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    Vivian James

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Please members of serious social justice movements. When you say that 4chan can not take part in a project, you are oppressing them. By the very definition of the word you are.


    From The Young Fine Capitalists' Tumblr

    Vivian James (HAHAHA GET IT? it's funny cause it sounds liek "Vidya Games"!!! LOL SO ITS FUNNI RITE??!!11! XDDDD LE LE) is /v/'s loli daughter, who was conceived as a result of the backlash against prominent game-developer and feminist, Zoe Quinn, completely fucking over and doxing an indie game developer group going by the name of, "The Fine Young Capitalists". And so, 4chan's /pol/ and /v/ boards got to work and decided to show Modern Feminism and SJWs everywhere how to truly represent women in video games (and by not just bitching about it and/or making awful games with female protagonists) by generously donating their hard-earned cash to The Young Fine Capitalists' IndieGoGo campaign - earning them the right to have a custom character included in one of their games.

    In addition to that, a portion of the donations are going towards helping chemo butthurt (no, seriously), but in an ironic twist of fate, a Kotaku writer by the name of, Patricia "The Gorilla" Hernandez, got butthurt at this, due to the fact that she was completely outraged that The Fine Young Capitalists were accepting donations from all those fucking misogyshits over at 4chan; as they actually had the audacity to donate to colon cancer patients going through chemotherapy - the fucking animals. In fact, Patricia was so outraged at this that she then went on to call 4chan a "Cathedral of Misogyny", through a shitty sockpuppet account; and inadvertently creating a meme and spreading lulz in the process, and presumably, much to her regret.

    But regardless of this, Vivian still continues to upset Feminazis and SJWs throughout the internet due their distorted preconceptions of 4chan not matching up with the fact that the character they created is just a normal girl who plays video games, instead of the cock-hungry cumslut they were expecting.

    The Fine Young Capitalists

    The Fine Young Capitalists were a part of the Zoe Quinn scandal long before Vivian was even a concept in the minds of /v/ users; as it was uncovered in the early days of the Quinnspiracy that the cum dumpster herself, is unsurprisingly, a massive thundercunt, and actually had a habit of regularly fucking over charity-based projects by accusing them of being "anti-feminist" - when in reality, it was because she wanted the money going towards charity-based projects to go directly to her shitty scams instead.

    And so, when the hero of this story, Zoe, found out that those evil, oppressive, misogyshits, The Fine Young Capitalists, were an indie game developer group that helped women with no actual game development skills create video games, and then used the money made from those games to donate to people dying of colon cancer, with 8% of the money going towards the girls who came up with the idea as well as royalties, she was fucking livid. But that's probably because the money wasn't going towards her.

    And so, she reacted like any normal, rational woman would act, by lying through her cum-speckled teeth, and claiming that "making chicks work for free for a charity is oppression". Despite the fact that the girls who came up with the idea actually do fuck all, and isn't actually free, considering what "Charity" means. And not long after this incident, she assembled her internet defense force, comprised of every man that had allowed themselves to be corrupted by the dark power of Zoe's filthy snatch, and got to work by doxing and DDoSing The Fine Young Capitalists' site, as well spreading lies about them in the process, before finally getting all of her fuckbuddies to donate to her. All in the name of feminism, of course.

    The Revival, And The Birth Of Vivian

    Vivian James Creation.png

    Upon 4chan and other sites discovering this information, they decided to get back at Zoe by donating over $40,000 to The Young Fine Capitalists' IndieGoGo campaign; doing more for Feminism than Zoe ever could in her cock-hungry lifetime - and as a result, getting both Kotaku writer, Patricia Hernandez and Zoe's role model, Anita Sarkeesian, to comment on the matter by criticizing The Fine Young Capitalists for accepting their donations; despite the fact that a portion of said donations go towards helping people who happen to be dying of colon cancer, and as a result, causing both Patricia and Anita to make a fool of themselves; with Patricia in particular accidentally creating a meme. In addition to this, at one point, The Fine Young Capitalists' IndieGoGo campaign page was hacked for roughly one day, but only served to draw more attention to their cause.

    Eventually, 4chan, and specifically, /v/, donated so much that they were eligible to have a character, created by them, included in one of The Fine Young Capitalists' games, and so decided to troll everybody by having their character be just an average girl who plays video games; much to the outrage of SJWs, who collectively still insist that it's somehow sexist - and so, Vivian James was born.

    Template:Embedded tweet

    A Challenger Appears!

    Original character, do not steal.

    Since le reddit was also (unfortunately) a part of the Zoe Quinn scandal, they too were able to donate enough of their hard-earned cash to The Fine Young Capitalists' IndieGoGo campaign; and thus also making them eligible for a character, created by them, to be included in one of The Fine Young Capitalists' games - but, if reddit's usual standard of quality is anything to go by, then we can expect this character to be shitty, unfunny, and completely unoriginal. Essentially, most content of reddit.

    Gilda Mars

    And so, as predicted, reddit's character was in fact, "shitty, unfunny, and completely unoriginal", when they shat out an "original" character going by the name of Gilda Mars. As you can obviously see, the design is so le awesome, with how the creator has sneakily worked-in reddit's colors, the alien head thing and the upvote and downvote arrows!!11!!11. However, with that being said, it may be worth mentioning that the design for Gilda Mars was made in a K-On! character creator which is most likely targeted towards man-children paedophiles, as the creator gives you the ability to strip down each and every one of the characters until you're left with the pleasant view of a bunch of teenage girls' pubes; which adds a whole new layer of sick-fuckery to the creation of Gilda Mars - but since it's reddit, it should really surprise no one. And if you're interested; which you shouldn't be, you sick, paedophile fuck, then the aforementioned K-On! character creator can be found here.

    Of course, what would Reddit be without trying too hard to one-up 4chan in pissy internet fights? Digg, that's what! In order to match the with of making a pun about "Video Games," Reddit chose a name that seemingly has no meaning. Well, we here at Encyclopedia Dramatica choose to believe that the meaning of the name is either a corruption of "Guild(+a) Mary Sue," a Freudian Slip proving that Reddit is filled with the same type of uncreative aspies currently killing Hollywood, or a play on her literal character: a girl dumbass (or dumbarse for all you Britbongs) if you'll pardon the redundancy. This serves to remind us yet again that Reddit is filled with fedora-clad MRA losers.

    If you're able to stomach it, the reddit discussion for the character can be found here, but you'd have to be a fucking idiot to want to click that.

    I also would like to suggest a character.

    Gilda Mars

    Gilda Mars, although not related to Vivian James in any way, is considered to be the polar opposite, Vivian should be cold and critical, whereas Gilda Mars is good-natured and agreeable and, of course, a intellectual, although it does seem she's not being treated quite well lately, hence why she's forced to use her scarf to muffle out what the truth could be, no matter how hard it may be, even for her.


    If it's not asking much, could some drawbro also draw her scarf properly covering her mouth? It's all I managed to do, sadly. ;-;


    —Baambo, upon posting his awesome character design.

    TL;DR A typical self-insert of the reddit breed, whom thinks that she's simply too smart for the world to handle. She's a near divine human, despite the fact that /r/gaming was confirmed at attempting to censor the scandal.

    Now, since "Gilda", is such a cool design, you shouldn't be surprised that she would eventually go onto be chosen as reddit's official character, and we imagine, reluctantly by The Fine Young Capitalists. But regardless of that, this still leaves the thought in everyone's mind; if that was the best that they came up with, then what the fuck were the others?

    Template:Embedded tweet Kill It With Fire.


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