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    File:Ursweety irl.jpg
    Obvious loli is obvious.

    Ursweety is moar than your average devianTART. Ursweety is a yaoi fangirl who climaxes from the idea of two fictional characters dropping their sweet seed into each other's anus. Surprisingly enough, she is a Naruto fan. Henceforth, the only logic she follows is "I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG", which is ironic considering that she is, in fact, a fucktard predictable considering that all Tartlets follow this logic. This has been undeniably proven by the fact that she is so devoid of any vague concept of logic whatsoever that she allowed herself to be trolled into oblivion with her own personal troll-war.

    TL;DR: Imagine a yaoi-obsessed loli with the artistic abilities of an autistic 4-year-old with assburger's syndrome and the internet smarts of a 16 year old girl. Mix it all together along with 50 servings of fail and you have Ursweety.

    Her "Art"

    File:Ursweety got worse.jpg
    Ursweety doesn't improve. She gets worse.

    The Art That gets Worse

    Ursweety, like most aspiring artists, began her art career on Deviantart with a cesspool of deviations that were bound to give her many ass-licking servants, all of which were fucktards. What is the most amazing about her, though, is her inability to improve her art whatsoever. In fact, she has actually gotten worse as time moved on--the same effect as dividing by zero, only with less butthurt and more lulz.

    Many have tried to find out the reason behind this very special, unique deviant case, but have promptly been shut down by the masses of fantards that stalk Ursweety in hopes of getting some delicious loli porn. Fortunately, Ursweety is one of the few untalented deviants on deviantart that aren't popular. However, despite have under 10000 pageviews--achieving a toltal of 2 favorites on all her deviations--she has a horrible case of unwarranted self importance.

    Her traditional art consists of scanning Naruto characters buttfucking each other, then adding a vignette and an artist's comment on how amazing it is. She has the sense of anatomy of that of a blind 6-year-old on heroin, and the coloring abilities of said heroin.

    Her digital art is a mixture of MS Paint lineart and doge tool abuse. Her light comes from whatever direction is most convenient for her to shade and, despite having submitted 9001 pictures, she has not shown any talent whatsoever. For moar please see the Gallery below.


    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Journal Whore

    Ursweety takes Journal Whoring to a whole new level. Submitting at least 100 journals a day on shit nobody cares about and her art, she went so far as to even submit 12 journals in ONE FUCKING DAY. Not only that, but she thinks that she has an avid knowledge of politics and win when, in all reality, she's just a pathetic attention whore with a bondage fetish.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The Troll War

    However, most noteable of Ursweety's actions is her Troll-War that occurred on said deviation here (PROTIP: set comment mode to 'flat' and 'oldest first' for maximum lulz!) This was started off because of a picture Ursweety submitted, and an innocent person stopping by with some constructive criticism on said picture.

    Ursweety vs Nhfi

    Part 1

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Ursweety troll war 1.png

    Part 2

    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Ursweety troll war 2.png

    Fantards vs Nhfi


    Use scrollbar to see the full image


    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Ursweety saga-2.png

    Vampiretrees: Successful Troll

    Eventually, an ex-troll from the time of Brandy and Chris-Chan had shown up for some intellectual conversation. Srsly. Being the most successful troll yet coupled with the most fucktarded fantard yet, massive lulz ensued.


    Use scrollbar to see the full image

    Knowing Your Troll

    -See TROLL-WATCH below for moar on thundybear-

    Use scrollbar to see the full image


    As the war escalated into something of win, an assumed EDiot or /b/tard decided to move in. Instead of trolling, however, the user took a different approach by doing something called TROLL-WATCH and acting as a egotistical narrator, who buttlicks whatever side is currently more lulzy. The person claims to be a fan of Ursweety, but later proceeded to troll her mercilessly on her many new accounts. It has yet to be determined whether TROLL-WATCH is funny or unfunny. TROLL-WATCH's "episodes" are shown below:

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The Banhammer

    File:Ursweety brother 1.png
    Her email is [email protected] Troll relentlessly.

    The dA mods originally allowed Ursweety to draw her shitty animu porn because nobody gave a shit about her or her sick fetishes. However, after said troll war, the staff decided to ban her for being an underage deviant. She responded to the banhammer like all mature adult people would be posting a journal of her raging in ALL CAPS at her other account. Though only one Thundybear (TROLL-WATCH) managed to get in, she failed epically, and only produced minimal lulz, as shown in the gallery.

    After Poker0316, the dumb bitch actually made an account called "Fuckdeviantartstaff." It was banned an after it's creation, under the preface of the user being retarted. Her newest account is "Eatmyhear1" where she has posed as her 'older brother' who just happens to color and draw the exact same way she does, and just happened to join minutes after her old account was banned. The account currently consists of her "brother's" BAWWW about how she did nothing wrong, and that the deviantart staff are all meanies!



    After user Thundybear informed her of the page, she promptly responded with a [butthurt journal] about how she did nothing wrong and is just a poor tartlett. She also proceeded to say that we are immature which really HURT OUR FEELINGS!!!!. The journal actually confirms that she was an ignorant bitch, and it is recommended to troll for epic win. Such examples are how she "she didn't just draw smut. She drew cute stuff and chibi, etc. too. " or rather "She only broke the rules SOMETIMES gais!!!11" and on how Deviantart isn't worthy of having art on it. See Goatse for moar of Ursweety's endless pinnacle of knowledge. She learned her lesson. Don't be a wussy. BUT news is spreading that she has a new account. Hmmm....

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