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    WJBscribe, aka William J Boddy is an admin and bureaucratic fuck on the English Wikipedia. And an actual attorney in real life, making him a perfect fuck. WJscribe claims to be a "he", but based on his picture, this is in question. "He" is also the chairman of the worthless Wikipedia Mediation Committee, which tries to settle editing disputes, and usually fails horribly. They are almost inevitably kicked upstairs to Arbcom, making Will seem less than useful.

    He's Elonka's right hand man. (See Bureaucratic Fuck for more on her.) He helped get her adminship by nominating her for her 2nd and unsuccessful RFA try and then being a very prominent and active supporter on her successful and 3rd RfA. In the end, Elonka showed him her true colors, Wiki-Sodomizing him when he was blind. Cue laughter. There's not much else to say about Will, he's a meek little nerd in real life but has "powerz" on Wikipedia, like many of Jimbo's toadies.

    Matt Sanchez fiasco: Elonka boasts about WJB's influence (around January 2008)

    There was an email exchange between Elonka and Matt Sanchez which was posted on Wikipedia. The diff was originally posted by Tennessee Jed, to the talk page of Wjhonson, deleted and later oversighted, but also reproduced on Wikipedia Review. Here is part of the email exchange as originally posted on WR and later deleted completely:

    (bold mine)
    Jan. 6, 2008 - Elonka Dunin to Matt Sanchez

    "There are definitely gay editors on that page who have an agenda."

    "If you would actually listen to the advice I've been trying to give you (for several months now), we could have had the article stabilized a long time ago. But instead, you attack the editors who are trying to help you (me), and empower the editors who are trying to hurt you (the gay nutcases)."

    "Of course there are gay nutcases. And some of them I've even gotten blocked from Wikipedia."

    "I can help illuminate which editors are the real ones that are on your side."

    "WJBscribe is a powerful ally for you. Extraordinarily powerful, and very sympathetic. He's a good guy, but he's fighting so many battles for you, he's getting into trouble himself. :/"

    "WJBscribe and I can be of enormous help to you. I'm an admin now, by the way. It was one of the most controversial votes in Wikipedia history, but I finally made it. "

    "But I have increased access to some tools, and my voice has a tiny bit more weight. WJBscribe is a level above admin. He's one of the people that promotes admins. There are only about 12 of those on-wiki. He's very influential.

    "There were other things I wanted to do on Wikipedia. I didn't want the Matt Sanchez article to be my full-time job. But now that it's going to ArbCom, I'm willing to help out again, to help guide you through the process."

    "As for 'factually incorrect', take the long view... We will get the article fixed..."

    How do we know this email from Elonka is genuine?

    1. Elonka has admitted herself to have been in touch with Matt Sanchez behind the scenes
    2. She uses IM with Wikipedia editors and invites them to chat
    3. The diff containing this exchange was deleted right away after being posted on Wikipedia
    4. The exchange was posted very soon at WikipediaReview by user the fieryeangel.
    5. Elonka's signature twisted face is present (":/") and her tone of dialogue.

    Here are comments posted by a user Pwok on Wikipedia review commenting on the authenticity of this email exchange:

    The material posted by "Tennessee Jed" is authentic. It is a subset of e-mail and chat session traffic between Sanchez and Elonka Dunin, and between Sanchez and an editor known as Horologium. The complete e-mails aren't as damning as the excerpts; in fact, Dunin, WJBscribe, and Horologium tried to get Sanchez to back down from his more outrageous conduct. That said, the quotes attributed to Dunin and Horologium are accurate, and highly disturbing. I've considered publishing the material in its entirety, but for reasons I explain in the postscript I'd like to try and keep the damaging specifics offline, at least as they pertain to Matt Sanchez.


    So there is little reason to doubt the authenticity of this email exchange. We can't tell how these emails were able to be accessed but according to Pwok, a couple of people have access to Sanchez's accounts.

    For evidence of WJBscribe being a meat puppet of Elonka, see this thread on Wikipedia Review.

    Giano's unblock: Elonka breaks up with her pussy-licking lover (December 2008)

    WJBscribe undid another admin's block to which Elonka responded that :

    WJBscribe, here's another way of looking at it. Suppose it was someone else, some junior wet-behind-the-ears admin with a shiny new mop, who came along, saw Deskana's block, and decided to overturn it simply because they thought it was the right thing to do, and that they didn't need to build any kind of community consensus? Would you still regard that as okay? I wouldn't. In fact, such a junior admin might already be listed at RfAR, with people calling for the admin to be de-sysopped. [...]
    Instead, I think you've caused more detriment to the project by your actions, as well as detriment to the perception of your own good judgment. -- Elonka 04:28, 2 December 2008 (UTC)

    So Elonka first tells him he should basically have been de-sysopped and then tells him he's caused detriment to the project. This is what the mother fucker WJB gets for licking Elonka's pussy and helping her be an admin. Great job, Will, you fucking idiot. Now reap what you sowed. Eat shit and die.

    More: [1]:

    I am uncomfortable with your actions here. If you were in communication with Deskana, why not tell him that you thought the block should be overturned, and give him the opportunity to do it himself? --Elonka 00:32, 2 December 2008 (UTC)


    Especially as WJBscribe is a bureaucrat, a better standard of behavior is expected of him, since he is expected to know the policies, and even more importantly, he is expected to set a good example for other administrators to follow. Elonka 02:55, 2 December 2008 (UTC)


    Around that same time, he ran for Arbcom, and had his ass handed to him. Since then he's sucked up to The Jimbo as much as possible, visited the utterly-pathetic Wikimedia UK a few times, and generally kept his head down. Hoping for a nice job at the WMF, no doubt.

    "Wikipedia is NOTCENSORED, Commons is NOTCENSORED"

    Wrongo, bub. Will made the Kuchen Zimjah nonsense "vanish" from Commons. So he thought. [3][4]

    Other Crap

    • He works for McGuireWoods in London as a "solicitor advocate whose practice focuses primarily on cross-border commercial litigation, shareholder disputes and insolvency litigation".
    • LinkedIn, go and comment.
    • He's a srs gy.
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