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    Whitedog1 is a Finnish dogfucking furfagette who makes awesome comics about Twilight, Death Note, and of course, furries. When she isn't busy masturbating, hiking snowy mountains and marrying her pets, she makes the best comics ever to grace deviantART. The sole purpose of her comics is to act out her sexual fantasies that usually involve Twilight characters in questionable poses and sexual situations, and not to mention some yaoi too. Her shitty comics are constantly seen on the front page of DA, most likely due to her retarded fanbase, always licking up the shit that whitedog squats down and shits out.

    The Comics

    WhiteDog does something else on a daily basis besides her comics.
    How is this funny, again?

    The very thing that got her famous was the rat hole known as DeviantART. WhiteDog has learned the secret to earn pageviews, all you have to do is submit comics at a daily basis. The comics are famous for featuring furfaggotry, Twilight, and other unknown shit. Of course since WhiteDog is both a furry and a sexually starved Twilight fangirl, the only "jokes" she could come up with are about sex, gay sex and yiff. On top of all that, all of her comics are incredibly unfunny. These comics make newspaper comics look as if they were filled with comedy gold. Her furry comics are basically about yiff and nothing else, since furries ONLY think about yiff. It also sheds some light on how sexually starved she is. Since she can't get a boyfriend in real life, she often draws gey sex and masturbates with her special Twilight dildo.

    Her comics are also completely dull, bland and poorly drawn. All of her comics are just sketches. The only color of the rainbow that was lucky enough to be in her comic is the color red. And it's only used as blushing and hearts. Instead of using the text tool, she writes the words in her own hand writing, which makes it harder for the tartlet to read. Besides the fact that her comics are poorly drawn, uncolored, and uses nothing digital to make her shit more bearable, all of the characters look the same. All of the male humans in her comics has the same features such as their rectangular jaw and the ideal buff body. While, all female humans have a pointed chin, wide-opened eyes and a thin body with a huge bust. The only things she changes are the clothes and hair. Her sense in anatomy is pure shit, also. In her bizarre world, she thinks that she knows everything about male anatomy, and that not all books have correct anatomical understandings. This coming from a girl who has never had a single cock interested in her.

    Since Whitedog is the master of comics, anatomy, comedy, and DeviantART, what else could she possibly do? Well it seems that she also knows how to make likable characters, too. That's right! She's a total expert on how to make characters that you can relate to! She also made tips on her ElGay that would help her fantards make their shitty comics better. Her list to make a likable female character is to make her have conflicting character traits such as being an interesting character- but not too much, hot- but not too much, and to be shy around her love interest-but not too much (I think we're seeing a pattern here). For the males, they must be very hot and very interesting. It seems that Whitedawg HAETS Mary Sues but loves Gery Stues only because it's the gender she hungers for. Using her guide, the results are that all of the female characters are alike and same goes with the male characters, since she thinks that there is no need to make more varying personality traits.

    Her fanbase

    We learned how to be generic shits from Whitedog1!
    Their humble offering to the queen.

    Stupid. Horribly stupid. They're identical to the Twilight fanbase, which is pretty obvious since the fanbase also consists of Twilight fan girls. Like how Stephenie Meyer made her fangirls sexually starved by constantly describing Edward Cullen as an OMGSUPERHOT, sparkling douchebag, Whitedog1 did the same by making her audience drool over furry buttsecks. Whenever Whitedog posts anything new, they will go straight to it and comment as if there were no tomorrow which makes it appear on the front page. Her fanbase is filled with untalented pricks with no telling of what is or isn't funny. They're the type of people who loves laughing their asses off while watching the Disney channel and reading other unfunny furry comics. Because of their poor art skills, they see Whitedog as the greatest and most funniest artist on DeviantART, since, logically, if you draw a male torso reference, you must be a great artist, right?

    They often make shitty MS paint comics "imitating" Whitedog's humor hoping that they can be just as famous as her. Their comics are even more unfunny and poorly drawn than that of Whitedog's. Often, they make "responses" or continuations to her comics by adding even more shitty dialogue and less effort. Her fangirls are also known to lurk her userpage waiting for more comments to come and replying to them by saying "liek i no shes so funnai!11" and posting emoticons. Because of them, her page is covered with the same comments from different people. However, they also lurk her page just waiting for a hate comment and will reply with massive tard rage, claiming that Whitedog is totally hilarious, and that the flamer is wrong in every way.

