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    Oh, the hypocrisy!
    This statement contradicts her sig and the fact all her Waluigi hentai was uploaded this year
    File:WLG is a dropkick.JPG
    Waluigi is her pride. Her race is not.

    Waluigis-Girl (also known as "Nekkonell") is a typically oversensitive Wapanese fangirl and devianTARTLET who hungers deeply for the imaginary cock of Waluigi, Luigi's poorly named and flamingly gay evil twin -- and possibly Nintendo's most underwhelming creation since the Virtual Boy -- thrusting down her throat and ass. Like any good failure she can only communicate in animu emoticons and cannot conclude a single paragraph without including the godforsaken ^_^.

    Activities on deviantART

    Unsurprisingly she is listed as an art student, and if the traumatizing subject matter of her "work" doesn't scar you like an obese priest does a sensitive, nubile altar boy, then the technique will. In the spirit of fellow devianTARD GoddessMillenia, all her artwork appears to have been done with hand-me-down crayons. She incessantly draws Nintendo-themed "art", as well as poorly-animated Loli with what, after days of study, may resemble obese creatures from the shallow bog of her imagination. Considering all this, her statement that she "draws like she's from japan", pushes her level of failure to near-snapesnogger and ryoukitten levels. P.S. She looks kinda liek Tay Zonday.

    Her art style consists of characters who have gained weight in areas of their body to the point if you saw them in real life, they'd look like they had some sort of skin disease that caused them to swell up like watermelons, which she happens to eat for dinner. The connection is astonishing yet true.

    Like most deviants, each and every journal reads like any given entry taken from the MySpace of a public high school student (although she openly frowns upon MySpace users in her journal, because losers are never to be found in mass droves on deviantART). Thus, at any given time, you may have the reading pleasure of delightful, sublime musings from her answers to a quiz seventy questions long, wherein she further demonstrates her immense naiveté by stating that she often eats at "Kiki's. High quality Japanese food at a very affordable price. w00t!". Because if anybody knows high-quality Japanese cuisine, it's a Midwestern weeaboo.

    Much like all other demented fangirls, Waluigis-girl is not the exception to the rule: Fangirl + deviantART = Club for fangirls

    Or in her case: hate club

    She shows daring and passion in creating her own hate club for Daisy x Waluigi, and called for recruits to join her cause. Just when we thought she couldn't fail any more.

    File:You do that.JPG

    Even nigger hatin' Kermit is at a loss for words

    You do that girlfriend. You do that.


    File:Anti WxD.jpg
    Do the exact opposite of what this stamp says, if only to piss her off.
    File:What s My Name by waluigis girl.jpg
    Waluigi apparently has the amazing power to fire his own name from his crotch
    Waluigis-Girl bitches about crazy obsessive fangirls who are in love with video game characters. Wait what?
    Waluigis-Girl dispenses some priceless advice
    Her DeviantART journals may be short, but they don't lack some truly horrifying statements

    Like every single other lulser (read: EVERYONE) on the internet literally [[[love with a fictional character], Wuluigis-Girl has created a Mary-Sue to win the heart of the character she obsesses over. In a bout of self-hatred her Sue is white, who, in a fit of astonishing creativity, she named "Neko".

    Waluigis-Girl clearly suffers from Bishie syndrome as she coats a thick bishounen veneer over Waluigi every time she "draws" him, despite the fact Waluigi himself is aesthetically lacking and barely resembles anything "human". Sadly, due to Waluigis-Girl's skill level, this doesn't make him look attractive so much as it makes him look like a small child with Downs Syndrome, and what's supposed to be his mustache resemble something akin to big black spikes jutting awkwardly from his face.

    Her twisted, demented, and utterly slavish devotion to this entirely token Super Mario character is horrific on such a level as to cause anonymous to prefer viewing The Power 5 in an endless, droning PowerPoint presentation instead. Additionally, according to her, if this isn't the sexiest piece of ass in fucking creation (Baleeted) to you, you are obviously a troll.

    Amongst the most powerful methods of trolling her, promotion of the WaluigiXDaisy fandom on her deviantART, LJ and YouTube pages is tried, and true. She possesses startling video evidence against WaluigiXDaisy.

    Watch this myth get BUSTYIIIDDDDD YOU GAIZ

    You'll notice how she sounds like a male redneck going through puberty. You'll also notice how completely irrelevant this video is to anything, anywhere, evar. There is still no God. There might, however, be a Devil, if for no other reason than to explain this videos existence. ITZ JST CAMAREA PLAYSEMANT U GUIZ


    "I live in America but I draw like I'm from Japan."


