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    Cat eyes.JPG
    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
    Lushes Lips of Ecstasy
    I post long ass comments that nobody reads, and cry whenever I look in the mirror



    look at that body: it makes everyone's mouth water before vomiting.
    Fedora game so strong, it's making TheAmazingAtheist cry blood
    That fucking white ass skin, though.
    Sweet faggots and retards of the internet,

    Behold, the ugliest manwoman that even makes Chris-chan cry: Wetflame

    From Cork, Ireland, he/it was a gender-confused member of the Sonic CulT forums who was known for writing posts that were tl;dr,being very easy to troll, shitting up the useless /lgbt/ board on 4chan, and for stalking forum member Kat. Note that Wetflame is not the same fag as the Wetflame.org Wetflame. Apparently, there's more than one person that wants to be a retarded oxymoron. He is an emotional being and can only respond to with greats amounts of rage, bullshit, and autism

    It may be worth noting that Wetflame has been known to post on backwater internets forums also under the name of "I Am Not A Rhombus" and is known (and noted) to make lulzy posts about his Assburgers and Internet Fascism. Wetflame has been known to post under multiple aliases, notably Destroid and Unnamed_Giant_Catfish on a local animé forum, where despite people trying to be nice to him after posting about how he was lonely and how all Irish people were asshats, then proceeded to act like an asshat when someone suggested the problem was with him and not everyone else. Apparently, mentioning this article in the same IRC channel as him leads to epic lulz.

    Beyond such autistic excursions, he could be found roaming the /lgbt/ board as "Princess of the Crystal". Again, the usage of this pseudonym, along with the name Wetflame, hold testament to just how fucking retarded he truly is. Honestly, the level of ass-burgers this manbeast goes to is the same shit tier of hell as Chris-Chan. [[shit nobody cares about |He made long winded comments on the tranny threads about how cool his DJing skills were, and why all his fucking personal, retarded ideologies about transgender and homosexuality are so important and need to be taken srsly.]] Beyond this, he perused tinychat with out queers from the forums, before being banned and epically raped by some HIV-ridden turkish faggot named Mak, a psychopath named Cazador, and another trap called Crab. Seriously, when you're pissing off the scum of the earth, you know you are doing something horribly wrong.

    Wetflame is also becoming known as THE BEAST by anyone who has ever laid eyes on it.


    The Beast is also well known as someone to avoid within the irish con scene. Tales of the Beast are spread far and wide.

    They are currently at war with all the cons in existance for being PRIVILEGED and not taking their assburger fagging attacks seriously. The Beast often creates panic attacks online to in attempt to gain sympathy and enduces themselves into a fit by looking at the microwave so they can smash their face repeatedly onto the keyboard in order to misspell things to emulate distress.

    It isn't working. We're fucking onto it.

    Oh noes obviously now the Beast is onto us! They couldn't get to sleep this evenings so decided to search the internet looking for things that would end up giving them one of their trademark keyboard spazz attacks. I know you're reading this so get this into your skull - I am not from Galway, nor do I have any association with the 'Galway Scene Crowd' as you put it. I am someone else from this godforsaken island who like many others hate you and is tired of your shit. I don't actually have an association with any irish con, before you jump to blaming another one of the cons who have injusticed you in someway or another by the totes vicious attack of banning you from their forums or something equally unnoteworthy - the horror at their evil actions!! I've just been witness to your fagging attacks on more occasiona than I'd like to count and am sick of it always being a problem with everybody else. IT'S YOU. You are called THE BEAST because of your grotesque nature and how you twist things and refuse to take any responsibility for your own actions, it has fuck all to do with transphobia, it just has to do with you being a horrible human being.

    The Letter

    After stalking Kat for quite some time, she finally broke off all ties with him completely. This prompted him to send a letter begging for forgiveness. Unfortunately, only the first of four pages could be found.

    Hello Kat,
    Happy Christmas. I really had to send you something especially because I didn't at your birthday. I really hope we can be friends this Christmas. It would mean a lot to me. I don't want you to be mad at me. I know you keep saying how many chances you've given me but I never keep count. If a person genuinely wants to be my friend, I have no problem with it. So will you be my friend? The truth is that we've never been friends except for when we were in love. You kept count of how many times I hurt you, but did you count all the times I made you feel good inside? It makes everything seem so false when people keep count... But that sounds so mean, so I'll try to change from here on.

    Anyway you've probably stopped reading but if you haven't I guess I better explain a lot of things.

    Anyway, I really didn't want to hurt anyone. The problem is that I am an emotional being and I can only respond to emotions. You don't know how hard it is to totally stop talking to someone you love forever, imagine if Henry didn't want you to speak to him ever again?
    Think about it.
    Anyway, I can't do what's best for someone unless they show me it's really upsetting them... Being cold and hanging up on make me want to keep trying harder! Whereas if you had burst out crying and told me I was doing wrong as I did it and not after when it's too late.
    I'm very sorry about trying to change you, you're fine the way you are. I have a very bad hair fetish...

