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    Wayah thinks this ED Article makes him more popular.
    Wayah getting ready to fuck his dog.

    Wayah WolfPuppy is the nickname for a furfag that can usually be found frolicking on the FloridaFurs IRC channel sucking Moderator dick while trying to impress everyone with how popular he thinks he is. This social vampire attends furfag events just so he can greet any new freaks that show up in town and give their balls a lift, lulling them into a false sense of security so he can coerce them into his army of mindless fanboys. Wayah says "wayah" (written ᏩᏯ) is Cherokee for "wolf," but a member on ED Staff who is intimately familiar with the Cherokee language noted that it actually means "Vampiric Whore."

    Furry Vampire Lord

    If only he looked as cool as the card.

    While being a social vampire all of his natural born life, Wayah realized that at an early age of 13 he could infiltrate the furfag fandom and not only seduce unsuspecting furfags into liking him, but ALSO into letting this living lich latch onto their cocks and suck out their very own souls. It wasn't until November of 2005 that Wayah formally "came-out" as a furfag and began his social crusade to become the most popular "A-Lister" in the United States.

    During the initial reign of terror, he managed to lure an innocent homosexual into marrying him through use of his vampiric gazegays. Unfortunately, when Wayah joined the ranks of furfaggotry, his power over this quazi-normal human being slowly weakened (Not even homosexuals can stomach furries for too long). This mindless servitude met its end when Wayah, during his ongoing crusade at Furfaggot Weekend Atlanta, fucked/was fucked by anywhere from 3 to 557 furfags. The exact details are obscured due to his predatory nature to get his victims drunk before the encounter. It can only be assumed it's done to cover his tracks since his victims are so desperate for sex, they wine and dine stuffed animals.

    Special Update: Though the human escaped, his soul was never recovered. :-(

    Against popular belief, Vampiric Whoring isn't all dick sucking and games. A lot of it has to do with spending about 10 seconds with everyone you come into contact with. We here at ED have broken the process down for you so that you may better understand the subject:

    • 0.4sec: Identify victim.
    • 1.8sec: Introduce yourself.
    • 2.2sec: Act interested in the furfag's name.
    • 2.8sec: Shake the sap's hand while fruitcuping him.
    • 4.0sec: Drop off your LJ name and act like you're actually happy to see the idiot.
    • 6.4sec: Gaze into the fool's eyes and feign paying attention as he talks.
    • 7.8sec: Begin looking for the next victim.
    • 8.9sec: While the subject is talking, randomly call out to the next furfag.
    • 9.4sec: Tell the chump you'll be back in one sec while waving to the next guy.
    • 10 sec: Walk away and repeat the process.

    The only real problem with this method is that Wayah has a complete lack of short and long-term memory. This flaw causes him to forget whomever he comes into contact with and any conversation he may have had with that individual. Thankfully, furfags wear "badges" to identify each other which Wayah uses as his own personal crutch. This hints at a possible reason why Wayah decided to prey upon the furfagdom and not go after normal people like a respectable social vampiric whore.

    "Flavors of the Day"

    Symbolism is a bitch.

    Unfortunately, it didn't take long before the greymuzzles (What dying furries call themselves) had figured out Wayah's masterplan and soon a message spread like fire through the furfagdom to warn people of his social whoring. But regardless of the attempts of these den leaders, there will always be those who have already been too brainwashed or are just too fucking stupid to realize what the fuck is going on. We at ED refer to these individuals as Wayah's Flavors of the Day, and he's got more than your local Baskin Robbins. Wayah refers to these furfags as his "Brothers."

    Fortunately for the furfagdom, the list isn't really long enough to pose much of a threat, though he has taken a furfag to be his mate by the name of wolffine (Very creative name there). Due to the new furry defenses against his vampirism, Wayah has been forced to feed strictly upon underage furry children... an act which he'd still be enjoying today had he not had a revelation! NEWSFLASH! READ "LOL, HEARTBREAK" FOR BREAKING NEWS!

    The "Baby" Vampire Lord

    Wayah actually believes he owns a time machine.

