan of a mayfly as a whiny-as-fuck attempt to own Wikipedia administrators. What Wikipedia loved most about it was that it was started by Rootology (ED admin User:Fuckface) who was not just banned, but banned by the Arbcom, which is just like a regular ban except it takes Fred Bauder a month to fill out the paperwork. The site was taken down within a month with Rootology giving at least 100 excuses. It is now deader than Andrewpants.

    Reviews of Wiki Abuse

    • "I've already hired private investigators to find the rotten motherfuckers." - SlimVirgin
    • "I've yet to see any beautiful penises that sufficiently tickle my fancy at that site." - Sherilyn Sidaway
    • "Sorry, I'm too busy getting sucked by one of my Bomis' sluts right now to do anything about it." - Jimbo Wales
    • "That Bomis slut being me, of course. Sorry but I shouldn't speak with my mouth full." - Phaedriel


    In the beginning...

    As a result of WikiAbuse's open-ended, contributor friendly environment, the site was soon filled with bitchy diatribes about administrators nobody had ever heard of. It could've been on Wikimedia's MediaWiki spam blacklist within the hour except that it was too pussy to out any admins, and besides the Bureaucratic Fucks slowly discovered that Rootology gave them an ideal habitat to extend their bullshit into. Rootology's fatal mistake was that he set up a context where he "assumed good faith" ROFL on the part of Bureaucratic Fucks and Wikipedoes who have displayed no good faith anywhere, giving them control of the whole fuckin' game. Don't do it again!

    A close second was that most of his nutcase Wikipedia Review "buddies" sat around totally butthurt, whining about how the only contributors should be a "select membership" or "God's elite" (i.e. them), going wild about how Roots "no outings" policy was a sin, and raving on about their own "no outings" thing in the same breath. The rest of the time, most of them were fucking the site up in the same way as Grace Note and the Wikipedo admins.

    So, within a week of its creation, the site was simultaneously overrun by the glassy-eyed Wikipedia fanatics and WR loons, with both duking it out across a hundred different pages. With the only sysop (Rootology) asleep, the few other genuine editors fought a hopeless battle reverting. When he awoke, Rootology locked down the database in an attempt to regain control.

    Goodbye cruel world

    Normally, a wikicide involves an editor, not an entire wiki. However, on July 12th Rootology announced that he had received "credible legal threats" from the furluminati and would have to shut down the site.


    Credible legal threat from parties with financial interests in the success of the Wikimedia Foundation.



    There was a little more to the TL;DR suicide note but now it's gone (without a trace). It's all an obvious lie, Root's "Stop Outing of Bureaufucks at Any Cost" policy was there, and users followed it, so there was no basis for any e-lawyers to kick down his door.

    Back from the Grave

    Rootology's first move after closing the site was trying to convince the kooks on Wikipedia Review to buy the site name. Nathanr made a half-hearted offer which his heart wasn't in. In the end they were all too busy spending every waking hour watching Recent Changes on Wikipedia in between posting a lot of dull conspiracy theories about SlimVirgin.

    File:Wikiabuse is lively.PNG
    Wikiabuse 2.0: srsly active 'cos it's srs biz.

    No one else was buying. Being a logical chap, Rootology decided to dig it up himself and do it all over again, but this time with advertisements for profit!!1?!!!. These magically dissolved the alleged threat of legal action by financial friends of the Wikimedia Foundation. So, on December 10th, 2007, Wiki Abuse rose from the grave in a new zombie incarnation, featuring new policies, but with most of the old history and so on. One of the new policies is something called the Wikitruth model, presumably meaning it will only be updated every six months or so and all users will imply that they are actually Wikipedia administrators. As of the end of 2007, Wiki Abuse was updated less often than Maddox's site. It soon disappeared altogether.

    Back to the Grave

    Wikiabuse is now just a troll for TOW's meaning of life article.

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