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    WikiFUD is the act of introducing fear, uncertainty, and doubt into the maintainers of serious Wikipedia articles. ie Fuck You Dumbasses. It involves identifying hard-to-prove but reasonable statements and requesting verification for them via in-line templates like {{fact}} or {{who}}, or article tags like {{unreferenced}}. The more difficult, embarrassing, or distressing it would be to provide a reliable source, the better your WikiFUD is. And remember, you have two audiences: the wikipedophiles who view this article as their personal property, preening over its quality and jealously guarding against obvious attempts to vandalize it, and those who actually read Wikipedia articles because they want to learn stuff.

    Good targets for WikiFUD

    Not all topics are conducive to WikFUD. Good choices for WikiFUD-style vandalism are those that already generate a substantial amount of criticism and controversy, with the ideal choice being a controversial subject with little popular appeal. This increases the likelihood that a call for verifiability and reliable sources will be thought to be coming from another expert in the field and the chance your WikiFUD will be taken seriously. Some good places to start:

    The overarching goal with WikiFUD is to vandalize without being reverted, and to do it in a lulz-inducing manner. Unaddressed WikiFUD should cause lulz in perceptive readers of the article. Attempts to address WikiFUD should cause lulz-worthy behavior by the maintainer(s) of that article, although this behavior has not, to date, been directly observed.

    Why WikiFUD?

    Wikipedia's imperfect standardization of rules and guidelines causes misunderstandings and errors by sheep who don't know to understand the intent of the guidelines and allows malicious behavior by those with an outside agenda[verification needed]. This has led to inaccuracies and omissions in the content of the largest Wiki of the whole Internets, which continue to this day. It is no less than our duty to expand on and propagate the errors in this broken system, so that all may know the pain and suffering we have known. NEVAR FORGET!!1

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