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    Emo_Hair Cult deleted, 42,000 emo faggots simultaneously shit their little sister's jeans.
    Oh noez!! Vampires on teh internetz!1
    Typical post on Fanpire Geeks
    The default user pic on every profile.
    Because Dimmuborgiress's gender is not discernible, it is porn for most VF members.
    One of these two has been rated VampireFreaks' "top girl". But which one? Answer? Both.
    The Dramatic Chipmunk does not approve of this site.

    VampireFreaks caters to all the worst people on the internets including furries. The vast majority of male VampireFreaks subscribers are self-described gays or bisexuals (aren't all emos?). The website was created by a New Yorker named Jet who is so totally not mainstream. Like most forums for internet otherkin, it's made up of internet toughguys, fat gawth girl, lots of mascara and black hair die. Goth 4evar!!1


    VampireFreaks is primarily a profile site, much like Facebook, except in unreadable motifs of purple and black. Most of the VampireFreaks profiles are over-coded CSS train-wrecks with annoying GIF backgrounds, awful quotes, eye-stabbingly tiny print and manipulated portraits, frequently of Facebook users who look a whole lot better than the owner of the VampireFreaks account.

    As an example of the average intellect of a VampireFreaks user:

    "love is just a chemical reaction of spontaneous hormone's within the mind and body." -Alice Arkham

    The profiles are the primary method of communication in the VampireFreaks community. Users communicate to each other via profile comments and picture comments, which naturally leads account users to engage in attention-seeking behavior

    A male user of Vampirefreaks - wait, is that a chick???

    Ratings community

    VampireFreaks has a profile rating system, much like many other profile sites. Users can rate profiles on a scale of one to ten, according to the quality and content of the profile, the appeal of the profile pictures, the user's tastes in music or merely the rater's whim. The rating system has its rewards, namely a moment's recognition on the front page's "top rated" feature. Thus completing an otherwise meaningless existence of a sad-sack-drac. This recognition lasts usually less than a minute, as the previously top-rated person inevitably will down-rate the new top-rated profile and ask his/her/its e-friends to do so as well. Due to the widely popular "10 and you're in" motto, rating a fellow member with anything less than a perfect 10 will result in massive butthurt and/or drama.

    VampireFreaks also has a daily "featured member" spotlighted on the front page. It is widely believed that the featured member is the user who sends the most noodz to the site admin before midnight.


    The journals at VampireFreaks are every bit as inane as those at LiveJournal, but with even more Gothic drama applied to even the smallest event. In other words, VampireFreaks journals are exactly like DeadJournal. At the time of this writing, some of the site's most recent entries included:

    • "This is a sad feeling, sometimes alone isn't a word anymore. I mean I feel so distant from other people, but it seems that even if I dressed like everyone else and whatnot I'd still be alone. I don't know how to explain it. I have no idea how anyone else feels though. I feel so alone. I want to move far away and make new friends, since on this side of the net, they are so far gone. I have no idea where some of them are. I am too different from everybody else. I hate it:(" - [1]
    • "You guys ever been doing something, been in the same place you are everyday and realized that you really have no friends? It's quite depressing isn't it? To suddenly realize that no one really likes you, but you can't help it because they judged the book by its cover?" - [2]
    • "Rivers of tears, a poem for my broken heart" - Black is the river I see, swimming through darkness no light there be. I crawl through the underbrush to the side of a road, I was left behind no hand to hold. I walk naked for people to see, but I am invisible there is nothing to me. How can they see the light in my eyes, the red in my lips, the flight in my thighs. I breathe in each breath with a sigh of regret, I am scared and alone and oh my God I am spent. Walking and talking to myself, I can't remember me, I am taking the high road to set myself free. My lovers are long gone, a memory left to wither. I stand by myself and I quiver." - [3]

    Refresh the most recent entries for endless entertainment.


    Rock on, Goth for life!
    Teh Sexor, fap fap fap!

