Why do you hate America?

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The American Bald Eagle... which doesn't have lacrimal glands (it can't cry), dumbfucks. This image goes perfectly with the phrase.
No srsly, we will fuckin' do it... Just ask Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh wait they're all dead! LAWL.

Also known as "Why do you hate freedom?," this is the only correct response to any statement which implies the United States might be responsible for anything negative. Yeah right...

The Answer


This image asks many questions, least of which is why does he hate America? Gay nazi is gay.


The phrase "Why do you hate America?" was born after a mother lost her son to the ravaging African disease we now know as elephantiasis. America Johnson was a college athlete and had a 3.0 GPA. He was a community pillar, and often volunteered as the May pole during May Day celebrations. Eventually, like any emotional tragedy, his story began to be used by conservative senators attempting to rally popular opinion to themselves; however, because he was black they often didn't bother to mention who he was in case one of their friends found out they kind of didn't think niggers were so bad.


"Why do you hate America?" can be used in any context - and, in fact, the more ridiculous the context, the better the phrase works. Examine these examples for rudimentary tips on how to hate America like the pros:

...and on, and on, and on. There is literally no end to hating America.

This includes arguments about who had the better empire: BRITAIN or the UNITED STATES. If a Brit criticises America, he is assumed to be immediately wrong. Everyone knows Jews did WTC.

Droopy hates America

Americunts often argue that people hate America because they are jealous of America's freedoms. This is similar in nature to various furries, weeaboos, and other faggots on sites like Youtube, DeviantArt, and Fanfiction.net BAWWWing that people don't like their artwork, video, fanfic, or whatever because they are jealous of said faggot's talent. Likewise, Americunts can BAWWW about people hating their freedoms whenever sand nigras Jews fly planes into their buildings or people the world over start stating that they are a bunch of ill-mannered, self-centered fucktards, but in truth, Americunt "freedom" is mostly an insane asylum run by the Jews. That's what the rest of the world thinks of your freedom, Americunts.


  • Why do you hate Freedom and/or Democracy?
  • Why do you want our troops to die?
  • Why do you spit on the legacy of our Founding Fathers?
  • Why do you raep innocent children?
  • Why do you like France?
  • Why do you not hang on Glenn Beck's every word?

Other Statements that can be used to cause drama and get banned

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