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    Wharrrgarbl is the IRC handle of a certain lovestruck Anon who was successfully trolled for great justice (his name was of course taken from this lulzy meme). He was discovered on the 15th of July 2008 among the dregs of the 3AM losers in the Partyvan IRC. It has since been discovered that he is very sensitive about this size of his penis, but is also very sensitive whenever someone disagrees with him.

    Wharrrgarbl originally rose to fame whenever Strus (also from partyvan) trolled him into believing that there were girls on the internet. Wharrrgarbl wanted to believe this so much, that he convinced himself that Strus was this very girl. After much deliberation, Wharrrgarbl decided that it would be a good idea for him to send pictures of his penis to Strus, in dire hopes that Strus would send him more pictures of girls from Jj.am.

    The Fail

    <wharrrgarbl> ;_;

    <wharrrgarbl> y u do dis

    <wharrrgarbl> STRUS

    <wharrrgarbl> STRUS

    <wharrrgarbl> STRUS

    <wharrrgarbl> STRUS

    <wharrrgarbl> why are you such a cocktease?

    <wharrrgarbl> >:3

    <wharrrgarbl> struuuuuuuuuuusssss

    <wharrrgarbl> don't you liek me ne moar?

    <Strus> I'm sorry but

    <Strus> I'm way out of your league

    <wharrrgarbl> lololololol

    <wharrrgarbl> suuuurrrrre

    <Strus> pic then

    <wharrrgarbl> *sigh*

    <wharrrgarbl> i actually look shitty in that one

    <Strus> nah, it's good :)

    <wharrrgarbl> lol thanks

    <Strus> what you say about something a lil more racy

    <Strus> pwwease

    <wharrrgarbl> hmmm

    <wharrrgarbl> maybe lol

    <Strus> c'mon :) I already went first

    <wharrrgarbl> lolk ill post a pic just with my shirt off

    <wharrrgarbl> you never posted vagoo remeber?

    <wharrrgarbl> >:}

    <Strus> I'm a little sensitive about doing that

    <Strus> I did the boobs thing as a troll

    <wharrrgarbl> hmm well if i post cock you have to post vagoo

    <wharrrgarbl> its only fair

    <Strus> maybe

    <wharrrgarbl> but lemme get you a pic with my shirt of real quick

    <wharrrgarbl> brb

    <Strus> I'm not sure about the first people ever to see my vagina being on the internet

    <Strus> I never even let my ex go down there :(

    <wharrrgarbl> lorly?

    <wharrrgarbl> its ok im a virgin too

    <Strus> I was nervous tbh

    <Strus> you can feel quite vulnerable when you're with someone who could quite easily overpower you

    <wharrrgarbl> shit my parents are upstairs right now so i cant take pics just yet

    <wharrrgarbl> they'll be downstairs in a while though

    <Strus> you never gave a damn about me before you saw what I looked like :(

    <wharrrgarbl> ;_;

    <wharrrgarbl> i never give a damn about anyone on the inatrwebs lol


    <Strus> just like my ex

    <wharrrgarbl> i didnt mean it like that...

    <Strus> all about sex

    <Strus> and looks

    <wharrrgarbl> shit lol

    <Strus> then he left me because I wouldn't give it up

    <Strus> and now look at me

    <wharrrgarbl> thats not cool

    <Strus> stuck to chans and irc because my self esteem is so low

    <Strus> and now look, you just want to do the same shit to me :(

    <wharrrgarbl> lol calm down

    <wharrrgarbl> geeze im really not like that

    <Strus> how can I calm down

    <Strus> it's not like you even tried to get to know me or anything

    <Strus> you don't know shit about me :(

    <Strus> �you don't even know my gender

    <wharrrgarbl> well you never really told me

    <wharrrgarbl> lolwat

    <Strus> yep

    <wharrrgarbl> i really didnt mean to come off that way

    <Strus> �so what

    <Strus> �we can settle this like men

    <wharrrgarbl> ...

    <wharrrgarbl> wat

    <Strus> ask 711chan

    <Strus> if I am m or f

    <wharrrgarbl> ...

    <wharrrgarbl> wat


    <Strus> I was trollin' right from the beginning foo

    <wharrrgarbl> oh fuck..

    <wharrrgarbl> you

    <wharrrgarbl> you are good

    <Strus> ya

    <Strus> gonna put you on /b/ now

    <wharrrgarbl> i hate you so fucking much

    Needless to say, Wharrrgarbl is a fucking internet superhero, and needs to be worshiped. Please talk about his cocksize if you ever speak with him.

    The Return



    COME LAUGH AT HIM: irc://irc.chatnets.net/711chan

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