    —Waluigis-girl, acting like a typical 14 year old fangirl


    "Skin of choice: Waluigi's next to mine, I believe. XD"


    —Waluigis-girl, SHE MADE A FUNNY


    [W]hat I'm referring to here are those fangirls who have an incredibly unhealthy obsession ... Usually I can understand why they like a character they have interest for, but when I saw this stuff, the only reaction I could come up with was 'oh... my... god.' I was really appalled by it. ... [T]here are two fangirls who are seriously obsessed with the characters from Sonic the Hedgehog. ... The Sonic fangirl plans on dying alone and wants Sonic to perform all kinds of disgusting acts to her, while the Knuckles fangirl thinks that a chao she has on SA2B is her and Knuckles' child ... These girls made my love for Waluigi look like an elementary school playground crush.


    —Waluigis-girl, on obsessive fangirls

    Hmmmm, I see your point...

    Well, I have officially moved into my new room...Wiimote took the move pretty well. But you know how uppity animals can get 'OMFG THE CAGE IS MOVING WHAT TO DO SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE SQUEE' In any case, it's nice to have a room to myself rather one where I have to worry about reading doujinshis and somebody coming in.


    —Waluigis-girl, she named her pet Wiimote

    Well, well. I like to masturbate, myself. But not to the shit you look at.

    File:Twelve by waluigis girl.jpg
    It's only ok when she does it.
    Okay, seriously. I can still remember this goddamn fanfiction I read about 5 years ago that involved a Waluigi x Plum pairing and I STILL find the idea extremely disturbing. Plum is a goddamn preteen, and Waluigi's in his late 20s. I know Waluigi's ultra-crazy... but he is NOT into freakin' lolicon with a 12-year-old golfer. And it doesn't matter that her age was increased to make her 'legal', her official age is still 12. (LOL hypocrisy . See: Wall Of Shame) And yeah, I know she looks loads younger in here, but still. It's very clear that somebody went too far with the whole 'Waluigi needs a girlfriend' deal.


    —Waluigis-girl, On how she needs to look in the fucking mirror

    Well, let's see. Waluigi is an autistic flaming homosexual. And Plum? FUCK YEAH, I hit that.

    Here's a little question for the Waluigi fangirls. How do you feel about Waluigi being 'coupled' with anyone? (i.e. Waluigi being given a girlfriend or even a wife) Personally, I don't like it at all, and I think those who couple Waluigi with anyone and put it on the Internet should much rather be keeping it to themselves or not doing it at all.


    —Waluigis-girl, she should have followed her own advice

    Duuuuh, whaaa...? Oh, wait. For a second there, I thought you were asking yourself a rhetorical question, lulz.

    An Aspie Appears!

    This is an Aspie, I can tell the fucktarded from the aspies from having seen several aspies in my time.

    Ntg85 has sworn in an affidavit that Waluigis-girl has IRL assburgers! Ntg, having spent quite a bit of time mentoring the less socially able, identifies the following characteristics, as seen in this video:

    • Face permanently frozen in an expression of tard glee
    • Obvious obsession with proving/disproving fandom minutiae
    • Tone of voice demonstrating barely concealed giddiness at sharing "discoveries" with others
    • Tendency to get extremely butthurt and throw fits when faced with opposing evidence
    • Lack of interest in typical black person activities, such as eating fried chicken and busting caps
    • Belief that anyone besides her gives a shit about her OTP, especially outside the Internets
    • Wearing clothing or accessories displaying aforementioned obsession outside of aforementioned internets
    • Looking like Tay Zonday and sounding somewhat like him if he was on helium 24/7.

    Please note that having the fictional disease does not excuse her behavior, since rtards should stay off our tubes, am i rite?


    What? This article needs moar fanfic lulz.
    You can help by adding moar fanfic lulz.

    Thrilling, epic, and a surprisingly moving read, her fanfiction is a piercing view into a chronically disordered mind with a hamfisted sense of plot, and the control over English of a four-year-old. Unfortunately, the section where Waluigi and Wario 'reward' Neko is cut, as it would just be too hot for DeviantART.

    The part where Waluigi and Wario 'reward' Neko is cut out for obvious reasons, because not only is it long, it's graphic.


    —Waluigis-Girl, creeping us all out

    Waluigis-Girl captures all the romance of this scene in this touching piece. "Will it hurt?" "Well, yeah. But it'll only last for a minute or two". Apparently Waluigi is an unsatisfying minute man
    Proof she's into loli, she's also a Teruchan fan
    Waluigi, shortly after learning of his "girl."