    IANAR/Wetflame Posts about Internet Fascism

    I'm sitting here thinking "What the fuck", after I got banned for 2 weeks, for my first offense, telling a mod to "Fuck off, seriously" after he took on what I perceived to be quite a narky tone; "WE DON'T WANT TO READ ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL SHIT" when I was trying to explain some background information as to why it was pretty urgent that I find a particular kind of broadband. In general, I was bitching about the terrible internet we have in Ireland, sharing my experience of it. So it REALLY set me off that he said that.

    This made me think of two things. Firstly that I'm sick of the pretentious "Anti-emo" attitude where nobody gives a shit about anyone yet somehow we expect to have a working community; and secondly, fuck, the internet is strict.

    On the second offense, I will be permanently banned. On that forum, I was a key player in getting a radio programme shed some light on a broadband company who weren't offering the service they advertising. I was contributing. But they still treat me like some stupid little kid.

    I have Aspergers Syndrome and my particular form of it tends to manifest itself in extreme difficulty with online communications; getting overly aggressive at not being able to get a point across. It's difficult to help this. Since the internet is rule based and not logic based - it refuses to take this into account; refuses to acknowledge that it's not fair to hold me to the same standards. I do have ISSUES. But those issues wouldn't be so big if it wasn't for the bigger issue - OTHER PEOPLE. Other people are jackasses.

    They mindlessly support an institution because they really believe that someone can "own" a gathering of people. But that's bullshit.

    Not to mention - let's say an admin of a forum bans someone unfairly; it's "his forum" after all, so most would argue it isn't unfair at all(since they are jackasses with microscopic logic centers). But then; imagine another, alternate universe admin, who DOESN'T get an erection from imagining himself becoming Judge Dredd for a day. Now, there is an issue here. This alt-admin is a much fairer guy. He made a better decision.

    Suddenly, we remember what "right" and "wrong" are and realise that "private property" doesn't matter as much as we've been brainwashed to believe.

    At least... in theory. But that doesn't happen.

    The reason why "private property" doesn't work is that, take this Broadband forum. Now, it is the centre of broadband discussion in Ireland. There is no other place I can go to be a productive member of issues relating to broadband, really. People aren't going to join a forum just because "some banned member wants us too" - most people are sheep, and don't see a problem, even when the strictness is still affecting their freedom of expression. It is NOT easy to set up a forum - it tends to be down to luck, or just plain mimicking the BS that already goes on so people will stick to what their used to, just somewhere else. This isn't "free speech" - it's luck of the draw.

    So this decision remains to be unfair. It's ethically a WRONG decision. It becomes an issue of Might. Vs. Right.

    These guys are obviously wrong; but who's going to tell them otherwise? The members? Higher up mods? That's not going to happen.

    At least Judge Dredd tends to judge people who actually do things wrong. Opposing the institution, whether it be "official" of a set of clique-ish notions, even aggressively, is not "wrong". Yet it will get you banned FAR more often than genuine, malicious trolling(which most of these forums deserve, directed towards the mods). Even if someone claims they can do what they like with their property, that's still WRONG and it should be DISCOURAGED.

    I think a lot of this has to do with a bit of a conservative backlash; mindlessly upholding "Amerikan" values over all logic.

    I just wish I knew how to get people to understand.

    This post actually sparked at least 100 pages of lulz on one forum he posted it on, and has since turned into delicious copypasta.

    What People Are Saying About Wetflame

    This is so stupid. Last night I had a dream I was in school and Wetflame (who looked like a scrawny, blond haired, blue eyed ugly kid in the dream) was next to me. He kept trying to hit on me and touch me in ... err bad places and stuff. He'd like... rub my butt when I'd bend over to pick something up, and I think once he tried to lick me... so finally I yelled at him and said I'd sue him for sexual harrasment if he didn't stop.

    If I recall, he did stop too and I remember being dissapointed because I really wanted to sue him.

    ~Sonique Hedgehog

    I do have a theory that it might be Wetflame, though. I made the mistake of attempting to be sympathetic towards him, and it came back to bite me in the ass when he entered NiD's irc chat and made a total ass of himself. He then called me a backstabber because I didn't support him pestering and irc-molesting* some of my friends as well as quoting Epi Avd every ten seconds after Phage gave him a well-deserved ban.

    ~Elbot Wolfcat

    Wetflame, just shut the fuck up and go away. No one likes you at this site, no matter how many proxies you use.


    I love this shit. Wetflame. I'll have you know, within ten minutes of discovering the existence of Sonic Cult, and Sclassic, I had figured out Wetflame just might be legally a fucktard.


    and wetflame joins in. Time for the usual "read right past" stuff.


    Wetflame pisses me off. Alot.


    What the fuck is that supposed to be?




    I really tried to be friends with you, but you just kept on fucking up. I'm not sorry.


    If there was ever an example of how Michael Jackson could be even more fucked up, it is in the face, mind, and ability to communicate with human beings which is WetFlame




    What the hell is that, bai? Oh fuck, bai! It's a guy. Hey, bai! Look! Holy shiiiit, that's fuckin' creepy, bai.

    ~A lot of people living in Cork.


    It is proven fact that Wetflame like to start fights on any website that it is currently active at. Wetflame has graced everything from the Nuklear Power forums, to gaying up Habbo Raids, to Digg. Yes, fucking Digg, I saw him there once.