    They also search for journals and stamps that doesn't share their undying love for WhiteBitch. They will constantly whine and say "just ignore her". Of course the very irony of that statement is that they have chosen to do the exact opposite of their advice and will do anything in their power to attempt to remove said deviation or journal. They will do whatever they can do to defend their precious Queen of DeviantART, and will even report the person or the stamp and claim that they're harassing her since they just can't handle the fact that there are other people who just don't share the same opinion.

    After Whitedog's absence, her fanbase did exactly what was expected. They gathered at her page and cried about their "great loss" acting as if they need to read her comics in order to live. Instead of Whitedog's userpage being filled with ass-kissing comments, now it is filled with crying fags trying to find their precious Whitedawg. Since Whitedog left no reason for her absence, her fans started coming up with theories instead of contacting her and asking why. Their biggest theory is that she was butthurt after the creation of this article. Shortly after, they convinced themselves that the theory was true.

    However, these are the type of people who would get easily offended by reading the first sentence and add bullshit claims that they read the entire article and claim that there is no truth in the article. Because ED insulted their great goddess, they actually believe they have god given right to kill the contributors of this article. They're also planning to track them down and make them pay for what they have done. Of course, they look like complete idiots, since they ignore the fact that they can simply press the history tab above. What makes them fail even more is that they can't see that there is mainly one contributor of this article, and they can't even tell their gender. In this case, ED is more or less used as their scapegoat and they utilize it to blind themselves from the fact that Whitedog gets more irritated by her fan base than anything that opposes her. If anything, her fan base is more likely to be the reason for her disappearance above all theories, making all of the shitstorm on her page completely ironic.


    An accurate depiction of WhiteDog1 in action.
    I block people whose comments annoy me. This way, my annoyance level stays low and my productivity level high. A few individuals suffer, but the majority of my watchers remain happy.


    —Whitedog's reason for her block rampage.

    It all started when WhiteBitch got tired of her many fans. You know, the very people who got her popular in the first place? Since she is a popular user on ShittyART and submits even shittier comics on a daily basis, she gets flooded with comments from her legions of goats. Some comments are at least decent and tolerable while others are incredibly pointless such as saying "first comment" or just "lol". Because of all these comments she began to set up "rules" for other users. It seems that she still wants comments on her art yet expects them to be up to her standards. That's right, she just can't risk turning off comments because she still wants to read YOUR ass-kissing comments.

    The reasons why she blocks people are rather inane, even for WhiteDog. For a girl who keeps uploading to please her watchers, she wants their comment to be typed in the way she wants it to be. And that's what you should expect from your fans when you're popular, right? One reason that would get you blocked is commenting too much while another reason is not commenting enough. In that case, why not list a rule that tells you how much comments you should make? She also hates it whenever there is a comment that compares or favors a certain character. Does her faggy goat remind you of some animu character? Well, if you mention that, you will guarantee to have your name placed on her block list. Like everything else she does in life, she utterly fails at coming up with a good reason why that would get you blocked.

    The reason for blocking by critiquing is utter bull shit, too. Her so-called reason for having critique undesired is that she wants to improve on her own instead of just explaining the actual truth that she is either too lazy to improve or that her ego is so large that she would throw a fit at anybody who disagrees. She will also pull more shit out of her ass that if she works more on her comics, the less she'll upload and the less she pleases her watchers. But everyone knows that she doesn't two shits about her watchers one bit but only their ass kissing comments.

    Furthermore, she considers seeing her message box filled with new comments to be abhorrent. However, that shouldn't even be a reason to trim down her messages because she doesn't have a DA friend like your typical user. It's not like she's waiting for a reply from a certain user, since she doesn't need something from a specific deviant. Following in the footsteps of Justflyakite, she will also block you for drawing fan art. Again, she will never state why that will get you kicked off her page, but further proves that she adores Hitler with a passion. If you happen to be someone she dislikes, you will also have a spot on her list of blocked people. Further proving that her popularity has turned her into even more of a bitch if that was even possible.