    An excerpt from this sure-to-be classic: "What, you thought I wouldn't do good? Think... AGAIN. Think a second time round." "Hey... Neko..." Waluigi smirked. "Remember when I said you'd get some perks working for us?" "But, Waluigi, I already get a third of what I take for you." "I'm talking about... more... PERSONAL perks. Let me remind you that you're a girl... and still pretty young at that." He slinked towards her. "So... what do you say? Feel like taking us on?" Neko's eyes glazed over. "Yes... yes, please..." "Oh man, she's a little excited," Wario said. "You've been with a man before?" Neko shook her head. "No, this is my first time." "Ooohh..." The brothers smirked at each other. "Is that so? This'll be a night to remember, then." Waluigi lifted her up and carried her to his bedroom, with Wario following close behind. "We'll make sure to reward you the right way for what you've done for us..." Afterwards, Neko was about to move down to the mattress, but Waluigi held her back. "You'll be sleeping here tonight." He looked at her for a while before kissing her. "We should really do this again sometimes."

    Excerpt from her Utterly Obnoxious "The Saga of Faith Chapter 14"
    The next morning, Neko awoke to the sound of her cell phone. "He--hello?" "Neko... it's me." Neko's eyes widened. "You? Wha-- Waluigi?" Penjullu's ears flattened and he rolled over. "Listen, Neko, I just want to apologize for any trouble Luigi may have caused you; he doesn't know what he's talking about," Waluigi said. "I don't plan to do that at all." Neko smiled. "That's so good to hear." "Yeah, Luigi got the wrong idea because I said I didn't like having that crazy Hypno around and I felt like I had to do something about it." "Ahh..." "Don't worry, Neko. I'm gonna be coming really soon. Then you'll be happy." "Yeah... happy..." Neko sighed. "Very... very... happy..." "Listen, game time's about to start, but I just thought I'd point that out. I love you, Neko." "I love you too," Neko replied, then clicked the phone shut. "I should probably take a shower," she said. As she walked out of her bedroom, she could see Vivian lounged in an awkward position on the couch. She passed Keiko in the hallway and turned towards her. "Dude, what's Vivian doing on the couch?" Keiko smirked. "She got drunk last night. She was so pissed off that she went down to Maneki Lucky Cat and got some drinks. ...Apparently she beat the bartender so hard that he had no choice to give her a drink to make her stop." "Holy shit, she's violent," Neko muttered. "Heh heh... I'm gonna screw around with her..." She walked right next to Vivian and turned on the fake waterworks. "Vivian," she whined. "Wake up! It's all true! I've been left behind; Penjullu isn't--" "What? I'm gonna kill everyone-- OW!! My head! It's pounding!" "Hah hah! Gotcha! You got SO slammed last night!! I just HAD to screw with you for a few minutes!" Vivian groaned. "Ugh. Just... get outta here."

    Bonus Horrors

    the ultimate "DO NOT WANT!" of every musician
    Waljeweegee's gurl is also into macrophilia.

    Jeffree Moon, famous jstar wanab has tried to recruit her as he did with snapesnogger in his eternal fight against Dramatica...by drawing Mario porn of course

    Ex-Roommates Have Their Say

    User HQD solemnly swears and can verify the following facts:

    • Waluigi's girl spends more time over her ship than her own hygiene
    • Speaks more like a retard IRL than the video lets on. She actually TRIED to sound smart, homigah!
    • Any money she got went to feed her fangirl obsession. It is believed that some of the funds were "borrowed" from her roommates
    • Waluigi's girl also spent more time drooling over her own badly-drawn pr0nz to actually do any housework or improve on her art. Unfortunately, the teachers eventually gave her up as a lost, hopeless cause, and banished her back to kindergarten
    • Turned a PS2 remote into a vibrator
    • Unfortunately, Waluigi Girl's artwork will continue to plague teh interwebs for all eternity. She is also supposedly going back to school to "improve"

    All ex-roommates who have seen this page rejoice ED.


    That poor rodent mentioned in her journal was not only branded with such a lul-worthy name, but was neglected beyond on anything. Wiimote:

    • Was starved so Waluigi's Girl could get a new pet (presumably a snake to whom she would feed Wiimote's corpse)
    • Was banished to the living room to be ignored
    • Had her rat food funds stolen for PS2 memory cards and Waluigi crap
    • Went batshit insane due to the carelessness of her owner, and was renamed "Retard Gerbil" by the neighbors and former roomates.

    HQD swears as an ex-roommate of these events.


    Gallery of Fail

    Like many other DevianTARTlets, Waluigis-Girl is an 19 year old with the skill of a newborn ape with a crayon.

    Wall of Shame


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