    Random Thoughts

    This is the most active forum on Vampirefreaks with ~30 active posters and Over 9000 lurkers at any given moment, and its inhabitants are a far stranger breed of vampire. This is the forum where the old school members, forum staff, and site elite get together to circle jerk, hound prepubescent girls for n00dz, and troll newbs. Then when these assholes grow tired from those pastimes, they post pictures of themselves, lyrics to songs that nobody's ever heard, and polls about what to eat for supper that night or wear to the club. A few, in an attempt to be funny, even spout old memes that even /b/tards find unfunny.

    the Lounge

    The Lounge forum was established as a refugee forum for users who had been banned or kicked from the Chat or flamed out of the Random Thoughts forum. To no surprise, it's full of even more pointless nonsense than Random Thoughts, only without newbs and other losers to flame. They call them 'random thoughts light.'

    Correction: The regulars in the Lounge try to be just as hard and asshole-ish as the random thoughts crowd that they strive to be like and admire. Only they do it by having hard gay sex in each other's assholes.


    In the Advice forum, VampireFreaks users freely give horrible, impractical advice to teens that are utterly incapable of managing their lives. Typical topics are teen pregnancy, which boy/girl/animal to take as a lover, and ZoMg My parents are so cruel they just grounded me 4 a hole WeEk!!1! 1 The Advice forum mods are selected primarily for their maturity, compassion and ability to give sound advice. However, most of them suffer "compassion fatigue" within weeks of joining the Advice forum staff and instead refer the OP to a FAQ nobody will read or give formulaic, cut-and-paste advice from same.

    the Music forums

    Fact: All of the cool vampires in Anne Rice novels spend their time talking about whether Green Day could kick System of a Down's ass. Rule: If it's a band nobody has ever heard of, it's the most hardcore band in the world. Fact: Nobody on VampireFreaks has heard of anything more obscure than Shitcock, and thus, they are the most hardcore band in the world.

    Fashion and Body Mods

    These forums are dedicated to the fine art of making ugly Goth people even uglier. People happily discuss what neon color eyeliner pencil to draw their eyebrows on with, how long their extensions should be (The more they hurt the eyes, the better), and how many piercings they can get before they set off a metal detector in the airport from ten feet away.

    the Writer's Corner

    If you're in the mood for major lulz, direct yourself to the writer's forum. Therein, you will find some writings deemed even more horrible than Vogon poetry. Most poems begin with "my wrists are bleeding black" and ends with "my soul is dead forever."

    Here is a sample of the alleged poetry:

    "Show me pain
    Show me suffer
    Show me what love is
    Show me what the ring

    Tell me why
    Tell me how
    Tell me who
    Tell me something

    Daddy, you never loved mummy
    Mummy, you're as stupid as he is
    And together you represent Hate

    And I will be taken away
    And it's by my side
    That word
    My Love sleeps deep inside
    That word makes our heart beat

    Hate represent our Love
    As we are what we hated
    And no one will ever break us"

    It is widely held by the Poetry mods that most of the so-called poetry is actually generated by the Goth-O-Matic™ Poetry Generator.

    Intelligent Discussion

    This was formerly (18+), which was ironically named, considering the fact that 75% of the regulars there were under 18 and probably more intelligent than the adult regs there. Asking for n00dz and spamming links to 2Girls1Cup was common in that forum until Jet finally got off his lazy-ass to change the fucking name. The ugly trollop. Interestingly enough, the new name for the forum is even more ironic than its former tag as it typically includes topics like this: "Ok, I have recently started having problems controlling blood lust and I wondered if anybody has an idea on how I can regain control or how I can get the blood without having to cut myself open to get it. Please help me out, I don't know how much longer I can control myself."


    Dead forum that no one with any sanity ever uses.


    Due to everyone on VF being an overweight emo who couldn't do a single push up to save their life, it got wiped out in the VF time paradox created by Jet himself, resulting in 0.00000001% of the message board population to be in great agony.


    Metal suxxors. Fall Out Boy is God in this forum!


    File:Regular day in VF chat.jpg
    Just a normal day in flash chat for these faggots

    #vampirefreaks on IRC.webmaster.com combines all the drama, illiteracy and horrific qualities of its parent site into one real-time clusterfuck. Poorly spelled comments are shouted at random, followed by twelve assertions of lol, and then finally rounded out with the illiterate flirting of high school sophomores in the brief moments when their dads aren't watching. There's no point to trolling the chat, as the natural state of its users is one of incoherence and agitation. Just sit back and watch the lulz.