    After living on his mother's credit card and eating the souls of children became too much of a chore, Wayah decided to again drop himself down a few more levels of society to preying upon Babyfurs. Babyfurs were perfect because they are adult furfags who want to be babies. When one thinks of meta-fetishes, this particular gambit allowed Wayah carte blanche to fully spelunk the dark, moist depths of the cavity he calls his soul - A non-exhaustive list of which includes:

    Scat, Abasiophilia, Necrofelching, Necrophilia, Eproctophilia, Sploshing, Emetophilia, Acrotomophilia, Anal Stretching, and actually owning the entire fucking Britney Spears discography.

    Please take a moment to follow the links of all of the previous terminology. This article will still be here when you get back from vomiting up the corn beef on rye you had for lunch with the side of fries and coke. If you already know what all of those terms mean, we'd like to welcome you, Wayah, to your new homepage. Now even normal people know what a sick fuck you truly are. In addition, to better fit in with the babyfurs, Wayah changed his last name from “Wolf” to “Puppy.” Wow. Inventive.

    Social Vampire Myths

    The professionals have something to add.

    We had so many people write in to us here at ED about Wayah and the myths on social vampiric whoring, we decided to bring in the experts, Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters, to do things right. After several days of research, experimentation, and execution, Jamie and Adam were able to scribe us a list of results that we could post here publically on our site:

    • Myth: Wayah is fiercely loyal to friends and family.

    -BUSTED! It is a known fact that social vampires spend their spare time fucking anyone they can get their hands on, including over 500 people from FurFag Weekend Atlanta.

    • Myth: Wayah has sharp wit and knows how to use it.

    -BUSTED! The only entities that consider Wayah's wit to be sharp are babyfurs.

    • Myth: Wayah's main weakness is his mouth.

    -BUSTED! Everyone knows that Wayah uses his mouth to suck the souls of his victims through their own penises.

    • Myth: Wayah's scar represents something meaningful.

    -CONFIRMED! Wayah received that scar from his first rape victim.

    • Myth: Wayah is able to disappear in sticky situations.

    -PLAUSIBLE! Wayah's tongue licks through semen faster than BAM! cuts through grease.

    • Myth: Wayah owns a time traveling deloreon.

    -BUSTED! But both Adam and Jamie agreed that if he did, they would steal and use it to go back in time and prevent this abomination from being conceived.

    Atomic.gif Warning!


    Wayah's mate would rather not have testicles compared to being with such a loser.

    Despite the fact that Wayah claims that he is very intelligent, he moved from Florida to Ohio to be with his mate of three weeks. This is typical furry behavior, and is seen from day to day since last Thursday. He lives there for no more than TWO MONTHS and his mate goes out and fools around with some random dude doing some C&BT play. Wayah talks with him the next day and his mate tells him that the guy offered him money to cut off his balls under the condition that he would belong to him.

    Wayah is </3


    Wayah's mate has returned! Hallelujah!.

    Wayah's boyfriend, Wolfinne, has come back to him! PRAISE JESUS! Instead of turning the psychotic teenager away like a normal pedophile, Wayah takes him in like the second coming of Christ.

    Do us all a favor and AN HERO NOW. For the love of GOD.

    File:Lj-favicon.png fursforgood

    This is an LJ community Wayah created in order to make himself look good. It can't save the fact that NO ONE LIKES HIM, but he still thinks that it hides his facade of him being a royal douche to everyone he meets. He thinks that it'll work like karma, but it's too bad that karma doesn't work like it's supposed to in the real world opposed to his retarded ass-backwards world.

    Wayah Doesn't Provoke Drama

    Wayah loves to say that he doesn't start crap with people. At one point he was trying to dig up some information on one person that did not want him to know (because let's face it, he's a creep.) He sent them to the fine people here at ED to share them with everyone!

