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    The horror of rabid Legacy of Kain fangirls is well documented. This ranges from Akane fanart to GoddessMillenia, from Dragonseer fanfiction[1] to Legacy of Furfags. But surprisingly, none of the above have yet to compare to the batshit insane fat British raving fucktard that is VegetaWorshipper. Much like Akane, she is well known for drawing LoK yaoi with a cult-following fandom consisting of 16 year old girls who are just as fucked up as she is. It comes as no surprise why GoddessMillenia is a fan of hers.

    The Fanart

    I personally think this drawing is complete shit


    —VegetaWorshipper, we're all in agreement about that.

    Legacy of Kain

    More shitty art from VegetaWorshipper, titled Raziel is a Slut. Please self pwn.

    In the past, one could give an LoK fangirl a break when it came to her favored bullshit pairing, simply because it was usually Pre-Fallen Raziel (who surprisingly looks like Severus Snape) or Vorador being paired with Kain. Despite its utter faggotry, said characters had their limbs, organs, and other bodyparts attached and looked more alive than dead. VegetaWorshipper and her legion of fucktards, however, fap to necrophilic fanart of Post-Fallen Raziel (the blue corpse that GoddessMillenia violates on a daily basis) and Kain.

    There is an entire page on her website dedicated to nothing but Rule 34 yaoi fanart of the pairing. To reiterate that: an entire page of Kain FUCKING A CORPSE IN THE ASS AND SHE AND HER FANS MASTURBATE TO IT. There is something horribly wrong with this picture. She is, by all means, a sick fuck. Also, like most yaoi fangirls, she greatly dislikes the character Umah, probably because her existence proves that Kain isn't a gigantic faggot. She created a retarded flash animation with Legacy of Kain chibis playing out the storyline for Blood Omen 2 with the fucking Swedish Gummi Bears song playing in the background. Someone's in serious need of self-pwning.

    And it doesn't stop there.

    Dragonball Z

    As the name well states, she's a fan of Dragonball Z, further proving that she is made of fail. Surprisingly enough, her fucked up website only has one fanart of a Dragonball Z character, and go figure, he's sucking an infinite amount of dicks.

    Needless to say, there is a serious amount of unresolved sexual tension being poured out into these fanarts.

    Pirates of the Carribbean

    Simply put? Tentacle rape and Davy Jones kissing a shark. Apparently this sick bitch doesn't just dig necrophilia, but animal porn as well.

    Other Fandoms She Has Raped

    The majority of her website consists of yaoi in games such as Soul Caliber, Starcraft, and other shit nobody cares about. Very rarely is it sex between two human males though. Generally it consists of dragon sex, sex with robots, and all sorts of shit that proves Rule 34. Does anybody else believe that this girl deserves death?


    Of course it comes as no surprise that she has her own DeviantART. She goes by the name of "Victoria Fox", which sounds like some really bad Sonic Mary sue. Her gallery is chock-full of fucktardation, with pictures of dinosaurs typing on computers and naked men. Surprisingly enough, she shows some impressive art skills when she isn't sketching porn. Of course her colored pictures could probably rival GoddessMillenia's fanart in the shitty art category. The rest of the gallery goes back to yaoi and jokes that aren't funny. But what more could you possibly expect?

    Interestingly, the DA admins gave her the temporary banhammer 1 for posting her gay porn, but have yet to remove it all(potential lulz, perhaps?).


    When she was first briefly mentioned in the Legacy of Kain article, she responded with this, claiming that she was flattered to have an article about her and was happy that it was "one of the nicer ones." Since she's so flattered by it, we at ED decided to make an actual article about her. FACT: you can help make the article better by trolling and flaming her DA and website. Do it for the lulz!

    A conversation

    Sometime last Thursday, VegetaWorshipper responded to a friend of hers about the article on ED. As such, she decided to hide all the comments made by Krissyangel, further proof that she isn't bothered at all by her article.

    Furfag indeed.

    Rule 35

    Oh fucking no

    While VegetaWorshipper is like most of her creepy Raziel/Kain OTP breed, posting badly-drawn pr0n of two corpses fucking, she seems to be aware of at least some rules of the internet. This is not a good thing.

    It says on her website that she not only knows of rule 34, she has dedicated herself to eye-raping the rest of the world with her use of rule 35, the rule that that if there is no porn of it, Anonymous will create it. Of course, if one were inclined to argue details, one could point out that all of the fandom she faps to with her shitty art have already invoked rules 34 & 35 long before she started drooling on a paper and calling it art, not to mention the fact that she is not anonymous, because anonymous is not a fatty weaboo. Thus she is a stupid bitch as well as a phailure.

    Gallery of Phail

    See Also

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