    VampireFreaks also has Flash chat with webcam and microphone capacity, much to the pleasure of camwhores and those on the hunt for loli. This is now a primary place where your fellow misunderstood, angsty teenage peers can congregate, chat and bitch about who you think is a fake through audio, video, and text. There are 17 different rooms for you to choose from. There is the waiting room, 13-18, 18+, 21+, Australia, Canada, Europe, (the recently added) Gamers, Industrial, Lobby, the notoriously epic Metal room, Random Thoughts, UK, US-East Coast, US-West Coast, VampireFreaks, and Webcams (all of which are 'heavily' monitored by adfags and their bitch-patrol).

    The chat "Staff" are a bunch of faggots who take the Internet way to srsly, much like the admins on the message boards. It's SRSBSNS! With the contribution of online relationships and engagements (PrickPhil and ChrissyCuntFlaps) they're their own downfall.


    File:EMO SAD.jpg
    A common emo cult

    Within the VampireFreaks community are user groups known as "cults". Whether being devoted to suicide, ridiculous fashion or Gay/Emo Pride, these "cults" are sure to provide entertainment to the casual observer. Cults include, but are not limited to the following amusing categories:

    • Fashion & beauty: Many beauty cults accept members on an application process and pride themselves on being near impossible to get into, even though the owner is usually fat or ugly.
    • Support & help: Similar to the "advice" messageboard. Most cults here revolve around cutting or suicide.
    • Games: More often than not, not even related to video games. "Cult games" are a really cool way way to achieve high post count, without actually having to interact with other users.
    • Literature: Yet another outlet for gothic poetry.
    • Locations & Languages: "TURKISHFREAKS", niggers, etc. Turkish VF users are notorious for being perverts.

    Other categories include Music, Movies & TV, Whiny Emo Bitches, Scenes & culture, HTML & Design, Technology & Computers, Sports & entertainment, Business & shops, Mature & relationships, Child Molestation, Arts Food & Health, Philosophy & intellectual, "OMG I was touched as a kid and now I cut my self" club, Political & activist, Nigger Goths, and it only gets worse...

    The names of these cults tend to focus on the melancholy nature of the sad fucks that create and subscribe to them. Most cults revolve around 16 year old girls talking about how they love to smoke pot. A lot of the cults on this site are also for the "most 3l33ttttTTt" kids of VF. AKA: The ones with the biggest dreads, most self inflicted scars, most piercings and biggest tits.

    Rip Offs

    Known elite members have often ripped cults off from noob members or rival elite members. The famed cult VF-Mafia where only the elite of the elite can enter was copied by the self-proclaimed internet celebrity Ottoid, and named Cosa Nostra. Many have said that, "Only the elite of the elite of the elite of the elite are able to even dream of entering." This cult was ripped off from the VF-Mafia, but had a better design and had a catchier name that a typical elite member would most likely google to try and fit in. Ottoid has also ripped off the cult Inked and created MOD; once again a catchier name with a better design. The members of the cult are known as the MOD Squad. Sound familiar?

    Kimberly Proctor's Murder

    In March 2010 the burnt out body of a 18 year old female was found next to a regional trail in British Columbia. Upon finding out that the victim had an account on vampirefreaks.com, CNN's Headline News (moar like Pedowhine Jews, amirite?) immediately blamed the goth subculture for all pain and suffering in the world. And they were right!

    Vocal Violence

    The byproduct of /b/ and Goth kids, yet none of them are actually hardcore enough to burn crosses on a niggers lawn. It consists mainly of hot girls with bad haircuts, ugly girls with good haircuts, trolls, failtrolls, painfully obvious trolls #1 and #2, and the retard that just doesn't shut up. Much like Boxxytards, they are weak enough to follow a woman with black person lips. Other common themes are fat girls thinking they are sexy (Though that goes for all of VampireFreaks), Goth kids thinking they are so hardcore for listening to "REAL GOTH MUSIC AND NOT THAT SHITTY SLIPKNOT MALLGOTH STUFF LOLOLOL", and tits smeared with fecal matter. Even with ????, it is questionable if this place could ever equal profit.


    an Example of a Beauty & Fashion cult, where True Beauty Reigns Supreme by True Fashionistas. Started and owned by there Female owner Ambellinathey decide who gets in and who doesn't. if you aren't wearing a ton of Gothic looking make-up, you will be pressed to make it in this cult. if you don't look like an Elf or a Gypsy you can even count your blessings of being accepted here. Unlike other cults Outer Beauty is worth more than Inner beauty. But in all Honesty the're all Ugly in the inside where it matters. there immaturity,insecurity etc.

