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    Wii60 is an online club for autistic furries. Originally started as a community of Microsoft and Nintendo fantards, they differed from the rest for the simple reason that they take the Console Wars so seriously that they have gotten to the level of bashing any possible detail about the PLAYSTATION 3 that they hear. As per usual with console fanboys, they try to delete or modify anything from articles which is detrimental to their "cause". (see Sony Defense Force)

    The Web Site

    The Wii60 homepage consists of a bunch of badly photoshopped images, featuring themes ranging from Ridge Racers to $599 US Dollars Photoshops. There is also a video of some Sony guy announcing the price, which is well worth it if you ask anyone who didn't wait to buy it for at least 100 bucks less on eBay from desperate console snipers who camped out for eighty days because they thought they would be millionaires.

    The Beginning

    In the Beginning, there was a site called Wii60 where immature console-centric fanboys made photoshops bashing Sony all day because their parents were too poor to buy them a PS3 and had to buy them Spectrums from Oxfam, Wii60 then formed a site called This is Waiting, which was filled with EVEN MORE pictures mocking the Playstation 3.

    And it was then that the Sony Defense Force site was discovered, by none other than the Wii60 administrator himself. And so began an idiotic little spamfest that wasted their time because it only takes like 2 seconds to delete a thread, until all the unjustly banned members of Wii60 showed up and became moderators, meaning that Sony Defense Force was essentially formed by Wii60 sucking ass so much that all the good people left.

    The Community

    The Wii60 forum is the number one reason on the list of why the Internets sucks, for it is here that a cesspool of fucktardedry like none other has arisen. Basically, you will find two types of members on the forum: The Microsoft fantard, who masturbates to Peter Moore's speeches on a daily basis but "likes" Nintendo because his sister Stacey Ann plays Animal Crossing while masturbating, and the occasional prophet, who comes in to remind everyone that they're a bunch of faggots who will never get laid and their idea of a perfect woman is Samus Aran having a virtual enema.

    Typical discussions range from how God-like Xbox 360 and how "um... kinda good" Nintendo Wii is to how shitty Playstation 3's are, despite the fact to an average person they're all kind of shit anyway and the latter isn't even out yet.

    The moderators are a bunch of Nazi douchebags who suffer from unprecedented levels of unwarranted self-importance. If you say anything positive about Sony, you are banned. Why they care so much about an entertainment system (again, see Sony Defense Force) is beyond anyone's comprehension, however, it does make you think of how an iPod versus. versus. Paris Hilton battle for the world would play out, if everyone who owned a portable MP3 player or Paris Hilton was a complete fucktard with no life. Well, maybe Rick Solomon and Nicole Richie.

    Of course, once Metroid Prime: Tampon Edition (For Girls) and Halo 3 (now with TRIPLE-WIELDING) come out and some idiot proclaims one is "BETTAR!!1" they will inevitably split and hate each other as usual, giving way to Sony's usual anime shitfest of Final Fantasy IIIXIXIXIXIXIXIXVIVI which every Japanese and Weeaboo person will buy. What's even more hilarious and lulz-worthy is the fact they think 1,600 people can stop millions of people buying Sony shit via a shitty internet site. Let's just say it's not exactly Nazi-esque on the scale of propaganda.

    Seriously, if MS fanboys had a friggin BRAIN IN THEIR HEAD, they'd want the PS3 and Wii both to fail.


    I am, at this very moment, as gitty as a prepubescents 7th grader inside of a high school girls locker room.


    — 'Mike'

    * Notice the cascading failure of this statement. Yes, he is an fag for saying something so fucktarded, but he also can't spell "giddy",or understand the difference between a singular or a plural and doesn't understand that a prepubescent boy would still think girls are icky, and should've hit puberty by SEVENTH GRADE ANYWAY YOU DUMB FUCK!

    Notable Members


    Razoric created the site, he also created Gameklip, a site similar to YouTube but with less features. Also created the Sony Defense Force and makes Mario sprite comics on Newgrounds.

    Big Lou

    Big Lou is an arrogant asshole who was only admined because of his constantly delayed podcast which sucked to begin with. His finger is constantly on the ban button and he allows a creepy little stalker to be on the forums.


    Drew SAID he was 19 years old and that he works for Microsoft, and a lot of people believed him...until ElementalTemple was discovered and completely trashed his lies. But of course, the Wii60 staff is so up each other's ass that they don't care that he deceived 1,600 people.

    cue kalamos

    A dyslexic little stalker from Howell, Michigan who's creepy antics caused almost all of the well known regulars and some of the mods to get themselves IP Banned because of this fucking idiot. http://myspace-400.vo.llnwd.net/01228/00/42/1228482400_l.jpg -> See how gay he looks?


    Not much to say about this asshole, believed that the mods shouldn't be involved in the community and supported the idea of allowing the little stalker cue kalamos onto the forums.

    ===Mexican_Pirate Possibly the most worthless member of any site on the Internet. Always says stupid shit that nobody cares about. Any other member on any other site would be banned for being as pointless as this asshole.


    Nothing more than a faggot furry who faps to dragons and will never, ever get a girl. Thinks the PC is superior to all, and he also faps to dragons. Has constant fantasies about Midna, and did I mention he faps to dragons?

    Ace 747

    A Sonic fanboy pedophile weeaboo from Sweedishland who has watched over 9000 animes and faps to furry guro lolis. Tried to become an hero, but just became even more of an epic failure.


    Even worse than Cue Camalos, this 8 year old retard is the ass of Wii60. Constantly makes fail jokes and complains about how Nickholas78 does not like Shrek. Has "left" the forum about 16 times, and he thinks vaginas are nasty.

    See also: 13-year-old boy


    The resident emo kid whose attempts at explaining the true definition of emo only caused other members to berate him with derogatory remarks more frequently. He is loved and scolded at the most by cue kalamos.

    See: emo, an hero, purplecoyote.


    Some dumbshit fuckface whose life consists of furiously masturbating to shitty movies and sucking Richard Dawkins's cock. Was an overall worthless member who contributed nothing to the site until he was modded, presumably after giving the admin buttsex. Even as a moderator he never does anything and just lets all the other mods do his work while he orgasms to black person's bullshit speeches.


    See: God

    External Links

    Wii60 Homepage- Dead, apparently bought by some shitty app-making company named Razoric.
    Wii60 Forum- Same as above.
    ArchiveToday-favicon.pngWii60 and Sony Defense Force are owned by the same faggotROR404

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