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Appeal for why you should donate to Encyclopedia Dramatica

The majority of Encyclopedia Dramatica users and readers live in the industrialized West, they don't realize or care that Encyclopedia Dramatica has an international appeal. For example, I am a 16 year old girl living in the West Bank and I love Encyclopedia Dramatica. I love it so much I would struggle for Encyclopedia Dramatica's cause any day of the week. Now why would a 16 year old Muslim girl care about Encyclopedia Dramatica? It is because Encyclopedia Dramatica is the largest organization in the world dedicated to meaningful free speech. Where else can one find the truth about Juggalos, Furries, Liberals, Google, Abos, Atheists, China, Obama, and many more subjects? That was a rhetorical question faggot, you can't. Wikipedia only has facts, not truths has only lies and propaganda for sale. I care about the truth because I live in a part of the world where there are those who don't want the any semblance of truth to told, so such groups go to extraordinary lengths to silence any sort of truth, like shooting people like me in the head or murdering journalists for covering the precise nature of bombs blowing up in urban areas.

So how did I stumble across Encyclopedia Dramatica? It started two years ago when I was googling "Jewish crimes committed against humanity" and I found Encyclopedia Dramatica's page about Jews did WTC. I found out later that the page was satire, but the satirical article contained emotional truths, like that Zionists and Neocons conspired a plot to profit off a planned terrorist attack against the WTC. I was always aware that the Jews were the villains due to their subtle atrocities against my people in the name of security. The idea that the Zionists would do the same to their supposed allies opened my eyes to see the bullshit that is the world. This awakening to the bullshit that exists in the world only came to be because of tireless dedication by basement dwellers, trolls, free speech advocates, and intellectuals who write for Encyclopedia Dramatica who tell emotional truths through the power of satire. Running this website costs very little when run on nerds resourcefulness in hosting off their already expensive technology. Still there are some expenses that are necessary in the funding of an awe-inspiring entity such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, so please donate whatever you can today. We will accept even bitcoins or other assets.

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