    • Posting critiques
    • Replying to other comments
    • Saying things like "I love your work!"
    • Not commenting enough
    • Commenting too much
    • Saying things unrelated to the image
    • Saying her characters remind you of someone else (be it pre-existing character, another character of hers, or your friend)
    • Saying one of her non-OC characters is being OOC
    • Saying "first!" or "first comment!"
    • Using improper grammar/spelling
    • She doesn't like you
    • Asking technical questions or things that aren't even answered in her FAQ
    • Asking what she's making references to in her comics (like 'tossed salad')
    • Stating you prefer one character over another
    • Saying things in another language (even if it's her native one),
    • Drawing Fan Art
    • Saying something about sports
    • Using plz accounts


    From Whitedog herself

    This is what you see when you die.
    File:Fleas by StonePaw.jpg
    Typical artwork by a Whitedog1 fangirl. LIEK HOLY SHIT YOU CAN BUY THIS AS A PRINT!!1
    -can be sexually devious and polygamous, or completely asexual


    —One of Whitedog's amazing tips for likable characters.


    have you noticed how people use Japanese words even when speaking of western fandoms?
    like, "omg supernatural yaoi!"
    "who is the uke, edward or jacob?"
    it just... doesn't get any more retarded than that



    —This is extremely ironic, since Whitedog uses words like kiriban.

    it seems many of my watchers either don't pay attention, or can't read very well

    i clearly stated i dislike using japanese words when speaking of non-asian fandoms. i have no problem with them, if you're speaking of anime or manga. and by that i don't mean the ones based on western fandoms.
    i never said mixing languages is a bad thing, or that japanese sucks.



    —You just keep saying that, bitch.

    ok, i'm sorry, i said knutsching is a word and it really isn't :XD: i wasn't thinking... the thing is, knutsch and knutschen are German words, but the form knutsching doesn't exist :P


    —Wait a minute, 'knutsch' isn't english now is it?

    see, i don't even like those guys, but i actually felt bad for them. she is... a nightmare.

    a good host makes her guests the center of attention, but she was all "me, me, me, me, oh and did i forget to mention ME?"


    —This reminds me of something...

    -don't use the toilet


    —Then how does your faggy vampire fuck then?

    but every time i see those names on dA i go "....ehehehheeee" like a retard



    -you can make him really hot, whereas with girls, it’s not recommended


    —Whitedog1, busy drooling over men.

    I have been drawing all my life. I’ve become quite fast.


    —... at being untalented

    I would end up surfing a lot and drawing less. You wouldn’t like that.


    —She says that, but the truth is that she doesn't give two shits about anybody else but herself.

    I dislike colouring.


    —I dislike making my comics any better.

    Would take more time, and I wouldn’t be able to post daily anymore. My watchers would not like that.


    —...and if they don't comment the way I want them to, then they'll be blocked!!11

    There are many websites where the moderators go through all material and decide what art is good enough to get published and what isn’t. You should get an account on one of those sites.


    —Whitefog1's 'fuck you' to people who tells her that she can't draw well.

    As an employee and student, I take concrit and act upon it. This, however, is just my hobby. I do it because I enjoy it. I know what to do to get better; I’m a former art student. I’ve participated in courses the sole purpose of which was to give and receive concrit. I liked it, and I was always among the top of class, but I also noticed I started to draw in hopes of getting praise from my teacher and fellow students, instead of the pure, uncomplicated joy of drawing. My dA account is for enjoyment, alone.


    —I need to react this way to critique!

    From her fanbase

    I'm just a fellow artist who decided enough is enough. :) Seriously, if you don't like artwork and fanfic expressionism, get your arses off dA. I can't think of anywhere else you're more likely to find it. Save 4chan, but something tells me even ED trolls steer clear of that particular shit-hole. Sincerely, IHATETROLLS.


    —TheBoysInLust, a person who thought he can THWART DEM EVIL TROLLZ by clearing this article and even stated he was doing so on her page.

    you have a great mastery of anatomy :)


    —DragonforceDingo, who doesn't shit about anatomy.

    Kenneth shirtless?

    -brain oozes from ears-



    —The-Scarlet-Rose, typical fangirl with her rotting brain.

    Fascinating...and inspiring...great skills!


    —Cadavera, don't break the period button.

    yay! I have number 4 XD


    —leonkatlovre reveals the physique of Whitedog's audience.

