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Once upon a time, it was believed that the various types of human occupy different stages on the evolutionary tree. At the top of the tree were the wise and powerful European races, who invented civilisation, democracy, freedom, science, art, literature, philosophy, and a whole bunch of other good things that have transformed the world. Below the white European races were the usual suspects, gooks, chinks, Japs, the French etc. Just below them were Jews, who invented money, whining and drip-dry tampons. Right at the very bottom were niggers.

Most white Europeans took a benevolent view of the less fortunate peoples, training them to perform tricks, pick cotton, recite Bible verses, wait tables, and suchlike. The theory was that in time, the descendants of these lesser beings would blossom into respected members of the human community under the patient tuition of white Europeans.

White supremacy last Thursday

Some white Europeans, however, thought that the lesser races were a dangerous and useless burden upon humankind and that they should be at best tolerated, optimally enslaved, and ideally exterminated. The world would then be free for white Europeans.

This was called white supremacy.

Fast forward 100 years and despite getting everything else 100% right, it has since been decided that our forefathers of old got this bit dead wrong. Therefore, white supremacists were clamped down upon and in some cases B& with extreme prejudice, and the varying peoples of the Earth were embraced in the welcoming arms of countries that used to have majority white populations but generously made space for others.

Big mistake.

White supremacy today

Slow on the uptake, as always, the niggers of today have cottoned on to the idea of 'White Supremacy' and see it everywhere. This is because they embody the Dunning-Kruger Effect and think that it is their well-meaning host cultures that are keeping them down rather than their own stupidity, aggression, laziness and criminality.

Accordingly, there is very little that cannot be blamed on "white supremacy" as a random sample from Black Twitter will demonstrate:

  • "Why is it that studies consistently show black students are dumber than whites?"

We know state testing is racially biased, has no relation to college success & it costs millions. But it sure does validate #whitesupremacy


link=https://twitter.com/Mr. Horel Horel Mr. Horel ‏@Conscious_MrH

  • "Why is Africa still such a violent, corrupt, disease-ridden hellhole?"

#African leaders & their #AfricanAmerican counterparts are too busy uniting with #WhiteSupremacy to unite with each other


Twitter-favicon.png aboveTHEclouds ‏@Perserverance_

  • "Why don't you niggers fuck off back to the jungle?"

Black ppl being afraid to go to Africa..Feeling u are safer among white people than you are amongst your own is a result of #whitesupremacy


link=https://twitter.com/Journei Doll Doll Journei Doll ‏@EpitomeOf_Femme

  • "Why don't you nig-nogs stop killing each other all the goddam time?"

I love how all the responsibility to stop the violence falls on black people when the REAL cause is #whitesupremacy


link=https://twitter.com/Dwayne Bobby Karlson Bobby Karlson Dwayne Bobby Karlson ‏@trailercity

  • "Who ever heard of a tea-party without chimps?"

Dear @BarackObama, the #teaparty is about #whitesupremacy and false history romanticisms. #BernieSanders supporters are the polar opposite.


Twitter-favicon.png Bryan ‏@bsoten

  • "Why is going to university just like the nigger Holocaust?"

Listening to #thefourpercent in GWB Multipurpose Room talk about surviving #whitesupremacy at @UTAustin


Twitter-favicon.png Naomi ‏@bethrwrites

  • "Why did Michael Jackson turn white?"

One day when Michael Jackson is being talked about in history there going to say he was a Caucasian male #smh #his-story #whitesupremacy


Twitter-favicon.png Skyblaze184 ‏@skyblaze184

  • "Why do people shun you as though you're some kind of stupid nigger?"

I find it harder & harder to excuse rude, aloof, "oblivious" white ppl these days. #WhitePrivilege #WhiteSupremacy


link=https://twitter.com/Nikki Sharise Sharise Nikki Sharise ‏@TheNikkiSharise

A note on "Black Twitter"

Evolution truth.jpg

Black Twitter is a special super-duper advanced form of Twitter that's too complicated for whitey to understand, and therefore a secret route for black communication.

“Black Twitter” can be described as a collective of active, primarily African-American Twitter users who have created a virtual community that participates in continuous real-time conversations. When they work together, this collective is proving adept at bringing about a wide range of sociopolitical changes.


Feminista Jones

Or is it just a bunch of coons using regular old Twitter like everyone else, except with hashtags like #dindunuffin so that they can identify each other, and kidding themselves they invented something that was actually invented by whitey? As yet, science has no answer to this perplexing mystery.

Nor has it any answer to the puzzle of why it is that only African-American citizens seem to be able to spot white supremacy at work, whereas nearly every other race looks puzzled if you even mention it. Strange, that...

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If you answered "A & B", commiserations: you are a nigger!
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