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    Wesley Willis

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    The Daddy of Rock n' Roll.

    Wesley Willis was and still is one of the best musicians of all time. This fat, schizophrenic and possibly autistic nigger made some of the most famous songs such as "Eat That Mule Shit" and "Rock n' Roll McDonalds." In fact, he has made over 5000 songs. The lyrics in his songs have great meaning and make people understand what is real music. Unfortunately, he died from leukemia in 2003.

    If they call me a jerk, a bum, and an asshole, I just say they're a jerk, their a bum, their an asshole.


    —Counter pwning technique used by Wesley Willis.


    Wesley Willis had many problems. Since Wesley Willis was a schizophrenic, he heard "demons" such as "Heartbreaker" and "Meansucker." These demons ripped him a new asshole most of the time just for the lulz. After Wesley's fucktarded episodes ("hellrides" as he would call them) with the "demons," he often shat his pants and made his music which he considered "joyrides." He often said that he tried to control these episodes to "stay the hell out of jail." One of his schizophrenic "hellrides" made his band leave him. What people did not know was that he was often on acid the whole time during his "hellrides" and "joyrides."


    Suddenly I opened the bedroom door on Spiderman's stinky ass. I caught him kissing my girlfriend and beat him to a pulp with a rubber hose.


    —Lyrics from "I Wooped Spiderman's Ass"

    His songs all have one thing in common: everything. Wesley will yell a few lulzy lyrics into the beginning of the song, but then cut out the whole body of the song by using his synthesizer to imitate his hellrides/joyrides trips. After that he will say a few more lulzy lyrics, put in a product placement quote, and end the song.

    Most of the music that is heard are pre-programmed chord patterns. Of course for Wesley, pushing buttons is hard. The only part of his music that takes skill is the singing part and even then, it is still the same old shit every damn song.

    YouTube Drama


    There are many videos on YouTube about Wesley Willis and the music that he made, but the fans are trolled very easily. When trolled, many retarded conversations are created which bring lulz.

    Here are some things you can say on YouTube to get a great conversation to start up.

    • Say that he's a nigger
    • Say that the music is the same shit everytime
    • Tell the fans that he should have been locked up in a mental institution.
    • Tell the fans that he was being taken advantage of by the man
    • State the obvious by saying that he was schizophrenic. At least three people will respond with butthurt comments.


    This isn't music, but it's unquestionably art.


    —E-critic on Amazon

    I drive my wife crazy with his music.


    —Another E-Critic on Amazon putting the music to good use

    Yo dis nigga iz da best yo!!!11!1


    —Fellow nigger

    It's the same shit every song. I'm not paying for this crap.


    —A noob who doesn't understand REAL MUSIC.

    At least this nigger is being truthful.



    His Art

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