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    Werdna (powerword Andrew Garrett) is known for inventing a doomsday device on Wikipedia called the “Abuse filter” to combat Grawp. It has resulted in Grawp doing sneaky/subtle vandalism instead, which is much more damaging to Wikipedia. Andrew Garrett, a.k.a. Werdna, used to hang out in ED IRC, but he started whining like a little bitch and hit the trail, much to Ket's dismay. He couldn't make real articles so he had to use his bots to be cool. It took him five tries to become a TOW administrator.

    Werdna chillin on ED IRC

    See Werdna/Chat logs.

    Quitting ED IRC forever


    While Werdna’s technical skill is admirable and I do think he is adequately informed about Wikipedia’s working, I find his behaviour frequently rude and immature.… My primary concern is with the frequent behaviour and attitudes that can only be termed sexual harrassment toward the female participants of the Wikipedia IRC channels.… I remain firm that this is unacceptable conduct for a potential adminstrator.… I will not support [Werdna’s request for adminship].


    SB | T 01:03, 2 February 2007 (UTC), a Wikipedia admin’s comment posted on Werdna’s fourth failed attempt for adminship)

    Per Wikimedia Commons Page

    Hi and welcome to my userpage. My name is Andrew, I'm a 17 year old male, and my birthday is January 30. I currently live in Australia, but was born in San Francisco, giving me dual citizenship with Australia and the United States. I have visited the United States on two occasions since I left there at the age of two, once in 2000, and again on exchange in 2006. I want to travel much more when I'm older, and it's one of my life goals to visit every continent. I'm a libertarian, and believe in the absolute right of freedom of speech and expression, and anonymity for every person. I took the political compass test, and had the following result: Economic Left/Right: 0.25 'Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.41. This is a long way from most world leaders. I'm brought up as a catholic, but am largely agnostic, believing only in church practices and teachings that I can see as correct. I am a strong proponent of following what is right for our society, not what is labelled as right by our law or religious codes. I am also strongly anti-DRM, and refuse to purchase any music that is 'protected' with Digital Rights Management technology. I am, the creator of Werdnabot, and I'm happy to answer any and all queries on it. Please feel free to edit my userpage. Really, please do. I trust you to add something useful, meaningful, or to change it to make it look nicer. — Werdna talk


    When a Wikia project called "Liquid Threads" was brought over to the WMF in 2009 for development into the "Flow" discussion system, for eventual "integration" into MediaWiki, Andrew was made the "responsible engineer", by the ever-incompetent Erik Möller. And you oughta read more about "Flow", because it flowpped. [1][2][3][4] [5] Insert smiley here!

    On 12 March, he blanked his talkpage, which usually indicates someone fucked his shit up good. That was his last edit to Wikipedia. On April 19th, he tweeted the following, indicating that he knew he was about to be shitcanned:

    If I know anybody who's worked in tech recruiting, I could use some feedback on my CV. Let me know if you can help me out.


    And on May 1st, 2015, the little twat was removed from the WMF's list of staff, during a gigantic reorganisation of the WMF engineering staff. No one asked why, no one said anything. Oh, dear, whomever shall we look to for the salvation of "Flow"?? Andy, the little putz, has since disappeared from the Internet he loved so much, and from the Wikipedia he helped to trash for nine years.

    Assorted crap

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