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    IRA wants to raep Werechu.
    The IRA is pissed at Werechu.
    File:IRA Does not want!2.jpg
    They mean it, Werechu!
    The real Werechu, not a fuckin' dragon.
    More shit Werechu begged Duragon for.

    He lives in his mother's basement all day. Pretending to have little trips around Europe.

    Werechu is a leprechaun-harassing dragon who lives in Ireland. He is Bahamut's chosen son, meaning you're nothing but shit and he's fucking god.

    Arts Plz

    Since this fucktard can't draw, he finds a couple of bitches to do the work for him. He's that much of a shitty artist. One would think that the furry would be able to draw his own yiff, but he's obviously that shitty.

    Duragan is the tit he sucks when he wants free shit. Little does Duragon know, [Duragan's finally worked it out] pulling stunts such as running away and cutting his wrists is Werechu's simplest tactic as to demanding moar free shit. No surprise he doesn't see through his little tricks, phail.

    File:Spyro's inbred ugly cousin.jpg
    This is what happens when cousins fuck.

    The league of Werecunt worshiping fantards have begun unleashing their craptacular artz for the chubby faggot, mostly Cynder the Dragon (from Spyro) with that hideous abomination. Now, this may just be a stray train of thought, but isn't Cynder technically a young and underage dragoness? So Werechu is also a Paedophile (yes, and he writes sexual fantasies of him with Cynder).

    Werechu the pedophile.

    Werechu also has sexual fantasies about family members, as proven by the dialog "my ultra smexy sis".

    When receiving gifts

    After depriving Duragon of free art, he then demands even moar because apparently free art isn't enough for him. Furries, honestly.

    And Duragon ain't the only victim. This pedophile has one big habit to ask more art whenever the victim posts more art to their devianTART gallery. Its never enough for him and when he receives the free art, he comments the picture like an three year old fag with the words like "cool" or "awesome", SOMETIMES hes comments have more than three words but that only happens once in fifteen years. And sometimes he even won't comment. That shows that he only thinks of the artists as tools to get free art and nothing more. Werechu is one big mean fat lazy ass who writes sucky literature (because he is emo) and his "coloring" of some artist's lineart looks even worse than a two year old kid's.

    Not only does Werechu ask for art but stories as well. In fact, he gave a compliment to a cockstroker named HerbalDrink who wrote him a story per his request. But when he wrote ANOTHER story that is actually 30 pages long instead of the usual three and had to be posted on three parts on devianTART, what did Werechu do? He said "Hey wait what is this? You wrote a story involving my character's RETURN implying one of my >9,000 existing had happened! This isn't what I wanted rewrite the ENTIRE 30 page story!" But what happened? He TOOK the bait!

    Regarding Werechu's favorite Herbal Drink, lulzy material about him will be found soon - He's just as autistic as Werechu is, even going so far as to write stuff with him. (OH so clever, luxray of light! I see what you did thar!)

    From the looks of it, Werechu has since become Herbal's master, or rather, Digitalpotato.

    Now a moment of silence for the victims of Werechu art-terrorism...

    Recently (12/23/06), Werechu asked to be on the list of participants for Industrialwolf/Evilinnocence's Secret Santa gift-art exchange. Evil collected everyone's ref pics of their characters and randomly paired people up with each other. Two days before the due date, Werechu IM'd Evil about the Secret Santa exchange, worried he may not have given the most up-to-date ref pic of his dragon character and that his gift won't turn out the way he likes, despite the fact that his piece of shit submission was a joke not even worth laughing about this is fucking Christmas and the idea is to give more than to get.

    In this convo, he also complains that he's pissed off because some "ba**ard" suspended his DA account and that he's missing the 'V' from his keyboard and is using a piece of sticky-tac as a substitute.

    Lulzy parts have been boldfaced for your convenience. It is not TL;DR.

    Now after all the Secret Santa submissions have been turned in, Werechu was upset to find that the person who drew for him didn't complete his sketch, despite the fact that Industrialwolf allowed uncompleted pieces to be turned in by the due date. Once again he IMed her about this, and well...just see for yourself.

