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God why are there so many of them now

Nowadays, the standard of being a whore has changed. It use to be women (and even some faggots) who slept around. These days even your mom is a big fat whore. That's okay though, she's not alone.

- Daddy issues
- Money
- Desperation
- They can't help it

This has not changed the simple fact that all women are still whores. These cock sucking retards can be found everywhere. At the local corner waiting, being paid to clog up their arteries with cheeseburgers, or even at the church trying to suck Jesus off once more. Although there are plenty of types, certain ones are found to be more volatile.

Whores are everywhere, even niggers interact with them in apespeak. So while it's impossible to avoid them, there are proper ways into dealing with them. We are not responsible for your fuckups.

If you're a whore yourself, there is no hope for you. The best way to cope is to become the cock sucking slut you were probably bound to be anyways, or simply drinking bleach. The whores featured here are beyond help and reason, and probably all have daddy issues. A good lesson to learn early on is that you can't change them, any attempt will only give you their autism.

If you were listed here, feel free to check out our special removal form by clicking here.

Shit that goes here

  • Women who stream
  • Women with onlyfans
  • Women with husbands
  • Women with self esteem issues

I used to do cleavage streams to troll bait & create an interesting dichotomy between viewer and streamer. Now I can't compete.


Anisa Jomha, continuing to be a cow