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    For a better world
    All wikis as 2021.
    A good comparison of some wikis out there today.

    A wiki is commonly defined as:

    n. A form of communism that uses a software program that never deletes anything but uses data compression of old edits, so if you fill it with something uncompressable like the exact value of pi, you can shut down a wiki. Similar to a blog, you can google bomb with a wiki by putting lots and lots of links with the same text to a website. Like a blog, wikis are the result of a single individual editor (SlimVirgin on Wikipedia and Taurin Fox on WikiFur, for example), and everyone else's edits are changed back to those of the one editor.

    This means that anyone can edit the content within this site - except for you! All your edits will be reverted, articles and pictures deleted, your user page vandalized, and your talk page frozen.

    If you are not quite sure how to use the site or want more information on how to write articles, we have extensive Help and FAQ sections. These sections will give you an idea about how to make edits and use the site. However, those sections can be edited as well! You are so fucked!

    With the introduction of Web 2.0 technology, creating a wiki has become quick, cheap, and easy, so it's no surprise that just about every fandom, series, movement, and subject imaginable now has its very own wiki. However, expanding and maintaining a good wiki is not as easy, so most wikis will quickly fall into a state of ruin and be abandoned, consisting solely of a handful of unfinished articles and scattered vandalism until the domain lease is up.

    Some Facts About Wikis

    • Wikis are responsible for 92% of the copypasta in the business and education life.
    • Mysteriously, NO sysop is not an idiot with power.
    • 78% of debatable articles have more than 20 irrelevant references nobody bothers looking at.
    • You are more likely to get banned from a wiki than any other website.
    • 89% of wiki editors are basement dwellers

    Most wikis run on MediaWiki.

    Primary RPG classes

    Real Editor
    A real editor edits in their interests, gets in edit wars over people removing their hard work, fights, cusses, throws tantrums when mad, etc. This type is the only type sincere about helping a wiki and unless someone occasionally vandalizes the userpage of another for reverting them, then they're just a poser. An example is User:Astanhope, regularly blocked for everything including vandalism, [1] and says things like "Why not keep your dick in your pants the next time and spend 20 seconds reading the article the next time before you delete?" [2] but continues useful editing.
    Honest Troublemaker
    Vandals, trolls, and even those who do sneaky vandalism, as long as they do it before trying to weasel into the power structure, they should be respected for at least being to a degree honest about it.
    Power Climber
    If you see someone doing boring maintenance or being civil, then they don't care about helping the wiki at all. They're only out to power climb. People in this class don't even want the power as much as the status to compensate for being losers in real life with no significant other and they also have no job or they could afford to buy a real MMORPG. People in this class may also be old people who are retired, their children never call or visit, and a real video game seems too kiddie for them. Example, see this RFA. 83 votes for and none against, and not even a single neutral. Obviously too perfect. That person also has a two year gap in the middle of their contributions during which time they possibly went around vandalizing on sock puppets.
    This class starts out similar to a power climber, but they don't do as much work and do a lot of sucking up. They make friends with everyone in power so they can bully all the real editors on the site. Where a power climber will watch recent changes and revert vandalism, a griefer will watch recent changes and revert useful contributions from people without a circle of friends on the wiki. This class is drawn to popular wikis, but they have trouble because so are the power climbers since every nerd thinks it's cool to be an admin of Wikipedia. Semi-popular wikis are where the griefer class really shines (a good example is Wookieepedia) because almost nobody cares about being admin of a little shit-wiki, so griefers can come in and eventually replace every single administrator with a griefer and once that is done, it's a military coup and all hell breaks loose.

    Other Wikis

    A partial list of wikis on the internet.

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