    This convo includes Werechu complaining about unrelated stuff again, threatening to get Evilinnocence banned from DA, and other such laughable foibles. Evil gets mad when he publicly posts on her LJ that he's not happy with his free present (she doesn't believe in censoring comments, because she's a lulz-farmer). Lulzy parts have again been boldfaced for your convenience.


    File:Furries Agree.jpg
    ...that Werechu does not belong!

    Why don't you mail order your very own "whywhywhy" quote book from w[email protected]

    Featuring at least 100 authentic bitching-related comments like:

    "Why does nobody believe me when I say I'm a changed person that doesn't back-stab friends and people that have trusted me and then carry on posting whiny journals and deliberately saying awful things about people that actually know how to draw and write and show other people the proper respect in conversations both in public and private?"

    "Why am I such a fucking miserable fucktard!?"

    "Why, oh, why are my friends turning on me!?"

    "Why don't people believe I'm the "new and improved" Wyraach?"

    "Why won't you write a TF (transformation) story for me!?"

    "Why does nobody draw my char anymore?"

    "Why do people call my literature shit?"

    "Why do I get all the shit off people?"

    "Why will nobody buy a print of my crappy photo?"

    "Why do I crap my pants when faced with real Satanists?"

    "Why can't I write anything more than the same transformation story over and over and over and over and over and over...."


    "Why do people slag off my prints?"

    Target of a Yoshi zomg :(

    While a prime target of Yoshi35027, Werechu found no other way to silence him, but take his issues to the man. Yoshi35027 received a permaban and became an hero because people can't see how much of a whiny fucktard Werechu is. Instead, they remain as faithful peons and treat him like Jesus, however because he is not an hero, he can never be Jesus. Insta-fail.

    Apparently, Yoshi35027's efforts appear to be in vain, as people don't seem to mind his comments much. That, and deviantART introduced a new block tool for 16 year old girls (or 13 year old boys for that matter) who don't receive asspats, thus are pussies. Rumor has it, the banned deviant has created another account to continue harassing Werechu, poor little fucktard that Werechu is....nah.


    Some Yoshi furry who made Werechu look like a fucktard and got the banhammer for doing so. Werechu absolutely shits himself whenever he happens to run into Yoshi464564566 (too many numbers, lol), who makes several accounts even after receiving a permaban.

    ...lulz! Furry Wars!!1

    Thinks that he became some fucking war hero or something. Even after the ban from at least 100 years ago, he's still bragging about being banned. You would think he would get over it. He will go down nothing more than briefly stated above and a footnote.

    See also on Yoshi35027

    Also in the market for lulzing Werechu

    Jonas-Shifu is watching you, Werechu.
    File:Christopher Walken Pwning David Caruso.gif
    I, Jonas, get banhammered by Queerchu. Lawl!

    The following is a list of other deviantART users who are commonly known for their lack of fear when it comes to the lulzing of Werechu.

    Gecko8940k, known to have been affiliated with Werechu in real life. That is until one fateful day when Werechu did not get his proverbial cock stroked by Gecko. Werechu disowned him and now Gecko spends his spare time providing us with lulz like this. BANNHAMMERD. Gecko8940k is no more. but he shall continue letting loose his lulzy wrath.

    Jonas-Shifu BANHAMMERED! Who as provided lulz on a number of occasions. Most notably, this picture which Werechu bitched about incessantly, thus providing Jonas-Shifu with asspats for a job well done from other like-minded deviants. He has also given critique on Werechu's artwork.

    Is also at the heart of the phone-in scandal. Werechu believes Jonas has called and hacked him, but with no evidence to back up these claims, Werechu looks like a fool again.

    Zhakrisstol A dragonkin that was previously suspended because of Werechu. Zhakrisstol had previously supplied Werechu with giftart, which has now been removed from her gallery after Werechu messed her about by changing his character's appearance for the millionth time. Not all is lost as some of the giftart can still be viewed in this article. She quite rightly told him to "bog off" when he demanded she redraw the picture to suit his character's new appearance, Werecunt doesn't like being told "no". The drama goes on, another retard DragonFag lies to Werecunt that Zhakrisstol has reported him and so the feckless wonder begins his harassment and attempts to send computer viruses via MSN. A later retaliation to his knobship and a lulzy comment and thus he reported her for swearing/using-freedom-of-speech, which seems to be a fucking crime these days.

