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    Venator-Somniorum = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

    Venator-Somniorum is a little-known furfag who is always emo and looking for people from whom she can suck out attention and happiness from.

    This harpy-like attention vampire (probably a cousin of Dracula) lived in Romania (or one of the over 9000 ex-communist black person states from that part of Europe, who gives a fuck), but has then moved to Czech Republic (ANOTHER ex-communist black person state - is she trying to move up in the world or what?) to serve as a cock-tease for her jealous-raging, obsessive-control-freak of a fiance: Kimilsung.

    It is rumored that they tried to start a revolution to convert the planet back to Communism. This rumor is was under investigation by the Men in Black until both Venator-Somniorum and Kimilsung fell off The Edge of the World and were never heard from again...


    Being a furfag automatically requires involvement in drama, and Venator-Somniorum is no different: Constantly posting journals about how shitty her life is, how her "friends" pick on her, and BAWWWWLETING her gallery only to reupload everything 2 months later. ALSO she made a new gallery on deviantart, where she draw some ANIME-FAG art as well with syrrhaal username. Her new gallery here -> http://syrrhaal.deviantart.com/ ( You can see, funny as she plays French gay foxxxxiieeee )

    Her adventure into Dramaland began at least 100 years ago, when an artist on FurFaggonity by the name of Bagheera posted a picture he did for his friend, AmbberFox. Unbeknown to Bagheera, poor Venator-Somniorum has long had the HAWT for his CAWK, and wasted no time in proceeding to suck his cock. She sent a message to Bagheera asking if she could color the picture. Bagheera, having no idea what an emo sick fuck she is, agreed to let her do it. She spent 2 weeks obsessively coloring the picture (which later got BAWWWWLETED by her request).

    A few months later, Bagheera drew another picture, this time for a friend named Ayelet. Once again, Venator approached Bagheera expressing the desire to color this picture. While talking to Bagheera about the coloring of this picture, she shamelessly said:

    I am so jealous... I wish the lynx in the picture is me. ^.^;


    To further the lulz even more, she told Bagheera that:

    I don't like Ayelet. I talked to all my friends about her and they agree. Ayelet only kisses up to the big artists and never talk to small artists like me. I am only coloring this picture because she's a fellow lynx, like me.


    Ooooh yes, how hard life is for Venator-Somniorum. Her attempted defamation of Ayelet only proves that all furfags are emo, jealous, angry loners who can't help but start beautiful shitstorms across the internets.

    Eventually, the need for CAWK was just too much for Venator-Somniorum. She requested for Bagheera to draw her a sexy piece of furry porn. Because she told him how jealous she was of that picture of Bagheera and Ayelet, Bagheera decided to do what a good friend usually does: Give her what she wants. This proves to be a fatal mistake on Bagheera's part, however - because he soon came under the attention of Venator-Somniorum's ONE TWU LUV: Kimilsung

    When Bagheera wrote a journal entry about being unhappy with certain commissioners he was working for, Kimilsung trolled Bagheera's journal by saying:

    I hate rich kids who get nothing from his parents and complaint about job. If your job is so hard, why don't you come to my country may be I can give you a job at my company. Or you can go back to Taiwan and work in Nike sweatshop, and get nuked by the PRC.


    Kimilsung's FAIL TROLOLOLOL generated much lulz because it showed the entire internets what a faggot communist fucktard he is:

    • Fail at Engrish.
    • Fail at logic. Proof: If someone is a "rich kid" who got nothing from his parents, then he's no longer a rich kid.
    • Why would anyone want to go to a black person, ex-communist shit of a country to work for him? That's over 9000 times worse than working on furfag commissions.
    • Nike does not have any sweat shops in Taiwan, because Taiwanese economy is on-par with developed countries and its workers actually demand more than $0.01/hour.
    • Nike does not have any sweat shops in black person, because it is not interested in its unskilled ex-communist peasant labor force.
    • China does not want to nuke Taiwan, because all communists have vagoo. Even male ones. A good example of this would be Kimilsung.
    • Unbeknown to Kimilsung, Taiwan made the computer he was using to troll Bagheera's page. Proof: Taiwan manufactured 99.99% of the world's computers in the 1980's. Czech Republic only has computers from the 1980's.

    Bagheera responded to the TROLOLOLOL by sending a note to Venator-Somniorum pointing out what a big asshole her fiance is. Venator-Somniorum replied with a tl;dr essay on how:

    Venator-Somniorum's long-winded essay can be easily translated into:

    After wanting your CAWK for all this time, my fiance's finally catching onto my true nature: An attention-loving whore. I must deny ever wanting your CAWK and play the role of his submissive cock tease I always was...


    The Aftermath

    Bagheera was asked by Venator-Somniorum to remove the two pictures she colored for him, because she "wasted two weeks of her life on them". Bagheera also removed the description under the furry porn he drew for her, much to the dismay of Anonymous due to the loss of lulz.

    Venator-Somniorum has since then gone back to making her seizure-inducing furfag porn for her fucktard fiance. For those who have weathered the worst furfaggotry on the internets and managed to survive (and actually want to see MOAR), these abominable artz can be found in the gallery below.


    What it's like to be banned from the internets

    In 2009, Venator-Somniorum disappeared into the obscurity of the internets along with her ONE TWU LOVE after she delete fucking everything from her journal as well as most of her gallery. According to reliable sources, they were most likely murdered by Russian mafia while driving to work in a beige Lada - on second thought, that's impossible. There are no cars in Czech Republic.

    It is most likely they were banned from the internets because browsing for furry porn was simply too much for Czech Republic's 56K connection.

    But the horror is not over, she possible disappeared as Venator-Somniorum, but not from the internet. THE FAG IS STILL ALIVE -> http://syrrhaal.deviantart.com/gallery/

    OMG little foxxxiieee plz, gimmie your collar, fuck meee...

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