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    Enjoy your last good times, slaves...

    Veropedia was a pathetic attempt by the Wikipedia Jews for even stronger control of "free information" on the web, under the pretense of creating a better quality encyclopedia on top of the lame Wikipedia. Danny Wool and several of his Wikipedia Jew friends (including Jossi) set up this system and took on one or two token outsiders (Cyde being one). Danny Wool, like Jossi a hard-line invader of Palestinians IRL, seems set for the biggest windfall if it gets off the ground and amortizes the right way.

    Veropedia was also advertising-supported. As many kike projects, it failed completely, but TOW informs that a new version will arise, with less jew blood but equal shifty intentions.

    I was in charge of fundraising for Wikipedia, and I feel a lot more comfortable taking ads from Amazon than the donations of my fellow Jews.


    —Danny Wool

    Their System

    1. Pick what their cheap little minds think are the best articles from Wikipedia in terms of

    a. propaganda they support and
    b. factual stuff for hits;

    2. Get their crew and assigned Wikipedo drones to verofy them, so they can claim to make the cum of the crop for placing on the new site.

    Moar like "vorefication", amirite?

    Their aim was a mix of unquestionable stuff and weird propaganda to stock the ass of Veropedia through eternity.

    Veropedia's worst feature of all was no Wikipedia Porn.

    The future of Wikipedia?

    The goal of Danny and his pals is to devour Wikipedia as a reliable source, leaving the original rotting (as it should, but not like this) after umpteen years of its blood being sucked through thousands of naive wikipedophiles. Danny also opened up on Wales from his blog ArchiveToday-favicon.pngin this attack, this attack, and others, trying to show who is really closer to power.

    With the GDFL, the sexless, fat wikipedos have no choice but to tolerate this new sister project. Veropedia boasts that "We prefer to think of ourselves as a meta-layer, highlighting the best that Wikipedia has to offer." That means that the cattle at Wikipedia are doing the hard work, while this new elite only has to select the entries and remove all the shit from them. The Veropedians seem to be more interested in talking about the project than anything else, so it may well come to naught.

    Right now, Jimbo is in a flap of funked-out fapping because this new pet project was supposed to be in a competition with Citizendium but the people running it have other ideas. Of course, they claim the contrary. [1] Abandon hope all ye who enter here. What else can they do?

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