    Also, considering Werechu's character is a black/red dragon with four wings and a multitude of tails, some are quite surprised that he hasn't tried to claim that this picture is copyright theft of his character.

    Want to own Werechu? Then you can take a piece of his ass and do what the hell you like with it - since the fucktard doesn't draw his own fagself then you can own the copyright too if you really want! If anyone's interested in owning any of the aforementioned artz then contact the artist.

    Werechu's massive army of one
    Wazzy isn't a vindictive flamer at all!
    File:Big words from a big mature man.jpg
    Wazzy7uk gives Jonas-Shifu some mature advice.

    Werejew has amassed a swarm of flamers consisting of Wazzy7uk. A deluded individual that follows Werejew around like the good little lapdog he is. Once threatened to make Jonas-Shifu sorry for making the original buttsecks picture. That was in Christmas of 2006 and Jonas is still waiting. He believes Werejew is God's gift to DeviantART. Wazzy's favorite brown-nosing tactic is to let Wereju/Queerchu/Werewho lie to him about who's been harassing him and to let him flame to his hearts content. He only has one picture in his gallery and it's a poor coloring job of a picture someone else probably drew. Werejew is also known for his hash color jobs. Maybe Werejew and wazzy7uk are one in the same? If not, then they are both fucktards and deserve each other.

    The Legion of Cock-suckers

    Also known as fantards, these are the gullible fuck-wits who blindly follow the mega fag, hanging on every word, kissing every inch of his fat ass. We have:

    SesakaHeart - demented bitch of hatred and shitty art, just gotta be a Dyke!

    Davidspyro - Girlfriend/'bestest bro' who constantly sucks Werecunts cock and brown-noses excessively. Just look at the many comments per day on the big fag-dragon's journals - mushy shit.

    Don't it just make you wanna puke?

    DragonFag - Werecunt's buttfuck buddy who wouldn't know good pixel art if it ripped off his wiener.

    HerbalDrink - The wannabe cock sucker whom Werechu doesn't even acknowledge.

    Digitalpotato, also known as HerbalDrink, is apparently one of his best friends. Despite this, he does not act like a cock-sucker at all.

    wazzy7uk - personal spammer.

    ignitis1976 - Pedophile, wannabe Werecunt and art request whore. Also known as CrazyLungofChaos Still a wannabe Werecunt and now even an iShitonpage master by the name of MattFews. Enjoys going around to real artists' pages and begging them to come onto iShitonpage to draw his whore art, when told to draw his own shit, often draws pile of puke with red eyes. Has an army of fucktards. Is completely unable to listen to anyone when they tell him they don't take requests, and bugs the ones that do regardless of whether or not they are busy. Now, he seems much more busy harassing new devianTARTS and requesting sick, perverted pictures of characters from members MUCH younger than him. He is a whiny prat that doesn't seem to understand that no means no.

    CyndersBrother - {BANHAMMARD} no rly, this fucktard really thinks he's Cynder's brother -'Zynder' (oh noes another fantard) and another troll, then you see shit like this: Incest and Moar incest It burns, it burns!

    LugiaDefender - another brainless cretin and troll that lolls after Werecunt and sucks his cock.

    foxoftruth - apparently his 'resident black mage'/14 year old slanty-eyed fag who spams unsympathsisors with drivelly bullshit.

    the-white-dragon47th - another cock-sucker fag that seems to think that Zha'krisstol got all sexual on werecunt werechu knows (fuck) all! What the fuck?

    And then there's wyraach-ur-lair a club full of fags 'supporting' the fuck-wad.

    Any more out there? Let us know!


    Much like the communist party before they managed to stop whining and take over Russia, anything other than asspats and cock strokings is not worthy of this all mighty otherkin. Heed thy words mortals, do not anger yon dragons for you are chewy and taste good with butter. Lots of butter. And possibly cream cheese.