    WTF HAX???

    From March 14-March 17, 2008 Vampirefreaks underwent a series of epic DDOS attacks that effectively shut the site down completely. Even with the combined efforts of Gnomes and Furries, the site still keeps crashing. Perhaps the webmaster ought to invest in someone that knows wtf they are doing?

    On October 09, 2009 at around 4:30 CST, the second largest cult on VF "Emo_Hair" was deleted by Jebbah, Zewe and TheExModeratorFormerlyKnownAsKloroformd. 42,000 emo faggots were butthurt instantly. It has since been restored.

    ZOMFG N00DZ!!!

    A typical gay vampire who shows his cock to underage boys.

    Apparently users can now expose certain "parts" of their body. One of these famous users is this slut, a known exotic dancer in Oceanside California who is supposedly dating a pro x-games athlete. Site Administrators have suspended her for "promoting downrating" on her profile but have not suspended or deleted her for posting her fake photoshopped ass in her gallery. click here to see her ugly (DO NOT WANT) ass. Also if you look here you can see that she obviously doesn't shower frequently and her nails are basically all covered in dirt.

    Sexually related art can now be posted onto the site if you're friends with admins, other users with art like this have been removed. This particular user knows admins outside the site and gets immunity by sucking admin dick.


    your average elite VF member irl

    An elite member of VampireFreaks who supposedly say they've been around since 2000-2003 (profiles didn't come until 2004) and consider themselves internet badasses. Elite VampireFreaks are known mainly for their lengthy vocabulary that they find on Google to make themselves better than other members and are known to be models, geniuses and/or jacks of all trades. Elite members will be in secluded cults where they talk about 4chan, their life and how they have their life fucked and want attention, and how they think they're cool. Your average elite VampireFreak is this guy

    Humor potential

    Many other websites with forums occasionally have threads in which they mock the users at VampireFreaks, usually culling images from the search page, many of which end up in image macros. Sometimes fat or ugly users are rated highly in an effort to make them the highest ranking in searches. In other cases, a basement-dweller will create an obviously fake profile and attempt to pass it off as real, much to the amusement of other normal people. It is not known whether such mockery has ever resulted in suicide.

    A successful trolling of any user will result in a long-winded and poorly written rant about those who are different being beautiful human beings. This phenomenon is similar to fursecution in both its tone and the lulz delivered. Years ago, due to the backlash regarding MySpace, emo refugees have migrated to VF by the thousands to whore their pictures and get other "emo friends" to comment like "u look so hot darling <33 xxx wanna chat on aim x," displacing the formerly dominant Gothic population. Most of the time, the male Top 10 is filled with emo males with a strange resemblance to Captain Caveman. Saying that they have greasy hair is a good way to make them post faux-suicide messages opposed to rants, which brings up massive lulz.

    Noteworthy VampireFreaks denizens

    What? This section is not for adding stupid in-jokes and walls of text.
    You can help by leaving it alone.


    Distorted-mind, aka Prince of Darkness, is a Arab from Morroco who managed to smuggle himself and his greasy haired family into the US by canoeing the Atlantic. Most notable is not just his typical scene kid arrogance, but his belief that everyone seems to view him as a scene king. Fortunately he wasn't clever enough to secure his nationality, and it's likely he and his family will be shipped home in oil drums and then thrown back into their shitty little society.

    Thinking he is a Pretty Cool Guy, he will use his leetspeak of the chans to make himself appear like a cool person; but the reality is that he only fails in the process. Claiming he can shoot lazers from his cock, he has already sparked the interest of the FBI; it's only a matter of time before deportation happens.

    His facebook and myspace are both prone to much aids and fail, and can be found here and here, whilst his emo blog on vampire fails can be found here. His shitty little youtube account consists of mostly his uploads about some shitty game no one has ever heard of, plus lots of faggotry: enjoy.


