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    This page is about an attempted an hero.

    100px This person is a fierce alcoholic

    You can help by sending them pamphlets and donating your liver.

    Lee Carter
    Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
    Birthplace El Dorado, Arkansas
    Residence Houston, Texas
    Alma mater University of Houston

    Viper (Lee A. Carter), Viper The Rapper, or Rapper Viper, is the definition of actually getting work done at a fast pace, and being on that grind, u kno wat i'm sayine mayne?

    A rapper coming from the chopped and screwed scene in Houston, Texas, Viper has drawn similarities to fellow niggers such as Lil B and Soulja Boy for his unique style of "outsider" music, his low-budget music videos containing cheap prostitutes, and the fact that his discography is so large that nobody is able to keep track of what this dude is releasing, with songs either being changed in pitch, speed, or tempo for it not to be recognized as a duplicate on the services he puts his music out on to in order to gain a bunch of money just in case his company doesn't work out so well.

    Viper has the shittiest artwork known to man that are made for him by other people for little to no cost in just a few seconds, because apparently putting some stock or easy-to-grab font on top of a picture of a whore that's also stock or an explosion with some gray background as a bunch of empty space is too time consuming for the entrepreneur, rapper, pianist, doctor, U.S.A. licensed realtor, Alcor life extension member, and 5-9 Piru member.

    im gonna win and own they bitch ass hip hop police ass site and they bitch ass hip hop head asses too.


    —Viper, threatening a subreddit with a lawsuit after he was called out for being a pedo


    Viper has been putting stuff out there in the hood since 2006 with the Hustlin' Thick mixtape and has also went by the aliases Diemondback and Cobra the Rapper (one of his sons but it's just Viper with pitched vocals), but he gained a bit of traction for his 2008 project You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack when it was posted in its entirety on JewTube. The fact that even a true gangsta knows whether this title is grammatically incorrect or not, because You Will Cowards sounds stupid as fuck off the start, unfortunately makes this newly found rap star a troll. This doesn't mean that nobody loved him for doing this, however. It was just the start of a new movement that gained many fans, even some retards categorizing his music into a entire new genre called V I P E R W A V E.

    Viper has a bi-polar ex-wife who frequently switches between having a negative and positive attitude towards him as a person and also as a father, complaining about the following:

    • Not being there to help her when somebody smashed into her car window, even though that's the police's job
    • Stealing money from her
    • Not being there for his youngest daughter when she needs her the most, plus disappearing on his kids in general
    • Missing Christmas with the kids
    • Fucking his girlfriend while his daughter has an asthma attack at 2 in the morning
    • His girlfriend calling his daughters racial slurs

    And many more. Considering his mental state is deteriorating as the years pass by, it wouldn't be surprising if these claims were the truth.

    He has also gone full-blown Jew on his dedicated fans, out-right refusing to send out merchandise that has been paid for with money earned through a job that most likely involves getting into some more hard work than he has ever been through in his entire life with his shitty business and being a basketball player who hoops wholecourt, including but not limited to: T-shirts, CDs, cassette tapes, and vinyl, and they have complained about this on numerous occasions with... you guessed it, no response. The You'll Cowards Don't Smoke Crack album on his Bandcamp page had the cassette cover stretched to fit the size of the cassette instead of simply cropping it altogether.

    Free Movers, Inc.

    Freemovers.com maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and over a 97% customer satisfaction rating.


    —Viper, with the daily bullshit that comes out of his mouth

    Costomer satisfaction, uninfirmation, and assesories.

    Imagine if Viper had a movers business, but it was on the exact same level as his music. Beaners vulnerable to alcohol poisoning for workers, a mentally incompetent owner pretending to be an actual good rapper with a library full of bad music who doesn't have a broker's license, pretends to make his company look legitimate by putting out tweets for "serious" investors, and fails to respond to disputes regarding billing and collection issues, nobody answering the phone when somebody calls it for an inquiry, and to top it all off: it's a fraud. It is still a opportunity that cannot go unattended and has been intact since 1999, so you better take it while it lasts!


    The Hornace of Death (THOD)

    On March 27, 2016, Viper posted a tweet saying he was going to start a remarkable, soul-searching journey to test his mind, will, and soul with the THOD: The Hornace of Death. Nobody knew what the purpose of this journey was until a few days later on April 2nd when he put out a picture of himself wearing two tight body wraps around his stomach with a retarded look on his face to pretend like he was motivated to continue to downsize his organs and allegedly become a better man.

    The hornace of death: 2 smallest woman sized body wraps which is smushing my stomach & internal organs to make small



    After three days of wearing the THOD, he said on the sixth day he was eventually going to kill himself with this method but he took it off after crashing his car and restarted as a result. Over the past two years, Viper has made a set of schizo-like tweets detailing his stressful progress with the THOD accompanied by random pictures of his cover art. He has created some worry over this, restarting himself over and over again, and wearing more as a part of some sacrifice and taking them off each time.

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