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Jabba the Jew has gone missing during his/her service to ED
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Jabba the jew.png
Raße Arier
Gender Male
Purpose of infobox? So I know wer 2 find infobox
An hero? Not yet

I am Jabba the Jew, formerly Suleiko... known about ED since 2012 at least... full time lurker from 2016, joined around 2018.

Survived at least three downfalls of ED.

Henceforth I keep copies of every article I make.


I like to create articles on lulzworthy news (read: terrorism), obscure people/places that ED deserves to know about, and historical figures.
I made the best and most detailed article on the Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) the world has ever seen!
I also like to organise ED and make it look nicer, including categorising shit, making articles readable and removing broken images.