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The Knesset (Hebrew: כנסת, santorum) is the legislature of Israel. The Knesset's western offices are based in Washington DC.
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How the capital was made.
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Washington, D.C., commonly referred to as the District of Cuckistan, or simply Douche City, is the capital of the Divided States of America and also The New World Order. Located in a humid dung infested marsh stolen from pansy state Murderland, the District's swamp-ass conditions facilitates ripe breeding grounds for sweaty Lobbyists and crook Politicians who cocksuck for cash. D.C. is also best known for its high crime rate, rate of AIDS, and perpetual NFL doormat, the Washington Redskins (Who really suck are just having another rebuilding year just suck are pretty good this year oops they suck again).

Famous DC Residents - Past, Present, and Future

The U.S. Mint’s state quarter for Washington, DC, commemorates one of the city’s proudest moments: the 1990 arrest of then-Mayor Marion Barry for possession and use of crack cocaine. At the time of his arrest, Barry was quoted as saying, “Goddamn setup . . . I'll be goddamn . . . bitch set me up,” a reference to a former girlfriend. DC voters would later re-elect Barry in order to stick it to The Man.

Law and Government

Due to the high concentration of bureaucratic fucks, it is illegal to polish a handgun while chain-smoking in one of DC's many gay bars. In a series of concessions to the black person community, mugging, panhandling, and public urination are tolerated and actively encouraged by local police.

DC Neighborhoods

Adams Morgan - Home of your average frat drunk douchebag. In the summer, each bar sponsors it's own date raep team that competes against all the other teams. The team that has the most rapes by the end of the summer gets a trophy. Madams Organ has won 10 years in a row.

Anacostia - Jampacked with nigras and, consequently, home to over 9000 chicken joints, liquor stores and pawn shops but no supermarkets. Literally no honkies for miles. However, due to the residents' easy access to hookers and blow makes Anacostia one of the most convenient places to live, since every person that you see will have access to either or both. National capital of ruin.

Columbia Heights - Here be an awkward mix of spics and yuppies moving into expensive newly built condos which are squeezing out the aforementioned spics. The only place you're more likely to get killed by a machete than a bullet.

Dupont Circle - Where yuppies and faggots live. Lulz ensue when young future politicians explore their desire for teh cock in the ass in this neighborhood with Larry Craig.

...there was an abandoned synagogue and a narrow alley leading to the long-forgotten gardens in back. Every night, rain or shine, this hidden pocket of Washington filled with men just like me—almost all of them wearing business suits and, on most of their left hands, proof that they’d made the same compromises I had. We were the power brokers and backroom operatives and future leaders of America. We just happened to be gay.

I felt as though I’d come upon a sanctuary — it was a church-like, almost spiritual place. Moonlight squinted through the stained-glass windows into our garden, catching an inviting eye or a face stretched in ecstasy. I looked forward to my visits there, sometimes two or three a week. I quickly learned whom to approach and whose advance to wait for, when to move quickly, which posture said “no thanks” and which said “please.” One evening, as I stood on one of the metal platforms back there, a word came to me: liberated. Standing there in full sight of this group of men, I’d finally found a way to show who I was.


—Jim McGreevey, former governor of New Jersey about being a colossal faggot

This also proves that Judaism leads to sodomy.

Georgetown - filled with rich Christfag douchebags who pop their collars.

The Mall - Tourists traveling in gangs to protect themselves from nigras. Petrified of ending up in the wrong neighborhood which presents golden opportunities for Trolling IRL

Palisades - Much like Georgetown, but more boring and full of rapists.

U Street See Columbia Heights, only with nigras instead of spics.

Union Station The men's bathroom here was where Larry Craig went to cruise for teh cock while on break from Clowngress.

Important Things That Came Out of DC


The District is a fucking magnet for dumbass tourists who have a collective IQ that makes Forest Gump seem like Albert fucking Einstein by comparison. This should be obvious because anyone who would find shit white buildings and getting mugged in broad daylight remotely attractive has to be pretty down low there on the evolutionary scale. Tourists in DC come from all walks of life, everything from nostalgic oldfags to mothers who refuse to go anywhere without their crying and screaming devilspawn. No matter where you go in the District, you are guaranteed to run into at least one motherfucker who will do something incredibly moronic that will manage to either make or fuck up your day.

[WatermelonsFried Chicken]
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