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The Vox Dramatica prize

Superior to the Nobel Prize, the Vox Dramatica is awarded to Encyclopedia Dramatica editors who show tireless commitment to bringing the lulz in force and continuing the mission of the site.

All registered users are eligible for the prize which means "Voice of the Drama". Criteria for awardment includes proper grammar, witty writing style and wiki categorization skills. A Vox Dramatica winner shows excellence in not only satirical article writing, but also editing, wiki markup and the fine art of parody.

"Getting VD" is the colloquial way to describe being awarded the Vox Dramatica Prize.


  • PresidentMudkip - May 2011 For keeping it so oldschool that the newfag mods banned him. A true bro from the old wiki.
  • Typhoon - May 2011 in recognition of power edits and bot-like dedication.
  • If - June 2011 in recognition of power edits and bot-like dedication.
  • DekoMan91 - June 2011 for being an image boss.
  • Taq0 - July 2011 for being an image boss.
  • Totensiediefurfag - July 2011 fgt patrol, shit article hunter killer Turned in his award, claiming ED is overrun with furries.
  • Mu - August 2011 for spending countless hours cleaning up ED portals and articles in the style of a true aspie, despite (probably) not having the spergs.
  • ProgrammerTroll - September 2011 for cleaning up vandalism and other unwanted shit while bringing in new lulzy articles.
  • zaiger - October 2011 for being an all around great guy and an extremely virile lover.
  • Oblique and Cinox - November 2011, Despite one being an Uncyclopedia cunt and the other a furfag, they have devoted endless amounts of time to ED rather than the prototypical Wikipedia and Minecraft.
  • TylerRosenow - December 2011 for, basically, being what every EDiot should be.
  • Ge5undhe17 and Oblique - January 2012. Ge5undhe17 for being an image boss, Oblique for restoring thousands of KB worth of lost articles.
  • JuniusThaddeus wins the prize in February 2012 for doing it for the lulz and exposing top sekrit forum posts from the Xenophobes at The Wikipedia Review laying out the conspiracy to destroy our precious ED.
  • Mike the Great wins March, 2012 VD for coming out of nowhere to improve the wiki, and enable the other sysops to stay lazy, drunk and high... just like it should be. Later emoquit because he couldn't handle the epic trolling of LiteralKa.
  • Sirkillsalot - April 2012. Restoring a fuckton of lost articles even when borks and doesn't give the direct source. Also some other stuff that we all probably forgot to mention, but hey better this is posted 25 days late than not at all! Was later discovered to be an FBI employee and was reassigned to spy on other ircs.
  • Mr Jonzz for May 2012 because why the fuck not.
  • Gseed - June 2012 for doing all kinds of neato editing shit.
  • VX - July 2012 for edits almost as powerful as his hatred of Jews.
  • Andrés - August 2012 for working hard like a good spic-laborer should.
  • Gray - September 2012 for being active or some shit. Revoked due to severe Autism.
  • FredJuicynips - October 2012, a faggot.
  • Oddguy - November 2012 for being everyone's favorite Jew.
  • CrackRabbit - January 2013 for heavy edits combined with plentiful DESU.
  • DarkLordTR - February 2013, aided ED after the emoquitting of two sysops due to brutal molishing by LiteralKa, proving himself to be above those pansies, until his dox were exposed and he emoquit himself. lol came back for more.
  • Uberfukken - March 2013, tirelessly preforming manual labor whilst not being a total aspie about it.
  • Schnookums - April 2013, defending BMO from the enemies of the lulz while devoting endless amounts of time faithfully improving ED.
  • Placeholder - May 2013 for restoring (most of) the list of AotNs from
  • Cobaltcat (formerly Atomicnumber27) - for writing good articles, fixing bad articles, vandal cleanup, doxing lolcows, and being ED's lovable lil rascal.
  • Killerratte - July 2013 for being a good contributor to Vidya-related articles
  • Milwin - August 2013 for RC patrol and stirring fucktons of drama in the good name of ED.
  • Tumbltard - September 2013 for showing up out of nowhere and creating an article on tumblr internet celebrity Josh Macedo.
  • Likeicare - March 2014 so he would stop asking everybody for this award. He promises that someday he will learn how to edit to the wiki. Also, according to his user page, fought a dragon bare-handed.
  • Cleveland Bay II - Return Of Cleveland Bay - March 2014 for writing and improving numerous article for ED since 2011.
  • Pandora - April 2014 for writing several good articles such as Steven Universe and Kill la Kill.
  • Smashdude64 - June 2014 for signing on and immediately coming correct with righteous edits, useful suggestions, and worthy OC articles in less than a week.
  • TROLAHOAR - July 2014 for contributing trollworthy OC, his infamous "BAN THIS" photo, his epic EDification of articles such as Addison Mikkelson, and above all for bringing us JULAAAAAY. Later quit ED after it was revealed he was a 40-year-old Dutch guy who masqueraded as a little girl in order to chat up pre-teen girls on the same YouTube account he used to upload the Monica Punk pranks.
  • Sidecar - August 2014 for sticking it to a veritable shitload of pommy nonces, and acting as ED's unofficial Pædofinder General.
  • LmaoZedong - October 2014 cus we rikey his edits and articles rong time.
  • IvoRobotnik - March 2015 for Bringing lulz and justice and other fucked up stuff to Encyclopedia Dramatica since May 2nd 2011.
  • MAjOrA - April 2015, for providing quality DeviantART material rather than the usual worthless muck dredged up from that shithole.
  • LoverOfBats - May 2015, for creating that rare phenomenon, a quality, current article not created by admins.
  • CaptainCycleads - June 2015, for somehow beating admins to the punch in writing up SJW bullshit.
  • 1sam234 - July 2015, awarded to him before the month even started so he stops spamming admins about it because of his exceptional edits.
  • AlGore - September 2015, in recognition of multiple new articles and tireless edits, some of which didn't even suck. He may or may not have created the internets.
  • GirlOnInternet - October 2015, for unflinching coverage of the foul subjects of weebery and sundry. Doubtlessly a trap.
  • Duranduran - November 2015, for contributing sorely needed articles covering High Score attempts.
  • Lavrentiy Beria (Jr) - December 2015, due to taking the GOTTA GO FAST approach with regard to article creation.
  • LordCustos3 - January 2016, for relentless predation upon the weakest among us, much like a school bully or a priest.
  • Motorcyckle1990 - February 2016, for spamming a shitload of newfag edits.
  • Doskido - March 2016, for creating 3 articles in as many days.
  • Fleacollerindustry - April 2016, for serving as ED's token kimchee and writing much of Fembusters.
  • Zew0 - May 2016, for generally being more useful than not.
  • Xartes - June 2016, for instigating bitching and moaning (yet again) from Rationalwiki regarding ED.
  • Krade - July 2016; for writing quality pieces on subjects related to the deep web and computer software.
  • Schnitzel (formerly Wonka's Wild Willy) - August 2016, for doing such unspeakable things to orange midgets that even we can't talk about it.
  • Not Important - September 2016, solely for choosing the most apt username in ED's illustrious history. Well done, sir. Well done.
  • TommyP84 - October 2016, for being there when no one else was. ;~;
  • LIOD - November 2016, for crunching data for us and not being an autist about it.
  • Bee Tee Gee - December 2016, for doing various projects relating to mass murderers before his inevitable rampage IRL.
  • Kiwi Pyre - January 2017, for covering Jew haters better than Mossad could ever hope to do.
  • LulzKiller - February 2017, for several years of hard work and deep investigative research for ED. Surprisingly, he didn't get VD until now.
  • MARCH 2017 Available!

