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    Welcome To The NHK

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    File:Tatsuhiro Sato.PNG
    Just an anime figure about to get hotglued, nothing to see here

    Welcome To The NHK is a low budget 2006 seasonal anime, that follows the everyday life of a Japanese hikikomori, Tatsuhiro Sato. It is loved by many robots, both old and young, despite the anime having a very outdated story (the MC uses a Windows XP desktop and plays CD ROM doujin games). But fortunately for most weeaboos on /r9k/, they all still live in 2006, crafting shittily made self hosted web pages and rewatching Azumanga Daioh and Haruhi over and over again.

    It's an anime that touched a lot of NEET's hearts, but none of them learned the simple lesson it was trying to teach anyway, not even the creator himself. Almost immediately after all the merchandise money dried out, he went back to being a bum and joined a cult. Yes, we're dead serious.


    The story of this anime is as simple as, a random girl stalks a random hikki, out of the millions of other hikikomori that are worse off in Japan, and basically spoils him with attention. And by the third episode he already has another friend that gives him an opportunity to make a game with him. So from the start, he's already doing better than 90% of /r9k/ and /b/ combined. Sato himself is dumb as rocks, despite being asian. The man can barely operate a simple desktop computer, and even deleted system32 in one episode after downloading 6 gorillian gigabytes of CP. He spends most of his free time collecting checks from his parents and sleeping, instead of learning a skill or trade. When he's not sitting on his ass, he spends his time during the day with his control freak autist friend Yamazaki. He's supposedly staying at his house to "work" on the game they're making, but he doesn't do jackshit, and Yamazaki doesn't do shit about it despite being smart enough to know he isn't really working. So we can only assume Yamazaki let Sato stay on the condition that he give him at least five blow jobs under his computer desk a day.

    File:Sato and Yamazaki.PNG
    Sato and Yamazaki

    The whole point of making said game was to sell it at Comiket, but on the same day of the convention, he just said "fuck it" and abandoned the game for lulz. He then went on a road trip with some emo bitch he had a crush on in high school and her other fuckbuddies she met on a poorly made clone of 2chan. Turns out he joined a suicide pact, and had to an hero so he could impress Hitomi. And he did it! Well... actually that's a lie. He was too pussy to actually jump off the ledge of the cliff himself. It took a broken piece of rock on the ledge for him to actually fall, and even then he was unfortunately saved. After that he just pretends it didn't happen and set up a WOW account, where he spent a week flirting with an an imaginary e-girl, which turned out being yamazaki catfishing, once again just for lulz. Now, it would've been great if the story just ended with Sato murdering Yamazaki in his apartment and getting charged for manslaughter, but no.

    File:Welcome To The NHK 2chan Reference.jpg
    Welcome To The NHK's 2chan reference

    After getting catfished, his classroom rep from high school baited him into joining a cult. The cult was so obvious, even a retard like Sato realized it right away and bailed.. but ended up getting immediately sucked back in when the whore tells him a sob story about how her father killed himself because he couldn't handle her bitchiness and her brother's immense autism anymore. In the next episode, Yamazaki and Misaki help Sato try to back out of the cult (for some reason) and they end up getting scammed themselves. So they break into the class rep's house like a bunch of crazy niggers and bust into her brother's room while he's fapping to loli scat guro porn, like every reasonable citizen in Japan.

    By this point the show takes a "dark turn" and Yamazaki has to go back home to run his family's ranch, because his dad has cancer or some shit. So they decide their last chance to make it big is to sell their doujin game at the 2006 winter weeaboo con. And... surprise surprise, no one buys it. Turns out no one wants to pay full price for a visual novel that only has graphics and no script to go along with them. To conclude the story, Sato acts like a such a douche to Misaki that she stops bringing him food to his apartment and lets him starve. There's one scene where Sato's trembling on his floor and has hallucinations of all of the main characters criticizing shitposting on 2chan for some reason, even though it had fuck all to do with anything in the anime. Us writers at ED are still trying to locate any available archives of the exact thread the creator of NHK got trolled in that spurred him on to write this scene.


    File:Misaki YT Comment.PNG
    Every comment thread discussing this show

    Of course, with every anime fandom, the majority of the fanbase are weeaboos that want to fuck the 2D girl characters or have their own succubus that acts like them. Some say Misaki-chan spawned the "autism gf" meme, even more so than Rei from evangelion. Despite the anime being a decade and a half old at this point, people still lust after Misaki daily on /a/, /r9k/, /c/ and every other anime related 4chan spinoff


    File:Misaki figure.JPG
    Buy your own Misaki today!
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