    Darren is the page of a sad ugly boy, the deformed breed made with scientific approach of trying to mutate a horse and a humankind.

    His bio ; Since i was a little boy, no one wanted to play with me, my mum spent lots of cash for the sausages around my neck so our neighbours scottish dog played with me, ive had a wonderful time with that dog, unfortunately he passed and my sexual satisfaction died with him, i miss you Lassie.. so after, i didnt have much to do but to jerk off entire day using beloved redtube.com's gay categorized links..and i spend my day and nightime being a playa in vf chatrooms cause i cant show myself to anyone outside in real world. Im proud of being in guiness book of records for two categories; ugliest , and least evolved human brains with body still working ever.I dont support anti child molestion and anti abuse, im strongly against the people that stand behind all sorts of rights for children, what will i live for then if i wont have kids to touch.. i support human - animal sexual intercourse, cows can be greater lovers than females cause at least they dont bitch to cover my face up when nailing them.I wanted to join kuklux clan once, but i think im black inside so i didnt want to risk my life, i wanted to join peta too but they reported me too many times specially after the article in british newspaper when my neighbours sheep died of rectal pain, and they said they found my semen in them, i say it was aliens that jerked me off and put my semen in them, it wasnt me oh no it wasnt me, tho you wouldnt believe how nice it feels to grab the woolable fat ass of a sheep and by their cute little ears when they make the painful voices.My dad used to send pork to my teacher to let me through schooling, i support socializm too, but in highschool it ended although i still have the copy of my special prize of a stuffed pony i got for an iq of a flower, my mom was very proud, i will always remember my mom.. ' darren, stop smelling my underwear.. ' or dad.. ' darren, stop sticking your fingers up my ass you little ugly faggot.... oh those were the days. i miss my parents, too bad they died when they saw me coming out of my room cause i was hungry typing too much over vf chatrooms and needed food so they saw me and yes, accidents happens..tho i never thought someone can die of someones ugliness. oh well, life's sad, so i make it worth by writing shit about others.i sucked my boss's cock for a doublecheeseburger each day back in times when i worked at Mcdonalds ( im lovin' it )if i let him play with my anus i got the big pommes as well.. i went to catolic church one day for his holy father to forgive my sins, but i ended up bj-ing the priest for 2 snickers..so yes, thats a little bit about me, hope you enjoy the shit i talk here, i honestly have nothing better to do. Im Darren, the ugliest bitch in the planet, let there be love with you


    This comic predicted this would happen ages ago. Life imitates MS Paint.
    The media reacts to the Kimveer Gill tragedy.

    Fatality666, also known as Kimveer Gill IRL, was a curry nigger Vampire Freak from Montreal, Canadia. He was, however, a freak in a different way than other VampireFreaks users; he shot people. Liek, with a gun. He prepared for his rampage through the Dawson College by showing off pictures of his various weapons on his VampireFreaks blog.

    He went on his shooting spree through the Montreal College on September 13th, 2006 - Two days after being banned from the VampireFreaks IRC channel by resident nazi-op Altari. The shooting lasted almost an hour, and only one person was killed. What a pussy. Police fired a bunch of shots at him, and he was hit once in the arm. This made him think that all hope was lost, and so he shot himself in the fucking head. Again, signs of pussiness.

    If any mention of fatality666 is put on the site anywhere today, the staff will get butthurt and you'll be b& for life. Obviously none of them has heard of doing it for the lulz.

    Chris Zewe

    Zewe, was a Vampire Freak from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Known mostly for being a basement dweller with a Ph.D in CSIII, he got banned for finally pissing off the site webmaster. Zewe would overuse tired 4chan memes and act like a cunt. One magical day he apparently bashed the site that was allowing him to stay despite numerous TOS violations, and got anally raped by Jethro. It is also worth noting that this idiot never works (he couldn't even land a job at a gas station), is a drain on society, has a serious drug problem, and was probably beat up as a child. Had a gallery full of loli fangirls that would write his name on their tits. Obviously a sick fuck that likes them young. The typical internet tough guy with no real ballsack and full of unwarranted self-importance. Sayonara, Zewe, you will not be missed.