    The Wetflame Beast is truly master of TL;DR.


    Deviantart Drama

    {{quote|I'm just a lonely littler girl... I really never meant anyone any harm."|Faggot Wetflame]]

    Overused or not, it's true: nobody cares what wetflames, or ever will think. The only reason why he has an ED article in the first place is the potential for the sweet nectar of lulz. This is all he is worth, and all he will ever be worth.

    And such is the main idea of the Deviantart Drama: Wetflame complaining to everyone 24/7 for critiquing in anyway, shape or form; ranting as much as he can about why people need to stop harassing him and his pathetic life, and other such cliches. Years later, he still hasn't changed with the Great Drama-Con of /lgbt/.


    Banned from Sonic Retro

    After posting to much tl;dr, and bullshit Drama, it seems even the Admins of Sonic Retro were tired of him. Therefore they hold a special charity event, where the puspose was to donate has much $$$ has they can in order to properly get rid of him along with some other nigga. Here's a transcript of this lulzy event.

       <Ritz> Tweaker
       <Tongara> Tweaker
       <Tweaker> are you confirmed in for the hedgie ban fund
       <Tongara> get back safe then?
       <Tweaker> Yup
       <Tongara> good
       <TroubleBrewin> Chaos Hedgie is a cool man
       <nineko> http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/5167/69041935.png
       <Tongara> can you just fucking ban him?
       <nineko> Still the best post in that thread
       <Ritz> Seriously
       <Tongara> 6 yeasrs with him is far too much
       <Tweaker> Tongara: I need money, so I’m cashing in on his ban
       <Ritz> It’s tempting, but I couldn’t possibly bring myself to spend money on anything
       <Ritz> Anything at all
       <Tweaker> You can donate if you want!
       <Ritz> That revolves around him
       <Tongara> I’ll donate next week
       <Tongara> okay?
       <Tweaker> Cool by me!
       <BtCE> Tweaker how much money do you need
       <Tweaker> BtCE: Uh… you know what, I don’t have any specific goal. I just need to support
       the family and such because my mom lost her job on some bullshit and her roommates are
       ripping her off and not paying her
       <Kung-FuCutMan> This is Chimpo
       <Kung-FuCutMan> in on what
       <Tweaker> the ban hedgie fund
       <Kung-FuCutMan> I see 50
       <Kung-FuCutMan> and currecy
       <Kung-FuCutMan> so I’m assuming banning Chaos
       <nineko> Tongara: euros are better than dollars
       <Kung-FuCutMan> Here’s the thing Tweaker
       <Kung-FuCutMan> if I pay you
       <Kung-FuCutMan> I expect him to never return
       <nineko> €50 is like $800
       <Kung-FuCutMan> ever
       <Kung-FuCutMan> knowing you
       <Kung-FuCutMan> you will remove the ban eventually
       <Tweaker> Not under my administration
       <ScarredSun> TELL YOUR FRIENDS
       <Kradorex> What’s Wetflame done now?
       <SplashWoman> HOW MUCH CAN I DONATE?!
       * Joins: Nova ([email protected])
       <Tweaker> Fund is up to $20!
       <Tweaker> Do we have a Chimpo? Chimpo?
       <Tweaker> What about a SplashWoman?!
       <Tongara> whats your paypal again?
       <Tweaker> [email protected]
       <SplashWoman> I heard Chimpo
       <BtCE> we must seal them in the sacred realm.

    Later Wetflame being the Dramawhore he is made tl;dr post about how unfair retro was with him, basicly replace anyother tl;dr from him with a few names from the IRC trancript and you know all the shit that sheman spewed from his orifice.

    What Wetflame has to say about this article

    Hah, what the fuck is this? Took their time, but that just makes it grave digging. Seriously, what the fuck? I don't even go to Sonic Cult anymore, nor is it very nice to make fun of someone who was as emotionally fucked up as I was - but hell, ED is all about destroying people, it's not as if it's telling the truth when it claims it's a "parody" site(which it can't be if it posts "real" personal information as this page does).

    I would also like to point out that the guys making this article are two of the head honcho worshippers of PACHUKA - convicted child rapist and non-convicted extortionist, from whom they get their BADASS attitude.

    I don't touch you anymore. Why the fuck do you feel the need not just to let me get on with my "Thing" away from your amoral cesspit? Why don't people realise that ED isn't "for the Lulz" at all, and is edited by people who either have worse social skills than I ever had, or are genuinely quite evil and manipulative people?

    It really isn't your place to "expose" me like that if I'm using the name Kittie Rose on other sites, it should be my right to privacy. If you HAVE to take the piss out of me, do it under the name Wetflame, don't link to my fucking myspace/DA/Masters of Fackin shit or whatever else which has nothing to do with anything, and I won't care. But I do forget that ED is all about not caring about other people!

    Why the hell do you feel the need to do this?

    Though the sheer level of homo/transphobia in this topic(and this entire site) does confirm for me that the people that hated me weren't much more than sad twats.

    Again, the editors of this are paedophile friendly but yet somehow don't like trangendered people. This confuses me.




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