    [01:56] ****: You said I had a dramaqueen rep. 
     [01:56] ****: tit for tat, etc 
     [01:57] Wayah: omg we broke down in colorado with no money... PLEASE HELP 
     [01:57] Wayah: omg shit in the basement 
     [01:57] Wayah: PLEASE HELP 
     [01:57] Wayah: exactly, tit for tat 
     [01:57] ****: OMG my boyfriend's getting his balls chopped off.  PLEASE HELP 
     [01:57] ****: STFU 
     [01:57] Wayah: lol 
     [01:57] Wayah: he still has them 
     [01:57] Wayah: and he says hi 
     [01:58] Wayah: I am the ultimate cunt honey. 
     [01:58] Wayah: I will always be


    [01:51] ****: The last few months have been sorta random 
     [01:52] ****: you don't know shit about who I work for, just so you know. 
     [01:52] Wayah: yes I do 
     [01:52] Wayah: he offered me a job too 
     [01:52] Wayah: and he told me your name 
     [01:52] Wayah: I know you work for him 
     [01:52] ****: and that means, what? 
     [01:52] ****: I haven't done crap for him and haven't gotten paid for crap. 
     [01:52] Wayah: that you are playing both sides of the field? 
     [01:52] ****: WTF are you talking about? 
     [01:53] ****: 'playing both sides of the field' bs 
     [01:53] Wayah: nothing, just trying to make you dramasplode

    You see kids, Wayah isn't what he cracks himself up to be. He tries to make it seem like he's a good guy, when all he is turns out to be nothing more than the retarded pedo that he really is.

    Awesome Facts!

    Even though Wolffine would rather lose his testicles, he'll still date a pedo like Wayah!
    • The information we at ED have unveiled regarding Wayah's boyfriend leaving him was that the man he was fucking was 38 years old and offered Wolffine a supposed $10,000 to chop off Wolffine's nuts. (That isn't a joke at all)
    • Wayah will get pissy if you call him "Pumpkin Balls"
    • While Wayah apparently has a high-paying job (and has since he moved from Florida) he chose not to pay rent and got EVICTED instead of just "moving out" like he claimed in his LiveJournal. The eviction from "Ford's" place made him have to get an apartment with his now nutless boyfriend.
    • He is starting the "Fur Faggot Road Tour" to move from Columbus to Chicago, IL if he gets too butthurt. His motives are the same motives he's had wherever he goes. He'll butter you up, make himself look like he's top-shit, try to become an A-list Furry and fuck up your community as a whole. Just ask anyone in the towns he's lived in!
    • Wayah actually reads his article, and in response to his article becoming updated, he DELETED HIS POSTS ON HIS LIVEJOURNAL. While Wayah thinks no one can read his LiveJournal anymore, we here at ED can confirm his last post was about "smashing dem cakes".

    PROTIP: If it's posted on the internet, it's not private.

    • Wayah is currently riding an ego trip, based on a few furs showing up to a coffee meet that anyone could have come up with. Wayah only says numbers instead of those who attend, because it's full of nothing but furry fags that no one else wants anything to do with. Wayah denies this fact, but has been confirmed by several who attended. Those several called his meet "Nothing but a bunch of furries talking smack about each other" and vowed to never attend again.

    A Message Regarding Wayah's Tactics


    With methods like this, he must be a scientologist.

    Ohio Gets Fed Up With Wayah (And His Shitty Furmeets)

    Wayah and his teenage boyfriend, inflating with ego after meeting the newest popular fur.

    Following his typical social-leeching tactics, Wayah started a weekly coffee meet in Columbus at an upscale coffee shop. Wayah wasted no time at all at alienating furs from attending by allowing a fursuit to attend in full bondage gear, and recently bringing dogs. This is when the staff told Wayah to not mess with football and don't bring dogs into a restaurant, you fucking retard.

    His announcement on Ohiofur lead to two FDA certified furs telling Wayah the penalties on allowing animals into a restaurant, leaving Wayah to become butthurt and lashed out at the furs, while telling them how to act:

    While I sincerely appreciate the sentiment that you are conveying here, I think your tone is a bit accusatory and childish. Please keep your drama at an absolute minimum.


    —Wayah showing off how retarded he is.