    Either way, since the great werechu ownage of christmas 2006, resulting from the Buttsex picture in this article, drawn by Jonas-Shifu (Banhammered, but still there under other names). He's resorted to making journals against the people he's pissed off and made out it's their fault. HE IS A FUCKTARD! When dealing with Werechu do not commit to any requests. For if you ever have to back out for whatever reason, he'll still be waiting for the thing he hasn't even paid for by reminding people for years that they "owe" him these said things.

    You have been warned.

    The great Werechu phone-in

    It wasn't Jonas afterall!
    OMG! The Red Dragon hacked me!

    Werechu claimed that he was hacked by Jonas-Shifu and that he also placed three threatening telephone calls to his house. Jonas fiercely denied these claims and instead believed these claims were another of Werechu's sympathy farming tactics and also a deliberate attempt to get him attacked by the Wrath Of Khan. It succeeded, but Jonas remains on dA under two different usernames.

    Don't forget to check out the sheer amount of people who came to Werechu's aid in attacking Jonas-Shifu NONE! Not even a fangirl. Jonas' lulz-farming skills appear to be waning, as they dropped by and added to his page-views instead of creating lulz.

    A poem

    There was a dragon-fucker called Peter.

    Who is a complete scaly-dick-beater.

    He says he's 'Autistic',

    More like 'egotistic'.

    And now he's hated by all is young Peter.

    - by Jonas-Shifu

    Draw MY character?! JIHAD, I SAY!

    Surprise, buttsecks!
    X-rated buttsecks
    the dragon 'god' of buttsecks
    File:Werechu Journal Theft.PNG
    The journal that provided much lulz

    Nothing pisses off a furry more than stealing their character, lulz is guaranteed from werechu for "stealing his character". OMG SO MAD. However, much to his belief, the artist did not state that he drew his character, therefore cannot be art theft. Beware of werechu's threats on his journal, for he means serious business on the Internets.

    Revenge is sweet

    A DeviantTartlet and EDer named Vumerion has drawn some fantard art/art trade of the royal cuntness, but lo and behold (stop the press!)Werecunt is not happy with the artz because "they drew Wyraach as a retard!" So of course this results in banhammer threats, flamers and harassment of said 'artist' until the DeviantFart admins will suck Werejew's cock and go banhammer-happy.

    Fantard art
    File:Don't be ungrateful werechu.jpg
    You look like a retard 'cos you are a retard, dumbass!


    You can obviously guess what this section is about. Werechu had bout of emo and decided he was going DA to leave forever.

    Being the typical whiny attention whore he is, he came back for more cock-stroking within the hour.

    Attention Whore Ploy

    I think it's obvious he only made that journal to like, totally get attention from his friends!! While a lot of people were happy for him to be staying, the sane people felt unimpressed and disappointed that he was not leaving. That would've been one less fucktard for us. Werechu needs his hugbox: [1]

    Intolerance despite being a Brony

    Despite that he identifies himself as a Brony (obvious by his pony fiction and the stuff in his faves) he apparently will throw you under the bus if you like something he doesn't, and disown you as a friend for such. Even when people spend money on their own things.

    Case in point: His wannabe cocksucker Digitalpotato.

    He gets a commission from a furfag artist in 2012. In the description, Digitalpotato rants about how long it took for him to get the commission bawwing about having to be at school or having to deal with the "snipers" as he calls them. He finally gets a picture he has allegedly wanted the artist to draw since 2010 - two years. He had most likely cried to Werechu numerous times (clearly since Werechu was getting multiple pictures from the very same artist.) but what did Werechu do to him when he finally got his wish? Do you think he was proud for his apparent friend, for finally getting something he's wanted for about two years, now? Do you think he would say "Congratulations! You got it"?

    Told him it would have been more interesting if the picture was completely different. He expresses his dislike for that particular subject and doesn't bother to say anything to congratulate him. This kid has been trying unsuccessfully to throw his art away. The least you could have done was congratulate him for throwing his money away on a picture that is absolutely worthless to anybody except him. Given how much he's whined about trying to get one, you thank him if he is your friend.