    Hello! I think that all of your comics are fantastic! You are extremely funny!


    —xxKidaxx, a person who embrace a lot of unfunny shit.

    Your comics make me LOL when I'm so extremely bored. :'D


    —ContagiousPixie, who must be extremely depressed.

    SEWIOUSLY. Whitedog1 is AMAZING already, but she was actually able to make Twilight into something enjoyable.


    —Latialam, a person who haven't figured out that Twilight will never be any better.

    You should stop complaining! Just read he comics! There is nothing stoping you!You don't have to comment


    —FullMetalCrazy, busy being the white knight defending the queen.

    ummm... it's sad that you waste so much energy on someone who justs wants to draw. It's truly pathetic.


    —It's even more sad that v-e-r-t-i-g-e is a Whitedog fanboy.

    You do not know me. We may never meet. But thank you. Simply put, thank you for existing. I could have a shitacular day, night, evening, but your comics make me laugh. I laugh out loud and can forget (literally) what my problem was. If I ever met you, I'd have a plate of baked cookies for you. They may be burnt, but they'd be for you. Thank you for making me laugh~


    —Deviant-Joey-Kat... not much else I could add.

    if you died...i will join you whitedog, i will join you.


    —Clowneaters99 shares the views of millions of Whitedog fans during her absence in September.

    WHAT the FUCK?????

    So you can't be creative anymore? You can't make your own fucking comics without some dumbshits stalking your fans and quoting their shit and making all this crap up about you?

    That ED article, OH MY GOD. Of all the fucking frivolous shit you wanna bash.... oh my god. I'm torn between speechless agony and just wanting to grab all your psychologically-damaged, morally ungrounded brainless skulls and sticking them into a blender.

    How about bashing a fucked up politician or something actually morally indecent ????? And making valid points??????

    Oh my god, I can't believe you'd bash an artist like this. \ What is the point in ART and creativity if you can't.... if you can't even... *shaking*

    Such dumb, dumb fucks. I just can't believe this.



    ok, so you wanna work on getting a group together to hunt this jackass down and kill them? she let that get to her? she's so much better than that!!! thats depressing...thank you for letting me know


    —Griffin1164. See? I told ya' that they were all batshit insane.

    From her haters

    Here's how I interpret this situation:

    Exacto: *Notices whitedog's comics* Ooh, these are funny! I'll watch her!
    WD: *posts unfunny comic*
    Exacto: Wut this isn't funny. D:




    I just find it a little ironic that our dear WhiteDog1 is complaining about knowing when to speak in another language when days before she fudged up her German, sending many of her poo-brained fans into a Google frenzy.



    [...]I understand I have no right to say, "that's not art!" I know you will tell me to ignore her art if I don't like it. However, consider that she can hide "hurtful" comments; why doesn't she just ignore them and leave them out for others to still see? Grow a pair, Dog, and learn to take some criticism! It is not horrible. It will help you to become a better artist.



    I don't understand how other deviants can tolerate the crap she gives them. They love her comics enough to support her, despite the fact that she's a total, egotistical brat who step all over the people who gave her her popularity in the first place? She could easily disable comments if she's so picky about them.



    If she doesn't appreciate her fans, I don't think she deserves them. And in the long wrong, this is all her fault. She's the one stepping on her admirer's, acting like a stuck up brat, and being completely immature.



    I commented on it 90 minutes after it was uploaded saying something along the lines of "how has this already gotten 180 favorites? It's nothing."



    Sometimes a character will be fat and sometimes a character will be skinny, but other than that, the only way I can tell them apart is by outfits and hair.



    I really wish some people would just toughen up and actually take the bloody time to review on what they ACTUALLY need to improve on. But nonetheless, the rabid fangirls will still continue to support this whitedog1 person.



    Aww all the fans are becoming butthurt because a nasty article got written about their leader.

    I personally find the ED article hilarious.



    seriously, now. You were just a slave to your uncalled for and out-of-place mass polularity. Your mindless, brain-fucked watchers fed into your "comic genius" time and time again, and yet you treated them all like crap. And STILL they comment here, crying over your absence. My god it's pathetic! Maybe if you actually ever CARED about a single one of them, I wouldn't be calling you out on all of this.




    Her "artwork"

    I'm not seeing any talent here, folks. About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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