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    Vanessa Hudgens

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    Vanessa Hudgens is the half Filipina former loli whore girl-next-door star of the insanely popular Disney Channel "movie" High School Musical, which is a load of bullshit. Following several weeks of magazine covers and stories around the movie's sequel and her real-life romance with co-star moptop Zac Efron, the buzz for this tween idol broke into the mainstream with the leak of a nude photo to the internets around September 6th, 2007, confirming without a doubt that she is in fact asking for it.

    If you talk to any kid in elementary school, odds are 5 to 1 that they can sing every song from HSM, nut who gives a fuck anyways? The plot goes like so: A cute multi-racial girl moves to new school, gets ignored by the popular kids, sparks a flame while singing karaoke with the star jock who really just wants to sing while Nibiru is about to collide with Earth. 12-year-old girls adore this movie, which consists of about 99% googly-eye scenes and 1% tween fluff. It's like Romeo and Juliet, but without the sex, death, drama, or any meaningful content.

    Because she is a dumb slut, the squeaky-clean-and-perfect idol for teen girls of the current generation took nude pics of herself and sent them to her boyfriend - who promptly sent them to ebaumsworld. Vanessa Hudgens is a fucktard, a whore and a well-known prostitute, mainly hired by the faggot Zac Effron.

    The National Enquirer was the first to report of the photo's existence. Disney Forums cried aloud "V would never do that!!!". Sadly (for her), she did.

    Forums were shut down as Anonymous won. While the forums claimed that the pics were fake and that Anonymous were "Porn Obssed Mingers", the photos were confirmed by MSNBC within hours, and later by Fox News. Perez Hilton as usual had his doubts.

    Could this mean that Drake Bell is a b/tard?

    Info non-talk.png
    Zac Efron's cheatin' on Vanessa... with ANOTHER naked woman!
    Every scene in High School Musical looked like this. Like fucking Mexican Donnie and Marie
    A letter sent from her management to Disney Forums

    Internet Disease

    The Original Poster later mysteriously returned and posted the full set


    File:V would nevar.jpg
    ohmigod, the photos aren't true.
    The Man on the Left made YOU a Pedophile

    I'm devastated because I have an 8-year-old for which I now have to have an explanation. She's always looked at this character as a very smart and proper young lady.


    Rosie Konkel, Idiot Los Angeles-area breeder with no control over her kids.

    The bitch's forum was raided and goatsed accordingly as Anonymous posted the nude pictures everywhere. The admin of the site, Auie, went emo and begged the raiders to stop, announcing that "V would never do that".

    After a few hours, the post count of the forum was doubled. Despite the admin's threats, few raiders actually got banned. This is what happens if the entire moderation crew consists of 12 year old girls. The power of goatse had made it impossible for them to even look at the forum. Anon provided lulz and drama ensued. Bricks were shat, and on September 8th the forum was officially shut down as 12-year-old girls worldwide were reduced to tears. Some even became an heros.


    Suspicions start
    Forum´s closed due to FAIL and AIDS
    People started to wonder what V looked like shaved.
    Somehow the Disney Channel provides /b/ with a new meme

    The funniest thing about this shitload of drama is it is probably a publicity stunt. Look at Daniel Radcliff, he got moar attention by fucking a horse than from his latest movie, Harry Potter and the Hidden Sausage. Also, look at Paris Hilton, a cum-guzzling thunder cunt whom noone cared about before, but is now IRL famous for sucking some C-list director's knob.

    It's viral marketing. The pattern was as follows, generating the most epic of coverage.

    Only problem is this is a kid's idol. Children look up to her and there were many concerned mothers out there posting on AOL news posts about the newds. Anonymous is responding to the mother's lament by saying Vanessa is too old, and that he would like their 8-year-old daughter instead. The media will probably try and crucify Vanessa for being a whore.

    Possible Theories
    • Vanessa is a /b/tard.
    • Zac is a /b/tard.
    • Zac saw the pics, got extremely turned off by them due to the fact that he is a fag, and handed the pics over to a /b/tard who is bi.
    • Vanessa's Agent is a /b/tard
    • Zac showed the pics to a friend who stole them. Zac's friend is a /b/tard
    New Developments
    • It was later suggested in a news report that Vanessa took the nude pictures of herself before she was famous for Nickelodeon star Drake Bell.

