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"phones will make you a phony and crones will make you a crony"
Powerword Moshe Finkberg
Race Kike
Gender Dude
An hero? a question that lacks an answer in a universe that pleads for one

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This user is a thieving Jew.
Feel free to throw pennies at them and revert anything they lay their filthy merchant hands on.
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You can help by sending them pamphlets and donating your liver.

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Shalom gentile goyim!

I'm Moshe Finkberg

Nicknamed The Wandering Jew (some people call me The Electric Jew too, and as fitting as it is, they are mistaken as that is the nickname of another kike that i've personally been introduced to)

I'm an æditor and a bounty hunter

I'm also known as "Fast Finkberg" because at my Bar Mitzvah when the mohel came to circumcise and give me Metzizah b'peh , they couldn't catch me because i move faster than a nigger on wheels. needless to say, i still have my foreskin and the Rabbis ain't too happy about that.


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BTC - 1CY9J8EWyDZuLmm9eX8DmKH58qo9prqEXd

XMR - 833JKw7XQbTGSTJmivEJ8DFrB1vsXLjuB7NXpDyvibohF8gfSSvhfoafJK5pURnzxPUHTYpvTJfT5Y4SjowJ5sCd9fuNCLe

ETH - 0xad771dc1c42ae1fbbbb452a3cb430da119240e2a

DASH - XegZWo26iZ3BeqydAs8kuByTQ4hPVSzm6p

LTC - LgiB84pkQFxozYmgAPPeKQY7VwAki6NkvZ

ZEN - znSJBKrmUyNimBUWo6uyQKUvvsyM3UPYr9F

ZEC - t1TnJp9vmU9RFTz4y9Uqi7JHYrts14YFzsW

DOGE - DLxdy4oTYw7aqh94DhMoG1YybfD9RBFGCD

the moar shekels i recieve, the more i'll work to churn out as much good shit as possible.

(for larger 'donations' avoid the 3 crypto addresses on the bottom of the list)

if you're interested i can also be your internet financial advisor for a monthly fee

This means you, faggot.

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This means you, faggot.

Moshe Finkberg
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