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This article concerns the country. For the soccer team, see Uruguay national football team

Flag of Uruguay
Typical Uruguayan citizen

Uruguay is a giant soccer camp in South America.


Current Uruguayan president

Uruguay (moar liek U R GAY amirite?) is like Brazil and Argentina's little brother, it's capital is Montevideo. The name Uruguay was invented by one of the first trolls in history, because it is similar to 'U R Gay' which caused lots of lulz in the past. When the name didn't cause lulz anymore, Uruguay called his big brothers to make war against Paraguay and steal the "South America's Switzerland" title from them and have that new name. Even though the alliance won, for some weird reason, they decided that it would be Uruguay's nickname which was even funnier, because Uruguay has neither mountains nor secret bank accounts.

Other aliases :

  • Paraguay
  • Banana Republic (also causes lots of lulz because there are no bananas in Uruguay)


Uruguayan forces during war against Paraguay gathering for the final assault

Uruguay is 5 times smaller than an average penthouse in Miami.


Beside cows scattered all over the country, there are gauchos (they are like cowboys but more gay and zoophiliac) in the north, shitty rock band members in the center, soccer players in the south and pot smoking leftard hippies in the east. In the west there are also people but you can't tell the difference between them and the cows. The national sport is mate, lawn-mowing and catering to the obnoxious Argentine upper class.


This group is suspected of having done WTC

Past presidents :

At least 100 years ago until last Thursday : Columbus

The current government consists basically of a council with a president, many cows and very experienced barbecue chefs.


Uruguayans are too busy drinking mate to do anything else. They also use it as their currency;

Main exports:

  • mate drinking people


Uruguayans use stones, clubs and mate to defend their territory. They also use their traditional music to attack other countries. The Uruguayan government however, makes citizens believe that foreigners actually love their music.


Moar info: Uruguay national football team.

A typical basketball game.
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