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    125px Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

    File:Too Much Of Heaven by Warden Warden.png
    Just an average day in the life of Warden-Warden.

    Warden-Warden, a.k.a. The Warden, Frank-n-furter, Colt, Jess, or Jesika Shaffer is a whiny tartlet from the depths of deviantART who is a wannabe cartoon artist, if you can even consider her an artist. She happens to be one of the more popular artists on devianTart with over 300 watchers/Ass kissers.

    She has many disturbing fetishes from muscles, to hyper cocks and boobs. She loves to force her disgusting fetishes on many begging them to draw her ugly oc. She has a sick obsesseion with him and only tends to draw either naked Wardens or her oc Colt.

    Warden-Warden believes the world - no, the universe - revolves around her. She will not give two fucks about your problem, but if she has a problem you sure as fuck better be by her side or she'll send her army after you, screaming about how you're a traitor and secretly evil. Unfortunately her art thieving ways have actually gained her a lot of popularity, and have given her a standing army that she'll bitch and moan to whenever she's butthurt.

    About Warden-Warden

    She actually titled this picture 'LOOK AT MY FABULOUS MUSCLES' I kid you not.

    Being the egotistical maniac she is, she basks in the glow of any compliment she can get and often shares any compliments with her friends. Her conversations consist of long speeches where she talks about herself and only anything related to her while her responses to anything unrelated to herself will consist of a one-word reply. She believes her body is perfect save for lacking a few inches of muscles and will actually walk around outside in only a bra and pants. (And then is horribly confused at why people are staring. Gee I wonder why.)

    Proof She Cannot Create Art

    And while we're at it, let's talk about her art. If you can even call it art. First of all, she will ONLY draw in the style of Superjail!, because it's "easy". Easy, because there's little atention to anatomy. Little attention to anything, other than being all Warden, all the time.

    After being confronted about her style theft she openly admits it and disables comments to protect her own ass.

    She steals coloring styles, too. Openly stating that "it's okay to copy a style, and tweak it to make it your own". Hey, it's okay to be an art thief, everyone!! Be like Jesika, and color EXACTLY in the same fashion as your friend! Steal another friend's animation! And bitch, if someone steals your ideas! She will do this with anyone, it doesn't matter WHO you are. Your art is not safe. Please, protect your art from geting massively shat upon!


    I colored it myself. At the time, I was experimenting with how Tigerman-exe does her art. But coloring on GIMP was too... not my style. So I tried to replicate her style using a different program. Yes, it's a "rip off", but you know what? I don't give a crap. XD I think it came out decent, and whether or not you agree is beyond me. There is nothing wrong with copying a style, then tweaking it to be something of your own.


    —Jess claiming stealing art styles is ok


    Let's touch on her obsession with muscles, now. Her characters, Colt and Coty, are both MASSIVE. Massive biceps, triceps, you name it-- but their waists, not so much. They have probably a ...what, 25 inch waist? She also loves to draw Colt shirtless, or close to naked. Some think this is sexy, while some think it is purely disgusting. Even more so, that she TRACES these muscular bodies, and 'tweaks' them to her liking. But does she admit this? Only in private! She also takes absolutely forever to finish anything, IF she finishes anything. There's art commissioners who have been waiting months for their art, as if she'll ever do it (don't waste your money.)


    Warden-Warden is also TERRIBLE at relationships, to put it mildly! In fact, she once internet dated, while under a "persona". This guy ends up threatening suicide if she breaks up with him. What does she do??

    File:Talking shit.png
    Excuse me while I talk crap about you right on your own page.

    That's right, she DUMPED him! He then came back and pretended to be his OWN LAWYER, and contacted her, to say that he did in fact commit suicide. Talk about completely pathetic, but did she feel any remorse? Probably not. Because she went on to do the same thing to other people, and has a record of driving her own dating partners to near tormented suicide.

    When not being an absolute pathetic weakling, and asking her "lover" to defend her from the trolls or art criticism instead of fighting her own battles, she can be seen treating her dearest like the shit beneath her shoe (seeing as she is of course far more important than anyone who could ever have the honor of dating her).

    File:Throwing you under the bus.png
    A screen cap of Jess's journal whining after she got dumped, immediately sending her trolls after her recent ex.

    In addition, she talks shit about people behind their backs and will in fact try to turn your own friends against you AND convince you that your friends are the worst dirt bags you've ever been in contact with - whether they are together, best friends, or the bitterest of enemies. Because hey, why not play the victim card at every chance you get? Why not tell everyone how much they've hurt you and bitch and moan and make up shit just to make you seem like the only victim? She will always play her cards like that, taking pity from anyone who will kiss her ass.

    Watch out, make sure you don't do something that totally crosses her! Because she will turn on you in an instant and send her army of ass kissers out to get you. All while claiming that no, of course she didn't send her friends after anyone! They all do her bidding of their own volition! Then she'll just go on to talk shit about you on her Tumblr or any other site she thinks you might not be on so you won't be able to see the shit talk. It's over at Rocky-whore, by the way.

    She might even talk about her absent "girlfriend" there! Yes, the girl she was with for not even a week before they had a fight, and she left. And we're not talking the dumped kind, we're talking the disappeared entirely from the internet for more than a month and still hasn't returned just to get away from Jesika kind of left. But Jesika is too stupid to let go. She's gonna cling right on, while trying to get in everyone else's pants, too. Friends close to her know how she tries to get with other people while she's already in a relationship, she's a good old fashioned whore. While she will claim to be a virgin, no one in real life believes her for a second, and why should they believe a polygamist whore anyway?


    Contact Information

    • [email protected] - Her email and MSN
    • [email protected] - Alternate email and MSN
    • Phone number: 1-407-922-6781 - Don't be surprised if her Puerto Rican pimp daddy answers. For added lulz ask to setup a "date" with her! :D

    Her supposed present address
    Jesika Shaffer
    399 Baldwin Dr.
    Berea, OH 44017

    Her previous address
    Jesika Shaffer
    348 Cornwallis Ct.
    Kissimmee, FL 34758

    Reactions to the page

    Recently a ED user by the name of Djabattlefield as been trying to blank this article. We can only assume its either Jess her self or one of her butt hurt fans. Obviously this article has caused quite the uproar and much butt hurt to be had by many.

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