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    Very proud to be an asian

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    If you don't salute with Haruhi you are a jealous, fatty American who dreams that they were Asian.

    Very Proud to Be Asian (a.k.a. Khairun Min Akbar and ProudAsianFaggot) is an old man and Indonesian douche who spends his life on the internet, spreading THE GREAT PRIDE OF ASIANS BODY FORM. He supports his crusade with the amazing rationale that Americans fail at cosplaying as animu characters because they don't look Asian. What he conveniently forgot was that almost all animu characters have eyes the size of dinner plates while an average Chink's eyes are only slightly larger than the chances of him ever getting laid.

    Cosplay in general sucks, but ProudAsianFaggot insists that Asians should be the only ones able to cosplay anything out of Anime.

    The Azn Führer or The Confused Indonesian Nigger?

    ProudAsianFaggot believes that this is what a woman should look like. If her eyes so happen to squint not only is she NOT asian but she is also a "westerner."

    ProudAsianFaggot is a black person with beliefs. He believes that Asians are the pure race and should be the only ones allowed to cosplay. This is indeed the truth considering the only good things westerners have accomplished is the ability to consume 90 cheeseburgers a minute and 4chan.

    He loves making irrelevant videos that either whine and bitch about westerners, or talk about how cute 17 year old Japanese girls are. He has the correct point of view though, considering everyone fucking loves the Japanese.

    ProudAsianFaggot, like any other cosplaying faggot, has a profile on Cosplay.com Cosplay.com profile. It reveals that he is black person but he continues to post about how great Japan is, despite the fact that the black person and any other Asian who was not Japanese were like the unwanted people to the Japanese when they decided they were going to take over the world. It is doubtful that he is even Indonesian and he is most likely just an American dreamer who wishes he was Asian. ProudAsianFaggot is very hard to confront in some cases because he has Youtube comments set to pending approval.

    There are, however, several other warning signs to look for to ascertain that the man you are dealing with is, in fact, ProudAsianFaggot besides his username. First, and foremost, is his signature. His signature may or may not include him claiming that he is a ProudAsianFaggot but it will almost always include v^___^v or some other awkward way of reciting Japanese greetings.



    Recently our ProudAsianFaggot came across a girl named TenshiAkina via Youtube. Nobody is really interested in what happened afterwards. All we know is that lulz ensued and ProudAsianFaggot ended up stalking TenshiAkina. Some other Japanese monikers on Youtube were included, but again it is too important to speak of because of the intensity of the subject at hand.

    Proud Azn Fag attempts to cosplay even though he is balding. Also to note: He looks absolutely NOTHING like the person he's cosplaying as.

    After his Youtube videos started to get frequently deleted, he decided to spread his wisdom on 4chan's cosplay & EGL imageboard, /cgl/ but since everyone already knew about the great Führer, his effords always get deleted quickly. Learning from his mistakes, he then decides the best place for his crusade against the evils of "westerners" would be Tumblr's SJW reign where he finally found other pure Japanese that agree with his glorious mission.

    Other Usernames

    All of these names translate into "ProudAsianFaggot". When sighted, ED users are encouraged to harass them vigilantly.

    • Proud Asian Kid
    • Proud Asian Boy
    • Proud Asian Male
    • Proud Asian Men
    • Proud Asian Guy
    • Asian Hero
    • Another Proud Asian Kid
    • Another Proud Asian Male
    • Another Proud Asian Man
    • Another Proud Asian Men
    • Another Proud Asian Guy
    • Another Proud Asian
    • VeryProudToBeAsian
    • VeryProudAsian
    • ProudCutePureAsian
    • ProudCutePureAslan

    (Notice the l replacing i. Could be a fake fapping to the real ProudFaggot.)

    • AsianCosplay (his FACEBOOK name!)
    • [email protected] (His e-mail. Yes, you know what to do.)
    A typical day for Proud Azn.

    ProudAsianFaggot Vidjos

    Proud Asian Guy is now on YouTube and coming soon to a theater near you! He has officially declared himself to be Japanese, but he's not fooling anyone, because everyone on the Internet knows that he's just a mud-slinging black person faggot who takes it to the face. He even learned how to speak Japanese!