    The owner of the mailing list stepped in, and swiftly shoved his foot up Wayah's ass. Showing off his maturity, Wayah decided to take on the man!

    File:Wayah being a babyfur faggot.png
    Further proof that Wayah is a total babyfur faggot

    This is a meet that is run by me and I am ultimately responsible for everyone's happiness and I am also responsible when the establishment raises concerns. Also, I find it REALLY hypocritical that you have never step foot at one of my meets OR EVER had a formal conversation with me, and yet you judge? I think you have far more skeletons in your closet than I pal. My response was aimed at toning down the Drama but, lo and behold, you chime in and fan the flames.

    Perhaps this is why half of the Columbus furs never use this list?


    —Wayah, confirming "A Message Regarding Wayah's Tactics"

    The list owner then fired back, putting Wayah in his place:

    I realize that you consider your self an "A-List Fur". You've been at pains to inform us all that at least oince, I believe. You need to understand that no-one outside of Florida is that terribly impressed that you know some of the people from the Fun Day Pawpet Show. That and a dollar will get you a hamburger at McDonald's. I've tried to cut you some slack because I realize that you're away from home for the fist time in your life, and it's probably a bit disconcerting to go from being the big fish in the small pond to being just another fur.

    I need you to cause less drama on my list, and to conduct yourself in a civil manner. Please do so.


    Self-important fur, telling Wayah to STFU

    With all of his defenses cock-slapped back into his face, Wayah called for his backup! The nutless wonder himself, Wolffine came to defend his boyfriend and save the day in the most mature way he could possibly think of!

    What is wrong with you people, you are all starting Drama by telling the other person they are starting drama, Good Bye, i am leaving this pathetic list, I can't handle anymore of this stupid bullshit!


    —Wolffine joining in on the BAWWWWW.

    The outcome of Wolffine's response? No one fucking cared, since everyone knows that he's dumb enough to get his balls chopped off for $10,000.

    Another fur then spoke up in the midst of this flame war, confirming a few points already made in this ED article:

    Wayah, when you said you were coming to Columbus I though you would be a cool fur to have around. I've not seen you personally that I can recall, but hearing your general tone, and manner of discussion on the list I haven't really wanted to. After hearing the stunt you pulled with the fursuit in bondage thing at the start of the COSI meets, I'm very glad I wasn't there to be embarrassed in public by that.


    —A Columbus fur confirming how much of a fucktard Wayah is.

    Wayah in responce, quit the mailing list, citing his relationship with his boyfriend.

    With Wayah quitting the Ohio Furs, expect to see him on your local mailing list soon! He'll be moving to your city to arrange a weekly meet to continue his history of being the biggest social vampire the world has ever known.

    Brutus D Bernard

    With Wayah butthurt about his fuckery becoming well known amongst the fandom, he has risen from the ashes as Brutus D Bernard, laughably proclaiming on his LJ profile "Unlike many humans, they do not have hidden agendas, they do not lie, they do not cheat, and are capable of showing their owners unconditional companionship and love. For me, Furry is a hobby, much like Science Fiction, Anime, etc. I try my best not to get caught up into many of the negative stereotypes associated with furry."

    However just about anyone who isn't retarded will know it's just Wayah along with how well he lies, cheats, and far from showing unconditional love for anyone other than his swollen ego, therefor fitting right into those negative stereotypes associated with furry.

    The account seems to also be public!

    This may well open up a new chapter of lulz, STAY TUNED!

    Jekyll Leopard

    Seems he has to keep changing his name to avoid people finding out who is really is so he can pretend to stay popular.

    Fun Links!

    If you still haven't been completely disgusted, please feel free to browse the following websites!

    Wayah's Personal Homepage (Dead Link)

    Wayah's Live Journal

    Wayah's Other LJ

    Wayah's Other Other LJ

    Wayah's Other Other Other LJ

    Another trap to catch unsuspecting furries with

    Probably would be less irritable if he took the money

    Ask him yourself about all the above on AIM at Wayahpuppy!

    Fur series.jpg

    Wayah is part of a series on


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