    There is a reason that Digitalpotato regularly goes around to streams he's not allowed in.

    Plans to Sabotage this Article!

    Werejew had been planning, with the help of his major general, to sabote this page due to butthurt. They also planned on calling the police on ED for this article due to butthurt. What they didn't know was that the police in Ireland, aka the IRA, didn't (and still don't) give two shits about him.

    Watch out, his friend took CSIII

    Relationship with Others

    As it was mentioned, Werechu appears to have developed some legit friends. Such as Ben300, Narse, Gillpanda, Digitalpotato, Master88, and Sesaka. He is very demanding and dominant with them, requiring others to commission them and donate to him on a regular basis, or to give him free art to feed his fetishes. If you dare to do something he does not like, such as mention the idea of a dragon becoming something other than a dragon, he'll make sure to let you know his disapproval, saying you wasted money on a commission (Even if it was your own hard-earned money)

    Despite being the jew he is, he's been known to turn down free money by people asking for something of a fetish he does not like. He'll try to break that fetish out of any person and replace them with his own fetishes, finding that peoples distaste of his own fetishes are weird because to him this is perfectly normal.

    What's interesting is that one of his best friends appears to be Digitalpotato, who wrote a story for him for no reason other than to be nice and was more or less bashed. He acts amazingly like Werechu, yet doesn't appear to have been completely broken down into him yet, and is even ironically aware. (ie, posting a list of ten types of furfags we hate and admitting he was also one.) Digitalpotato posts all sorts of pretentious essays about his observations, pretends to be an inflatable giraffe sometimes, and is overall a horrible friend. Werechu bans people from associating with so-called black-listed artists but he has an adoptable from Zha'Krisstol and regularly hangs around art streams of people like Catmonkshiro who have outright told Werechu to fuck off. Because of this, he claims he gets along with anyone if they're nice. It's recommended to troll him, even if he might not respond with outright hostility. Heck, just look at him...he posted his entire contact information on his own Furaffinity page. He's asking for it.

    Ben300 appears to be more or less his butt buddy. Butt Buddy meaning that Ben can not draw a single piece without working in a butt of some kind. He makes it too easy to troll.

    Whenever his friends step out of line and dare to say anything about him, he will chase them to make sure they are punished for causing drama. Take MintGreenightmare for example. Apparently he drew some stuf that werechu did not like. So he basically tried to bully him. And when Mintgreen started talking about it (as was his constitutional right as a user of the internet) Werechu made him delete all the offending tweets and tried to get him to delete all his offensive art. It's amazing that Mintgreen still refers to Wyraachur as a buddy - since Wyraachur treats him like absolute shit and only uses him to get free artwork.

    Don't piss him off as he will not forget any grudge he has. Anything from spending your own money on a picture he does not like to calling him out on his own actions is grounds for a grudge.

    External Links

    This isn't good enough!


    Werechu on devianTART

    Werefag's sheezyart account

    Shitty ass fanclub for the douche

    People he loves.

    Yoshi54564's ban invasion account (Deactivated Account)

    Gecko8940k's ban invasion account

    Jonas-Shifu's ban invasion account

    His favourite artist

    Werechu's sexual fetishes

    Werechu loves to crack a cold one open

    Yiffing on MSN

    Buttsecks butt-buddy He lieks getting raeped in the ass.

    His only college friend

    Japanese pocket monsters


    He acts like a baby so he might as well fuck like one.

    Growing his ass fatter because it's moar cushion for the pushin.

    Macrophilia See also inflation art

    Pedophilia. Because life's too short, so stay young at heart.

    Plushophilia. I heard you like mudkips.

    Autoerotic asphyxiation Because the little bastard needs stringing up.

    His sister

    Banhammering with his imaginary GF

    What he does in the Meantime

    Werechu in the Matrix!

    The video above truly depicts what Werechu does IRL while off the internet.

    The gallery of Werechu's idiocy

    Why is it dragon furfags always appear to be morons? Better yet why is it all furfags appear to be morons?

    See also

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