    Jasmine Richardson

    Jasmine Richardson, aka -x-killer-kitty-x-, was a Vampirefreak, also from Canada, who, at the tender age of 12, killed her whole fucking family with her 25 year old fellow Vampirefreak boyfriend Jeremy Steinke. As with fatality666, there will be much butthurt if you mention her name, usually resulting in being b& and possibly threats of violence by people claiming to have known her.


    - A 30 year old site administrator (who isn't even 30 yet), allegedly offered up featured member spots and other favors for loli camming. Also noteworthy for IRL marrying some hottie named Mahl and making sure she became a Site Admin, probably by her giving him hot sexings while she was 18.

    - Apparently outed Ryle Garamonde as a pedo, even though he never actually said a word about it to anyone, anywhere. Wafflechoppa on ED is Ryle. Why else would "Wafflechoppa" be so interested in even creating a topic for both Mahl and Metalphreak?


    A site administrator notorious for deleting users who down-rate his profile or that of his girlfriend Jenvy. Bear in mind that any rating less than a perfect 10 is considered "down-rating" to them. He and his girlfriend often act as "elitists" for attention.

    In January 2008, Diabolo deleted a forum mod and that mod’s user group (“cult”) because that cult was supposedly “racist,” although the cult’s policy was to discriminate against all races equally.

    Sometime in 2009, user b-deadly has posted sexual related images bearing full nudity in public folders. Diabolo granted her immunities if she sucked his dick as his girlfriend Jenvy watched as she stroked her own dick.

    Amb3r (formally Lostxxx )

    A popular member who is known for starting drama with the minority of the minority: "The Black Goths." She does this because she wants to keep her crown as the only black girl on the site. She usually bitches and complains about stupid shit nobody cares about such as being broke, putting the wrong color in her hair, and how she cant fit her fat ass in those corsets.


    File:28223156 s.jpg
    Electrablue, photo caption "bootylicious"
    Electrablue, photo caption "Dat_ass"

    Electrablue is an aging landwhale beached in Portland, Oregon. Largely irrelevant to anything and everything, she is noteworthy solely for being given permission to post pictures of her bare, sagging ass on VF for almost a year due to her friendship with the webmaster. In December 2009, this practice of subjecting the denizens of Vampirefreaks to sadistic ocular torture finally came to an end when she was caught spamming over 9000 users (literally) with comments promising the password to her nude video in exchange for Snapvine audio comments. Forced to put an end to the whale's rampage at long last, Jet went and suspended her, thankfully taking down her NSFW bestiality-inspired photos as well. For anyone interested in subjecting themselves to a stripping fat bitch for whatever reason, her video can be found here, with the password eyeswideshut.BALEETED

    in 2010 & 2011 she ran for miss nude Oregon and lost. She has Been known to invite middle aged men into strip clubs and then calling them scumbags not worth her time. She is a self promoter who cares about fitness. One of the clubs she claims to work at Exotica, lost it's liquor license due to serving too many minors and was forced to close it's doors for good.

    She also claims to be really good friends with several famous people including Jon Peacy, Pantera and Combichrist, which is a terrible lie.

    Update: Electrablue has since Baeleted herself from Vampirefreaks.com. It probably became an hero.

    x_L-et-S_x (Formerly x_evanescent_x)

    x_L-et-S_x, a VFag lolcow named "Luna", is the perfect example of VFaggotry. She is an 18 year old prego who believes she is an "Egyptian Mau cat therian", which appears to be cross-between a furfag and an otherkin. She possesses an ardent belief in the existence of vampires, and claims that her husband is also a vampire, that he drinks blood, and that he can drain energy from others.

    -1(formerly known as deadrose321)

    Tray, or "Trae", aka -1/deadrose321 is the latest backwoods, bisexual, low-IQ fatbody who tries far too hard hard to be like the other elite losers of VampireFreaks. He's made a name for himself by ripping off other user's ideas, images, and page layouts, and just being an annoying little faggot in general. Tray is fond of proclaiming himself as things that his gigantic ass could never be. Just to name a few, there's "vf oldie", "not fat", and "photoshop master".On top of that, he can't code a table for dick in spite of claims of being a "professional" web designer, so he just rips everyone off and calls it his own. Hey, it works for everyone on deviantart, amirite?