    ひどい事を好むことをそれらと友好的にそしてなるとき彼らが考えるのであなたが会ったアメリカ人に友好的になってはいけないアメリカ人は他の日本人にした。 それらの他の単語でアメリカ人は持っていないあなたのためのまたは他のどの日本人への点も持ち、日本語を傷つけ続ける。


    —Translation: Moonspeak.

    Some visual aids.

    A Youtube user has managed to cause even more distress upon everyone, but he is most likely the cockwashing cunt that first had the opportunity to create this article.

    The Final Solution to the American Question

    To any Japanese who read this message :

    Do not get friendly to any american you met because when you get friendly with them then they will think you like the terrible things [ robbery, racial rape, murder, many other crimes ] those american did to the other Japanese. On other words those american will not have any respect for you or to any other Japanese and will keep on hurting Japanese.


    Asian Reich Propaganda

    To any american who read this message :

    You american are not Japanese! if you want to hurt, rape or kill then do it to yourself! do not drag any Japanese or anyone else into your insanity or GET OUT FROM JAPAN!!!


    Hi, USA, my name is Japan. Let's play World War II. You'll be the Jew and I'll be the Nazi.

    How to support Japanese independence or how to help to lift Japanese suffering from the american occupation? just stop buying anything what those american make and do not be friendly when you met any of those american anywhere also please spread what you read in here to any peoples you know to gain more supports.


    Let's make our own Kristallnacht while we're at it.

    I think you should not cosplay as Tenten since you will fail doing it, better look for other cosplay. Except if you are an Asian just like the cosplayer girl photo who cosplaying as Tenten you posted.


    —Proud Azn Fag gives cosplay advice.

    no i do not base my opinion on appearance, i go by the fact that if you read the artyst character information, they will state their character's nationality. solomon was german and jewish

    father abel was italian

    mello's name was mihail which is european

    and all of the characters in Chevarlier de eon are based off of historic french people that actually existed.


    —Shichiyou-Koe digs up the hole of stupidity for Proud Azn Fag.

    You still don't get it DO YOU? Anyone can say this and that character are from this or that country or but not the character appearance. Or just say even an Asian go to outside of Asia, peoples still know he/she is an Asian even he/she change his nationality. Or here a more simple logic for you, a non Asian using Asian peoples as thier movie actor/actress to play as a non Asian hero or character. Will you call those Asian peoples non Asian or Asian? I'm sure you will call them as Asian even they play as a non Asian characters.


    —Proud Azn Fag learns how to dig his own holes all by himself so that people don't have to do it for him.

    you have a horrifically rasict and chaunistic opinion of people and you base your opinion soley on race. that's not fair to others of your own race because they will not veiw it as pride , but instead arrogance to others of other cultures.


    —Even Nazis had more class than Proud Azn Fag.

    So saying OUR Anime characters are made based on our [ Asian ] self is racism? oh stop being soo jealous that you can not even use your logic


    —Proud Azn Fag can dig holes on his own but he's not quite mature enough to attempt arguing yet.

    Adding country filetring feature on search option

    This way we can choose from which country the cosplayer we are looking for, I mean such as when we want to see Hinata cosplayer. It is not like the old cosplay.com website option where there are country flags liested on the main website.


    —Proud Azn Fag attempts to find more lovely Azn girlfriends through Cosplay.com

    You already created a thread asking for such an option, only it was deleted (by myself) because you asked to see if you could filter out good costumes and not-so-good costumes by country, which people have reported to me about because they're upset about your choice of words. So even though you didn't include those words in this thread, you're probably not going to get your wish to try and filter out costumes by country. Sorry, but no..


    —Eurobeat King tells him that this isn't eHarmony.com for fangirls and fanboys.

    Ways to Troll

    • Start out by saying you are an American and begin talking about your favorite anime. Bonus points for saying that you prefer the English version.
    • Remind him of the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia, and Hideki Tojo. Or, for more lulz, the 2004 tsunami which word was originated from black person

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