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    A WikiProject is something created by fanatical TOW editors who wish to focus their energy on articles in a particular subject area. Because Wikipedia has so many rules, they feel the need to organize and categories everything and grade articles as an "A", "B", "GA" or "FA" to the extent that it is... "just so"; everything is in its right place. This is most evident on talk pages, where the discussion page is cluttered with huge banners that serve no real fucking purpose other than to confuse n00bs who are already being kept a watchful eye on by the admins who take out their sexual frustration by blocking new users for making the slightest mistake.

    Types of WikiProjects

    Pedophilia Article Watch logo, which as an acronym is PAW. Wonder who left that pawprint?

    There are many types of WikiProject. The Alternative rock music WikiProject is highly successful, due to the fact that many Wikipedos are bored college students with too much time on their hands, which means that after getting their daily fix of Pitchfork Media, they have the time to write a featured article or good article about the latest A Silver Mount Zion album that they bought for $21.99, which is a fair price to pay because Canadian Jewish post-rock labels don't fund weapons manufacturing like albums by bands on major labels in which Rupert Murdoch has a stake. However, since Wikipedia is like Scientology, they're still making money for The Man, who generates revenue from these asspies' hard work by reselling his open content to commercial sites so that he can exploit hookers in any city he travels to for the next Wikimania, and thus Jimbo will be experiencing his first taste of Arab pussy at Wikimania Egypt 2008.

    Many WikiProjects are so small and insignificant that they are not deemed to be WikiProjects at all. Instead, they are called "taskforces". For example, Albania only has a taskforce, while such important subjects as SpongeBob SquarePants, My Chemical Romance and Tenacious D have got their own WikiProjects, obviously. This is because of the Wikipedia Jews, who deny Albania a full WikiProject as they do not want to see a European country with such a high proportion of Muslims to get full representation on Wikipedia, in accordance with their understanding of NPOV. Latest reports suggest that they are considering cutting back the expenses on having a WikiProject on Sweden for the same reasons.

    There is also a Pedophilia Article Watch WikiProject, which is maintained by the user SqueakBox, a middle-aged British emigrant living in Nicaragua with his Latina wife and two dogs, and his companion Erik Möller, who is a huge fan of the project and its capacity to lure young editors to Wikipedia.

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