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Vodka trash.jpg This person is a fierce alcoholic

You can help by sending them pamphlets and donating your liver.

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The "Man" Himself

ThisIsFine is some fag that writes and edits articles on ED in an effort to help restore the wiki before it's inevitably taken down again for whatever stupid fucking reason. He frequently bugs Aediot and other mods like a crotch rash by asking them basic information about the site that most morons already know. He also works to help restore the site and keep it clean, although he has no proof of this and is probably lying about it. If you happen to see ThisIsFine please punch him in the dick, (if you can find it). Otherwise, spit in his face.
ThisIsFine's life in a nutshell, (like most ED fags).

His Name

ThisIsFine stole his name from some stupid webcomic that has been memed to death by internet dipshits. This should serve as a clue to how lame and unoriginal this asshole is. He is definitely NOT the author of this comic and you should be ashamed for even thinking that.
Where ThisIsFine stole his name from. No one knows why.

Shit He Steals Credit For

TIF loves to pretend that he has written a lot for ED but in reality he has barely done shit. See below for his supposed "achievements".

Articles he has written:

Articles he has updated to keep current:

Articles that he has added lulz too because they sucked:

Articles He Has Restored

Other crap he does:

  • Helping in the ongoing restoration/improvement of the ED wiki as a whole.
  • Lurking on the New Articles page and adding templates to new articles as needed (usually using the BNA tag to tell you how much your article sucks.)
  • Responding/creating articles from the Needed/Proposed section of the site.
  • Getting drunk and pretending to be cool in the ED Telegram group.
  • Enjoying the smell of his own farts.

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