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    Web of Trust

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    Web of Trust, ruining browsing since 2006

    Web of Trust (WOT) is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome browsers. its an alternative to Jewgle warnings, but even more annoying and lulzy.

    While it's supposed to help your security by saying you what websites are safe and which ones not, in reality the site serves as little more than a propaganda machine hijacked by leftists, SJWs and other degenerates as a means of deterring people from visiting any website that Al Sharpton or the Southern Poverty Law Center might find offensive, along with smaller segments of far-righters and other extremists and no-lifers pursuing similar agendas (such as Pirate Bay fanbois using it to troll the RIAA's website).

    Despite the site having multiple rating categories such as "vendor reliability" and "child safety" with ratings ranging from green (good) to red (bad), in reality any site which the activist freaks don't like will be given a "red" rating in every category even when they make no sense. A site like Fox News or Scientology's official website or some backwater creationist website will receive a negative rating in child safety despite hosting no porn, or a negative rating in "vendor reliability" despite not selling jack shit.

    What's even more ironic is that websites like Wikipedia end up with positive ratings in every category including child safety, despite TOW hosting images of everything from blowjobs to rape victims' corpses. Sadder still is that the site staff doesn't give a shit about it and absolves itself of responsibility by declaring the site a "mobocracy" and that "truth" is simply what the community "decides" it is (meaning a great way to troll them would be for people to go to WOT's own reputation page and downvote it in every category, along with a few comments claiming that hosts child porn - because then it would be "true" right?).

    How to use it

    • Install WOT
    • Register an account
    • Start ranking sites
    •  ??????
    • PROFIT

    Well, the previous is a lulzkiller. When a website is badly ranked in WOT and you visit it you´ll get an annoying warning pop-up that will ruin your site browsing, you have to options then: leave or get butthurt by pop-ups. So... vote faggot and SJW websites badly and your favourite websites good. Do not vote more than 1 time per page, since WOT records its ratings from numerous voters, so you would need to create more than 1 account.



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