Legacy Laureates

The following list of users are those that received the Vox Dramatica from old ED.

Naked samuri.jpg

Congrats to Riboflavin for winning VD for December 2006. Riboflavin is perhaps best known for inventing rainbow blinkies and for being the only Asian to edit ED. Riboflavin is known to bitch about the DMCA he received after his jewmate downloaded a Harry Potter book IN .EXE FORM. His turn-ons include eating dogs, happy endings, and Asiancat. His turn-offs include his small penis, stupid newbs, and the fact he cannot see as much as members of superior races. Accomplishments include Puberty, Spambot, and

Congrats to Thedreadedkettle for winning VD for January 2007. Thedreaddedkettle is perhaps best known for trolling DeviantART and reverting vandalism. Thedreaddedkettle is also known for his good faith towards all, thus getting himself pwned elsewhere. His turn ons include kangaroos, luxurious guro and chastity. His turn offs include being made fun of for his virginity, cutting his hair and fursecution. His accomplishments include (once) washing his hair, looking like Spike from Peanuts and being raped by The Teenage Kings of Werribee.

Congrats to Blu Aardvark for winning VD for February 2007. Blu Aardvark is probably best known for trying to make TOW a better place [1], and then getting accused of being a Nazifur for doing so. Blu Aardvark is also well known for his serious wiki skills, as demonstrated by giving the Main Page a face lift, and also for trying to leave ED to embrace the Christian faith, only to come back with more of the spirit of lol in his heart. Turn ons include living in the middle of nowhere, Jesus, and striking fear in the hearts of Wikipedos. Turnoffs are being a furry in denial, Batman villainesses, and the age of consent

Congrats to Eppigy for winning VD for March 2007. Eppigy is probably best known for the series of YouTube videos he made during the PeppermintPatti saga. Eppigy is also well known for his YouTube Favicon.png scathing exposé on how the Jews did WTC, and wooing the "ladies" of ED:IRC with pictures of his bird tits. Turn ons include fatties, camwhoring and e-love. Turn offs include being ana, being acquainted with Mark Foley and finding out the girls of #ed are all really Chris Hansen.

  • Tfo - April 2007
Coke cat.jpg

Congrats to Tfo for winning VD for April 2007. Tfo is perhaps best known for being gay, for being really gay, and for having bareback sex at a truck stop with a man named Papa Love. Tfo is known to bitch about everything heterosexually related. His turn-ons include eating cocks, cocks, and more cocks. His turn-offs include eating pussy, fondling boobs, dislike of meth, and the fact he cannot take it in the ass as well as he used to due to a not-so-sudden onset of Teh Fat (due to not liking meth). Accomplishments include getting EDiots to submit cock pix to him (Send him an email of your penis! 18 and over only please.), Michael Cock, trolling his own kind with fellow faggot Nets, and getting the Jennifer Strange Memorial set up before the official one was.

Vox Dramatica and Free T-Shirt. Wow!

Given out of pure pity from ODB for his pathetic life and serious care for insults on the internet. He is a known schizophrenic.
ED's gayest recipient yet! He even has the GRIDS so please don't touch us!
Former sysop Zaiger continued to stay on site and do great work even after getting a bit of a raw deal. A free shirt won't make up for months of harassment and frustration in return for years of hard work, but it's all he's going to get.