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Vermont : Texas Ain't Got Shit
Ed Lolington Top Internet Judge and former acting Mayor of Montpelier

Vermont (also known as the Green Mountain State, Hippiestan, or New France.) is a disputed Canadian territory that is filled with Hippies, leftards, Furries, Fags and French people. All of these are subcategories, that are all made up into the Vermont White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Except the Frenchies of course. Like her neighbour New Hampshire, Vermont is irrelevant, and produces even more nothing and irrelevance than New Hampshire. Vermont, since 1992, has been electing Liberals, after realizing how fail Reagan was.

This however, led to the Hipster takeover of 2003, where all American-Culture was wiped out by teh Canadians, who replaced everything with Justen Beaver and shitty Indie Pop-Rock emo bands. Not much has to be said about Vermont. Who honestly cares??

Vermonter Private Schools

Vermonter Culture

The most popular store in all of Vermont
The state-wide pass-time.
Merchant sanders.jpg

There are certain criteria, and ways to find-out if someone is in-fact, a Vermonter. These are just a FEW, BTW FYI :

  • Hippie
  • Canadian
  • Maple-Syrup Addict
  • Has a cold 24/7
    • Is too fucking-lazy to buy some NyQuil, Advil, Ibuprofen, Drugs, or, Tylenol
  • Their kitchen consists of a small-refrigerator and a small-pantry containing Bear, Maple-taffy, Ben and Jerry's, Marijuana and their self-esteem
  • Their parents run the entire nation
  • Their allowance consists of $1000, an Extra $50 for every private-bank investment agreement, and an another $10,000 for every 5000 gallons of oil from Saudi Arabia.
  • They are protestants, but use Jesus to control the populace.
  • They wear a tuuk
  • They have a pet-moose
    • They have had sex-with said-moose.
      • They are furries. (This one is almost-always the-case.)
A prime example of usual Vermont state-television

The Entire Life Of A Vermonter, Summed Up In 2 Minutes, and 16 Seconds

Vermont is nice if you're not Black

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