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+ New EDitor role for quality of life improvements to active users
+ New Telegram Group for EDitors only
+ We're aiming for a defense on section 230 with the current lawsuit
+ Your mother has COVID-19
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Lulz I created


[ABUSE AND HARASSMENT ALERT: unfortunately, there has recently been an upswing in misrepresentation, abuse, harassment, and other nefarious verbal behavior among visitors to the chatroom, so if you encounter any of this, your wisest course of action would be to simply exit the chatroom by closing your chatroom window and finding one of the AOS subunits online in private 2wayIM chat to report the problem, and receive instrux on how to proceed to AVOID the problem. Note especially that if you see one or both of the two screennames "AimbanServers" and/or "Michael Pwn You" in the chatroom namelist, you might as well leave the chatroom immediately as these are our "pet" abusers, and their presence virtually GUARANTEES that abuse and harassment will follow shortly. One additional name to avoid is "feelin chill", who, though (s)he doesn't always appear to be abusive or harassing, in fact has proven him/herself to be on numerous occasions. Yes, we probably agree with you that it's a sad world where this kind of stuff happens... but we all have to live with it, and just do our best to adapt to it.



I kept taking their precious aim chat over back in 2007 and banning people from it for fun. The guy who owned back then was a true lulzcow.