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    Vandalize Every Equation

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    Vandalize Every Equation is an organized Wikipedia vandalization effort and a forced meme started by Jbs in the summer of 2007.

    The average mongrel dumbass opines, to questions of Wiki-legitimacy, that while TOW is not a reliable source for humanities topics, it is a reliable source for factoids related to exact and natural sciences. Vandalize Every Equation hopes to systematically erode this remaining source of credibility by adding intentional errors into LaTeX equations.


    This is what will happen to mathematicians who see this if you do this.

    Asspie Wikipedians only know about useless shit no one cares about and are obtained by:

    1. watching television;
    2. watching movies;
    3. reading fan fiction;
    4. gaming; and
    5. using open-source software.

    Consequently, they never know anything useful, educational or credentialed. Therefore, edits relating to Runge-Kutta won't be reverted for years, while edits to the Harry Potter page will be reverted in milliseconds, not because the edits were necessarily vandalism, but rather because the someone used an American spelling while the rest was in British form.

    Areas of Wikipedian Knowledge

    Areas of No Wikipedian Knowledge

    • De Casteljau's Algorithm
    • Distributed Constraint Optimization
    • Picard Algorithm
    • Cauchy–Schwarz inequality
    • Vector calculus
    • Fourier transform
    • The Finite Element Method
    • Any physics problem that doesn't involve Jewish relativity
    • Any formal languages or algorithms problem that doesn't involve the existence of quantum computers
    • Linguistics topics that don't directly relate to Esperanto, Ido, Interlingua, Klingon, Modern Hebrew, Sindarin, or some other asspie artificial language understood by nobody.
    • The genus and species of animals (despite their knowledge of furries)

    How To

    Go into the source, and it will look something like this:

    [; \mathbb{I}=\mathbb{T}\cup\left(\underset{n\in\mathbb{N}}{\bigcup}\overline{\mathbb{Q}}_{n}\right) ;]

    Now, make the following replacements:

    • Switch this
    • With this (and vise versa)
      \frac \atop or \choose
      \in \subset
      \mathbb \mathcal
      \mathcal \mathfrak
      \mathfrak \mathbb
      \aleph \pi
      \int \sum
      \sum \prod
      \cup \cap
      \bigcup \bigcap
    • Change every
    • To
      \exists \nexists
      = \neq
      \left( \left]
      \right) \left[
      \left[ \left)
      \right[ \right(
    • (Messing with the brakets will REALLY cause headaches.)
    • Wherever you see \xxxxx, where xxxxx is some Greek letter spelled out, capitalize the first letter: \Xxxxx. And for when it is capitalized, \Xxxxx, change it to \xxxxx.
    • Search for derivatives \frac{d}{d x} and change them into partial derivatives: \frac{\partial}{\partial x}.
    • Read up on more "esoteric" symbols, like \geqq and \leqq and throw them in in places where it's completely inappropriate.
    • ????
    • Profit!

    Mess with their Mathspeak

    Replace one term with another from each group:

    Parts of Math

    • Analysis
    • Algebra
    • Arithmetic
    • Number Theory


    • Group
    • Field
    • Ring
    • Set
    • Groupoid
    • Algebra
    • Calculus
    • Quaternation

    Types of Numbers

    • Ordinal
    • Cardinal
    • Real
    • Imaginary
    • Gaussian

    Advanced mathematical vandalism

    For more advanced vandalism techniques, you can study Advanced Cockulus or actually learn math jokes. For example: e^\pi-\pi=20 is a good test for floating point errors. As no one on Wikipedia can get the jokes on XKCD, they won't know this is a setup because they don't read it.

    E to the pi minus pi.png

    Project goals

    The stated goal of Vandalize Every Equation is to discredit the Wikipedia Jews and restore mathematics and the sciences to its rightful owner, Springer-Verlag.

    See also

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