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A very dedicated enthusiast.
Fun in your own home!

Waterboarding is a sexual practice and fetish that consists of a sub (or slave) being immobilized by a top (master or mistress) who uses a liquid to simulate temporary respiratory obstruction or failure. This practice, using the sub’s mind as a playground, often leads to heightened sexual release by lowering oxygen levels in the bloodstream.


Originally used by John the Baptist as a purification rite and as a means to enter his cult, the practice of waterboarding gained much popularity as soon as it was discovered by the Romans. After the Romans discovered this delightful form of sexual play, several barbarian nations in Europe also took up the practice and waterboarding spread across the globe from there.

How To Waterboard

Hey! Where's the board? Some enthusiasts don't even bother anymore.

Despite its popularity, waterboarding does not have an accepted uniform technique. Some people like to use an actual board and garden variety watering can, while others prefer to use bathtubs, hot tubs, fire hoses, brewing tanks, or public swimming pools. The varieties of waterboarding are as vast and wide-ranging as the number of people who perform the fetish. Because of this, only a bare bones explanation will be given to clarify and to educate:

  • Tie the subject up. This can be done in several ways; most of the waterboarding community seems to utilize handcuffs or heavy vinyl rope.
  • The subject should be in a flat position, lying on their back. Purists will want to use actual wooden boards for the actual procedure but it is not unheard of to use kitchen tables, teeter-totters on playgrounds, or diving boards at public swimming pools.
  • Place a dry towel across the subject’s face, or if you are using a leather BDSM hood, across the visibly open spots where air can get in and out of the hood.
  • Begin pouring a liquid on the dry towel so that it becomes damp. Go slowly! This isn’t about making the towel waterlogged or sopping wet, the slower you go the more your subject will enjoy your ministrations.

By following this procedure, one can become adept at performing waterboarding. It must again be noted that this is only a very minimal description of the act and should be used by beginners. Those who are experts at waterboarding may like to spice things up by adding other variables to the play.

Variations On Waterboarding

Someone in the Bush family should actually be waterboarded so they could report on it to George.... I suggested Jenna be waterboarded


—Stephen King, famed author, is really kinky as he supports family style incest waterboarding!

As with most other sexual practices, humans are constantly attempting to adjust or perfect the process of waterboarding by adding other elements of bondage play such as danger, exhibitionism, shame, electrical play or transgenderism. While these new twists on the old system have been reported to be excellent new additions to waterboarding, the true variations occur when liquids are switched out. Instead of using water, several other forms of liquid have been used; the most popular seems to be human urine.

Variation Gallery

Waterboarding In The Future

Waterboarding is a fun activity even in your own home.
There is nothing “repugnant” about waterboarding.


—Waterboarding used to be looked down upon, but now it is an accepted treat by most of the populace.

There has been some argument in popular media criticizing the practice of waterboarding. Over the years, there have been minor injuries and altercations linked to its employ, but most of these incidents seem to have been perpetrated by beginners or those who are hampered by drug or alcohol use. Remember, just like driving, it is not safe to waterboard if you are impaired!

McCain has a right to his opinion just like everyone else. I'm curious, has he started a campaign against our military waterboarding our own soldiers during training or is that okay?


—They should keep out of the bedrooms (and bathtubs) of our military personnel. Whatever happened to “don’t ask don’t tell?”

Dangers Of Waterboarding

Even though you may want to try variations on waterboarding, you should probably agree upon these variations prior to meeting with your partner.
It is way worse than I thought it would be, and that's no joke...ABSOLUTELY TORTURE"


—Eric “Mancow” Muller when he was told he was not allowed to perform waterboarding any more.

As discussed in the above section, waterboarding should never be attempted while either of the subjects involved is impaired. There are also several other dangers involved in the practice, but by taking a few precautionary steps prior to your play, you should have a safe, fun, and exciting experience.

  • Do not use leather cords. As leather dries, it tightens up, causing actual physical injury to the subject who is tied up. Also, don’t let those handcuffs rust up!!!
  • Electrical play should only be practiced before waterboarding, not during or after.
  • Flammable liquids such as gasoline, rubbing alcohol, and 151 rum should not be used near an open flame.
  • Irritating liquids such as bleach, household cleaners, or hot sauce should only be used if both parties agree beforehand.
  • Always practice safe sex! If your partner refuses at any time, you are taking your life into your own hands.

Who Waterboards?

You give me a waterboard, Dick Cheney, and one hour, and I'll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murders.


—Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota and waterboarding enthusiast.

Chances are, as you are driving to your office, shopping in a grocery store, or just walking down the street you have run into waterboarders. The practice is said to be used by millions of people each day and is enjoyed by everybody from your local priest all the way up to CEOs of major corporations. If you are curious about the practice of waterboarding, why not give it a chance? Local waterboarding chapters are in almost every major city and can be reached by using the Yellow Pages or Google. Why not give them a call and find out more about this exciting and exhilarating fetish? You may find yourself making an appointment!



Public Exhibitionism to roaring crowds.

Kids doing it in the backyard for fun!

Christopher Hitchens ejaculates in about three seconds.

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