    Recently, however, he has attempted to make it public that he has relocated to the absolutely fabulous San Francisco. Because of this he's under the delusion that he is Cali-chic and is thus the authority on anything California. His real life aside, he fancies himself an "oldie" on VF, despite only being around the site for less than a year.

    Responsible for 90% of this article's shitty 13-year-old, personal army nature under the names Superterror and Dr.Exe.


    BedTimeHero, "Hilary" is a lying fat tween who once had the "illusion" of being the only VF member of this list with any sort of dignity. "She" (if it was in fact a she) joined first in 2007 with her original BedTimeHero account, then deleted it the next January before attempting suicide because her daddy raped her. She sadly made another appearance in the summer of 2008 with the new account (Having no imagination, she kept said BedTimeHero username). She threw herself to the wind and tricked little Emos, namely Alaska, who she said was her BFF, but is just another VF Emo without a real boyfriend and a sucky homelife. Her personality was flat and empty and it was soon discovered she was just another girl who can't admit how ugly her face really is. She also added anyone and everyone just for attention and to show off her infectious proclaimed vagina. Unlike before when she would either ignore everyone orcall them fakes/whores/etc.. Not long after she joined she disclosed the fact she has cancer, only it was another lie. At the moment, it'd seem all of her "friends" are kicking themselves for being huge retards. To this day she's still asked if she is a boy or a girl, because of how nasty her face is not that they really know what she looks like.


    Something I'm sure all 21+ members of VF are guilty of.

    Athan holds the distinction of being the resident internet tough guy on VF as well as the only certifiable homophobe on a website crawling with girls pretending to be bisexual. That might mean something if he wasn't paranoid that gay men are stalking him at every conceivable moment to take his butt cherry. Athan is noted for spending too long on the internet, and having such a high opinion of himself that he created an Urban Dictionary page for himself. His tough-guy credentials include acting like a male with GOTIS and then baaawwwing about how the people calling him out on his bullshit just don't understand him because they're intellectually inferior and childish. After realizing that you won't bow down and suck his e-peen as he desires Athan will quickly block you and make a journal entry about how totally fail you are and hundreds of poorly done photoshop images to show you just how little he cares about you and your opinion!

    Athan is also a notable member of the community seeing as he openly admitted to coaching a 14 year old girl through her first fap sesh on Skype. But don't we all do stupid things sometimes?


    [4] Probably (not really) the hottest jailbait vf has to offer and that says a lot. Fuckmyface gets by on vf by having a decent pair of underage boobies and being a troll. She thinks every man wants her (on vf they probably do, especially the Turkish) but irl she just gets emofags and old men. She talks about sex, tits, random british things nobody cares about (yeah she's scottish you'll never hear the end of it), tits, cock and occasionally she'll provide "intelligent" discussion. Fuckmyface gets banned almost every time she enters vf chat so there isn't any point in trying to troll her, all the admins hate her so she'll get banned anyway.


    Mooncake, real name Sophieke Sheets is a dirty Dutch whore famously known as one of the most slutty mods on VF. She mods in several rooms on the VF Flashchat. Flirts with almost every guy who looks good in her eyes while dating or having a boyfriend. She also ask guys for their Skype and flirts with them and even sending them nudes of herself! How slutty is that? She's also known as a pathological liar, where she tries to convince people that her name is Rianne, Sophie, Sophieke, Emma, Kaavya or even Aeowyn. And steals other peoples cultures.

    See her nudes here:

    She had to sue ED to get them removed but they will be back on here if they are taken down!

    http://s22.postimage.org/4lvnp2rxt/004.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/h0ixwbcvl/005.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/igugegfsh/006.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/p8kvhb4s1/08dec.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/52hdif94h/10_03_2012_015.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/5ta3o7bht/10_03_2012_016.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/cl0ir20hd/10_03_2012_017.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/g5weaa50x/CAM00141.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/s91pxug35/CAM00142.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/haqgfnrht/CAM00143.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/tdvs382k1/CAM00145.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/4ys5fwt0x/CAM00146.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/qz8hwjbox/SAM_1947.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/5qutf3x81/SAM_1957.jpg http://s22.postimage.org/4d36jsxyp/Sexy_3.jpg


    Boobs Contest

    From the latest site contest, here are the horrors of living in a basement for 10 years straight.


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