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    07:27 < phobos> before I rip this entire community apart
    07:27 <@weev> lol
    07:27 -%- nigz [[email protected]] has joined #ed
    07:28 <@weev> this is just a place for people to chat, phobos
    07:28 <@weev> its your whole life
    07:28 <@weev> nobody elses
    07:28 < phobos> no
    07:28 < phobos> this is a place where I instill my will 
    07:28 <@weev> you are way emotionally invested in this thing
    07:28 <@weev> lollll
    07:28 < phobos> you wanna tiny chat fgt
    07:28 -%- weev changed the topic of #ed to: < phobos> this is a place where I instill my will
    07:28 -%- NeeBeeS [[email protected]] has joined #ed
    07:28 <@weev> loooool
    07:28 <@weev> that quote
    07:28 <@weev> is too good
    07:28 <@weev> you're such a cute little tranny
    07:46 < phobos> yah weev 
    07:47 < phobos> was such a pussy 
    07:47 < phobos> he couldnt even handle my chats 
    07:47 <@weev> i can handle fine
    07:47 < nigamajiga> if ED cant secure a persons own user page from cock blocks 
    07:47 <@weev> im sittin here talking to you
    07:47 < phobos> he's off sobbing into some sort of hamas camp
    07:47 <&NeeBeeS> @nigamajiga fixxed
    07:47 <@weev> i dont really want to spend all day
    07:47 < nigamajiga> whats the point of joining?
    07:47 < phobos> oh are you
    07:47 < nigamajiga> tyty
    07:47 <@weev> unbanning myself and others from the channeltho
    07:47 < phobos> I dont see you chatting
    07:47 < phobos> I see you constantly whining
    07:47 <&NeeBeeS> I'm not trying to shutup
    07:47 < phobos> about m-m-muh white power
    07:47 <&NeeBeeS> anybody
    07:47 <@weev> lol
    07:47 < phobos> muh christian super group 
    07:47 <@weev> phobos will be free
    07:47 < Spare> phobos is so mad lol
    07:47 <@weev> to chat here
    07:47 <&NeeBeeS> his forum acc removal was a statement
    07:47 <@weev> if that's what they want
    07:47 < phobos> how about 
    07:48 < phobos> you actually go do something
    07:48 < phobos> of worth
    07:48 < phobos> instead of freeloading 
    07:48 <&NeeBeeS> I'm making monies as we speak :)
    07:48 < phobos> constantly 
    07:48 < phobos> off of sherrod
    07:48 < phobos> off of donations 
    07:48 < phobos> off of sandniggers
    07:48 <&NeeBeeS> who, me?
    07:48 < phobos> have you ever had a real job weebv
    07:48 <&NeeBeeS> or is that zaiger?
    07:48 < nigamajiga> ay
    07:48 <&NeeBeeS> oooooohhhhhhhhh weeeeeeeeev
    07:48 <&NeeBeeS> ay lmao
    07:48 < nigamajiga> how shit faced are you right now?
    07:48 <&NeeBeeS> yo phobos
    07:48 <@weev> freeloading off of sherrod?
    07:48 <@weev> sherrod gave me $100
    07:48 <&NeeBeeS> can i have some of dem drugs
    07:48 <@weev> for all the work i did for ED
    07:49 < nigamajiga> i to gave weev 50 $
    07:49 <@weev> squid maintenance
    07:49 <@weev> etc
    07:49 < phobos> SHERROD
    07:49 < nigamajiga> but only 50 $
    07:49 < phobos> CAN I HAVE FREE MONEY
    07:49 <@weev> writing all the configs
    07:49 < phobos> PLZ PLZ PLZ
    07:49 < nigamajiga> and im not sure if it even made it to him
    07:49 < phobos> she told me everything faggot
    07:49 < nigamajiga> FEDS n what not
    07:49 <@weev> nigamajiga: that shit went into my legal defense
    07:49 < phobos> I have all of it
    07:49 < phobos> in writing
    07:49 <&NeeBeeS> oh lol
    07:49 < nigamajiga> no shit?
