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    Vixen T. Fox

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    Vixen T. Fox is a batshit insane furry from Washington who thinks she's a stunningly beautiful vixen, as well as an anime character or something- but that's not all, she's also as crazy as a soup sandwich, having more identities in her head than your average schizo. These include Vixen, Darkclaw, Javok, Hiwilgo, Napoleon, Ron Mexico, the list goes on! The truth is, Vixen is actually Vincent, an overweight male who lives with his parents in a basement. She does have the distinction of being one of the few furries who has a job, but she's only a janitor at a UPS warehouse, so she probably still smells funny.

    Vixen is also Wapanese and uses as much Japanese words as possible to make herself sound cool and like a REAL otaku. However, it just usually makes her sound like a flippin' retard.

    Vixen believes the entire world is out to get her (she's a furry, what do you expect?) and admits to her own psychosis. However, she routinely complains that she has no friends, but when people try to get close to her she runs them off. This is due to her complete lack of social skills, although she protests it's actually because she's EVIL and serves Satan or something, yet wants to be with Jesus, before further assuring us all of her batshit insanity by saying fuck you, Jesus! As a result, she fears she will be the mother of the Anti-Christ. This of course is providing she can get herself impregnated. The idea of which is laughable considering she's bitterly single and if anyone shows the slightest interest in her, she goes ballistic. Thus the Anti-Christ is doomed to nonexistence and we're all safe, phew!


    Vixen managed to find [http://jakenova.deviantart.com/ a naive, 18yr old, broke, Anime artist] to call a boyfriend. How this happened is yet to be determined, but bets are being placed as to how long before the fool wakes up. The two pretend that they're Naruto and Hinata and pretend to have hot anime sex online since he's too repulsed by her to actually have sex with her in real life. It is also possible that he is also a figment of her own imagination.


    Guess she can't even keep a broke, virgin 18 yr old happy. Good for him, he woke up! Left her for some other girl, boohoo![1]


    She never told you.

    The Anti-christ's homeless janitor mother is 30 YEARS OLD. She sleeps in an inflatable pool and uses towels as blankets.


    Question 2. How big is your bed?

    Right now? It's a inflatable pool thingy...


    none... I'm using a towel.

    Question 58. WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE?

    nothing... I'm dull as flat paint.

    Her LiveJournal bio: I'm a psycho! Why are you here? No, I will not go! I am paranoid, so leave me alone! How'd you find me?... I don't exist! This is meaningless garbage so why are you wasting your valuable time, boring yourself by continuing to read this? Stop reading and DO something! You're still reading aren't you?! AREN'T YOU!?? I told you to stop! Now I have the undesirable duty of hunting you down and killing you! Oh, did I mention that I am psycho? So quit stalking me! I'm on to you! >_>

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    how to put in a tampon right.]

    thinks you need a makeover, you're in trouble!]

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