    That means the now-18-year-old Vanessa was probably 15 or 16 when the photos were taken. In other words, you are all pedophiles.

    No Wonder The Bush Wasn't Cared For!!



    Drake says he never received those photos, But he's glad he didn't. He loves masturbating to furry porn located on fapchan.


    —Drake Bell's representative

    Fan Response

    High School Musical 3: Puttin' Out! revolves around V's descent into coke-snorting, cock-sucking prostitution after being caught sucking Efron and Drake Bell's cocks like the little slut she is.
    V recently put up signs around her property to answer the press/stalkers in the most cunning and least verbose way possible.


    12 yr old girls worldwide

    SHUT UP!she sent them to Drake she had a crush on him and didnt u ever hear the song by hannah montana nobodys perfect listen closely..you'll hear "Everybody makes mistakes... Everybody has those days... 1 2 3 4!

    Everybody makes mistakes... Everybody has those days... Everybody knows what what I'm talkin' 'bout... Everybody gets that way... " that should tell u about vanessa![Note that miley cyrus has skanky photos as well]


    —13 year old girl resting her case

    ok i know you didnt mean to get them all over the internet but they did. and youre a celebrity you know somebody is gunna find u & leak those fotos. and only a complete IDIOT would take a nude pic f themself! are u soo obsessed wit urself that u have to frikin take naked pics of urself? thats low nd soo completley stupid. and if u like urself naked the do urself or just rip ur clothes off & look in a huge mirror. not pictures. and whos personal collection has naked pics if u can rip off ur clothes and look in a mirror. if u wanna be a role model for little girls then dont pose naked because then they will think its okay to do that. Baby V im disappointed...Bye


    —14yr old girl on myspace

    It's Totaly False. I'm Pretty much sure


    Disney Forums

    To the spammers, could you stay away from V. Please.


    —Vanessa-hudgens.com's response to the raiding

    A challenger appears?

    Fellow Disney moneymaker Adrienne Bailon, one of the Cheetah Girls, now has her own nudies floating around somewhere on the Internets, but are yet to be found - because the faggot who stole the photos wanted them all to himself. Cheetah Slut apologized to all of her fans.

    August 5th, 2009: The Bitch Still Hasn't Learned

    Did she actually shave?
    Her tits are like little submarines.

    Jesus Christ, shouldn't she have learned her lesson the first time around?



    The Disney whore is mother fucking at it again. Miss Hudgens has "accidentally" even more nude pics. Now that High School Musical is done, Vanessa has found that the internet provides the attention that she so desperately requires. Over eleven have been found so far, and who the fuck knows how many others there may be. By now, the pictures have reached her parents and they've shown their appreciation by:

    • Giving her a new phone to take more pictures with.
    • Taking her nude pictures for her.
    • Helping her film her Sex Tape.
    • Suggesting professional photography for her next session.

    While these pictures may please Anonymous, the people they please even more are her fans. They simply can't get enough of seeing their idol without clothes on. The parents of the fanbase also agree that what Vanessa is doing is a great thing and that with more pictures like this, the war in Sudan and the Holocaust can be stopped. Hopefully if her next picture set generates enough money, she can get rid of her lopsided tits and not have to try and cover them with her hair. Some also speculate that the reason the pictures are blurry, is simply because she is a beautiful, artistic girl who is trying to express herself through the use of nude modeling.

    Although some pictures are nude, Anonymous has found these pictures rather controversial, stating:

    She looks hot.


    Her room is too small/normal for a multimillion dollar whore. Fake pictures are fake.


    I'd paper bag over the head fuck that.


    We can probably expect some fuck up excuse that the pictures weren't meant to be seen by the public and all will be forgiven by her loyal High School Musical fanbase.

    It should be noted that in one of the pictures she can be seen holding a Motorola "RAZR". Considering this make of phone came out in 2005, it's safe to presume these pictures were taken around then. Simple math dictates that this means she is 16 in the pictures. In other words, you're still a Disney paedophile.

    What we can all look forward to in the future is the release of her sex tape and maybe pictures of a shaved vagina.

    August 10, 2009: The bitch gets called out

    Being made fun of by Dane Cook is roughly the equivilent of having your dead grandparents dragged up and raped in front of you.

    Observe as the walking Uncyclopedia adds insult to injury.


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