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    WEB SHERIFF is an organisation devoted to trolling such sites as Oink, Pirate Bay and Encyclopedia Dramatica in search of freshly stolen music, and other things that cause butthurt, on behalf of poor, starving musicians. Their business is based on restoring the online reputation of the music industry by sending legal threats to websites and ISPs. Being an organisation founded on internet expertise, their website has clearly been designed by a top web-design team. WEB SHERIFF puts its time and resources firmly into rooting out the causes of online evil.

    Unlike the Net Authority, WEB SHERIFF does not work for the good of the tubes, but entirely for profit. The business model works along the following lines:

    1. Convince musician promoting their new album they can gain publicity and restore their online reputation
    2. Repeatedly send legal threats to piracy websites and sources of lulz
    3.  ????
    4. PROFIT! (Or not.)

    WEB SHERIFF is run by e-lawyer John Giacobbi, who has been on television news to talk about the internet and is therefore an expert. The name WEB SHERIFF itself shows that he means business. Serious business. In addition to helping rid the Web of dangerous pirates, WEB SHERIFF's quest also involves ridding it of "Subversion" and celebrity porn. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... WEB SHERIFF.


    WEB SHERIFF's successes include the failed attempt to shut down perfectly legal torrent website The Pirate Bay, telling websites to remove content that wasn't illegal in the first place, and convincing the artist formerly known as talented to take on YouTube and eBay and clean up the webs.

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