    07:49 < nigamajiga> sweet
    07:49 < Spare> SeeBeen (Talk | contribs) ræped Phobos (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (account creation disabled) (Being a faggot)
    07:49 < phobos> you jewed off sherrod so hard
    07:49 <&NeeBeeS> phobos is in cohorts with sherrod :D
    07:49 < phobos> nigga
    07:49 < Spare> loooooool
    07:49 < phobos> it was sad
    07:49 <&NeeBeeS> yiss
    07:49 <@weev> phobos: welp, i would be happy to break out the financial statements
    07:49 <&NeeBeeS> i banned phobos
    07:49 <@weev> if she's making such claims
    07:49 <@weev> i'll be happy to counter them
    07:49 < phobos> why bother 
    07:50 < phobos> you were the one who turned your back
    07:50 <@weev> because if you think $50 for setting up somebodys caching infrastructure
    07:50 <@weev> is freeloading
    07:50 < phobos> cared so much about ED
    07:50 < phobos> got free money
    07:50 < phobos> left her in the ditch
    07:50 < phobos> Im sure she cares to talk to you
    07:50 <@weev> thats like, a tiny tiny fraction
    07:50 <@weev> of what it would cost
    07:50 < phobos> or hey what about the time you weren't around to help ODB 
    07:50 < phobos> or around to mourn him
    07:50 < phobos> even better
    07:51 < armufox> rip odb :<
    07:51 -%- TiCAAAAAAAL [[email protected]] has joined #ed
    07:51 < phobos> remember that one time when you did nothing for a year and called yourself iProphet
    07:51 < Spare> phobos is a lulcow
    07:51 < phobos> or the time you abandoned hep so you could beat yourself off 
    07:51 <@weev> maximum lulcow
    07:51 < nigamajiga> lol
    07:51 <&NeeBeeS> not yet
    07:51 < phobos> nah weev 
    07:51 < nigamajiga> am i trolled yet?
    07:51 < Spare> ^
    07:51 < phobos> tell everyone here 
    07:51 <&NeeBeeS> but he's making himself an epic one
    07:51 < Spare> He is
    07:51 < phobos> how you literally left everyone 
    07:51 <&NeeBeeS> kids
    07:51 < phobos> you claimed
    07:51 <&NeeBeeS> don't do drugs
    07:51 < phobos> to care about
    07:51 < Spare> He's spend the whole night crying about shit
    07:51 <&NeeBeeS> or you'll end up like phobos
    07:51 < phobos> so they could rot in a fucking gutter weev 
    07:51 < Spare> and kicking ppl
    07:51 < phobos> cause I wanna hear it from you
    07:52 <@weev> please, tell this abandonment story
    07:52 <@weev> i want to know
    07:52 < phobos> tell everyone how you have betrayed 
    07:52 < phobos> everyone
    07:52 <&NeeBeeS> damn
    07:52 < phobos> you have ever been close to weev
    07:52 < Spare> wouldnt phobos be more of a traitor?
    07:52 <&NeeBeeS> phobos sure as hell doesn't give a damn so much about anyone, especially weev
    07:52 <&NeeBeeS> he's spending precious time bashing him on IRC
    07:52 < Spare> considering he kicked everyone 
    07:52 < phobos> just having a friendly chat with a friend
    07:52 <&NeeBeeS> phobos, you're tryin' to hard
    07:52 < phobos> something you nobodies are trying way too hard at
    07:52 < phobos> weev
    07:52 < phobos> srsly
    07:52 <@weev> i want to hear this hep abandonment story
    07:52 < Spare> youre a nobody
    07:52 < phobos> tell me 
    07:52 < phobos> right now 
    07:52 < Spare> all you have is an ED article
    07:53 < phobos> that you havent abandoned 
    07:53 -%- grit [[email protected]:E4D07E72:A3ECDC5D:IP] has joined #ed
    07:53 < phobos> everyone 
    07:53 < Spare> in which you pretend to be female
    07:53 < grit> nigger
    07:53 < grit> hitler
    07:53 < grit> hiv
    07:53 < grit> aids
    07:53 <&NeeBeeS> well since he has a micropenis
    07:53 < phobos> you are 
    07:53 < phobos> and will forever be
    07:53 < Spare> lol
    07:53 <&NeeBeeS> he almost is
    07:53 < phobos> a complete sack of shit weev 
    07:53 < phobos> have fun being alone for the rest of your life
    07:53 <&NeeBeeS> so far
    07:53 < phobos> this channel 
    07:53 -%- distel [[email protected]] has joined #ed
    07:53 < phobos> dgaf
    07:53 <&NeeBeeS> phobos
    07:53 <&NeeBeeS> please
    07:53 <&NeeBeeS> stop for a moment
    07:53 < Spare> Does he still have aops?
    07:53 <&NeeBeeS> and tell us
    07:53 -+- phobos skullfucks NeeBeeS 
    07:53 < nigamajiga> why do i have this odd feeling
    07:53 < phobos> shut up queer
    07:53 <&NeeBeeS> how much does this hurt?
    07:53 < nigamajiga> like im being trolled
    07:53 < phobos> I dont need to hear you faggotry
    07:53 <&NeeBeeS> we can help you
    07:54 < nigamajiga> ive been hanging around you all too long lol
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> there are shrinks out there
    07:54 -+- phobos cockslaps NeeBeeS to death
    07:54 < Spare> NeeBeeS: did u rm access?
    07:54 < phobos> be quiet
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> that can really help you
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> I'll send you money
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> via paypal right now
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> if you promise you'll visit one
    07:54 < phobos> I have more money than I even know what to do with lol
    07:54 < nigamajiga> ang on ay
    07:54 < armufox> nigamajiga: trolls trolling trolls trolling...
    07:54 < phobos> this channel means nothing to me 
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> If you're in NJ i can give you my sister's number
    07:54 < phobos> this community
    07:54 < nigamajiga> he has piles of money
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> she's an excellent shrink
    07:54 < phobos> means nothing to me 
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> yeah
    07:54 < nigamajiga> wat
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> WE CAN SEE
    07:54 < phobos> Im done
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> nooooooo
    07:54 < phobos> I dont want to be here anymore
    07:54 <&NeeBeeS> i want to hear the weev abandonment story
    07:54 <@weev> yeah same
    07:54 <@weev> im curious
    07:54 < Spare> same
    07:54 < armufox> nu dont go
    07:54 <@weev> as to how i left hep rotting in a gutter
    07:55 <@weev> i want to hear this one
    07:55 < phobos> Im going to be making millions of dollars p soon
    07:55 < phobos> I dont care about here 
    07:55 <&NeeBeeS> ahhahahaha
    07:55 <@weev> LOL
    07:55 <@weev> IM RICH
    07:55 <&NeeBeeS> AAHAHahHAKRHHAhAh
    07:55 <~zaiger> `access del bmo
    07:55 -%- mode/#ed [-ao BMO BMO] by DanielBrandt
    07:55 <@weev> AND IM BEAUTIFUL
    07:55 <&NeeBeeS> ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    07:55 < phobos> or any of this place
    07:55 -%- mode/#ed [-v BMO] by DanielBrandt
    07:55 <&NeeBeeS> ahaaaaaaaaaaaahhaha
    07:55 <&NeeBeeS> ahahahahahahahahahaha
    07:55 <@weev> IT IS COMPLETE
    07:55 <&NeeBeeS> ahahahah
    07:55 < Spare> why dl BMO's access?
    07:55 < phobos> your attempts are sad weev
    07:55 <@weev> THE MEDIACRATTING
    07:55 <@weev> IS COMPLETE


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