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Urban Dictionary (alternatively known as Urban Fictionary or Urban DICK tonary amirite?) is the coke of the internet world. There is much fuss about it, but all you are left with is a discharged taste. It is a dictionary consisting of user-generated content. Each entry is written by one person and proof read by staff. The most popular entry (the one with the most votes) gets prioritized just like Google. It is written by orgasm addicts diying alone. Therefore it consists of shitty pedestrian remarks of made-up words instead of witty pertinent remarks of words people actually use.

In theory, the website is actually a great idea - You put in popular slang terms, and define them! Now, it's just full of Namefags defining people they don't like, and impossible sexual positions which don't even exist.

You start out with pot, AKA Youtube. Then after you get bored with that and you want a more crazy laugh, you go to Urban Dictionary. Then you go to meth AKA Encyclopedia Dramatica. It's also a popular site for tools to get cheap lulz by adding their own names with flattering definitions.

Urbandictionary.com is the be-all and end-all (and bell-end) of all debate on the Internets because if it's in a free dictionary that anyone can edit, it must be true.

Urban Dictionary can best be described as Gaia Online put into a dictionary format. Once used for defining slang terms, it now only contains emo, fail, and AIDS.

It is also sponsored by the Church of $cientology. Enough said.

Despite the huge amount of fail, Urban Dictionary is still far more reliable than Wikipedia.


Typical Urban Dictionary entry.
Arab: "There is no god but Allah, and his prophet, Muhammad!."
Fat American (through his wordpress blog): "Once again you are completely fucking wrong. This is the Urbandictionary.com definition of Allah:
jeffy is my bestie:) OK so ALAH means GOD in Arabic just like YAHWEH means GOD in Hebrew u :stupid mother fuckers! MUSLIMS pray to the same god you all pray to but : we call him ALLAH because ISLAM originated in ARABIA where they SPEAK :ARABIC! they believe in Adam and Eve, Noah's ark, Moses, oh yea believe :it or not even JESUS! u stupid blubbering mother fuckers, pagan god my ass :you whores shut the fuck up and stop the damned racism you dont :understand us!
Wait, what?."

Urbandictionary.com has a word of the day, which, along with BBC News and Cat and Girl, is added to the friends list of people on LJ who want other people to think they're intellectual.

A study of Urbandictionary.com reveals that a vast majority of words are strange ad hominems and personal attacks, such as cockface and Eli Swanson. These are counterbalanced by self-loving egotists, such as Jake Irving and Keith Bowden. These entries, both prolific and informative in their mental patient charm, effectively avoid the trap of documenting a generation's raping of its native tongue. Having completely failed in its objective, it now provides a valuable haven for goth kids and their goddamn emo cousins to post shitty pictures of themselves, as if MySpace wasn't adequate enough to quench every whore's thirst for attention.

The best use for Urbandictionary is for 13 year old boys to write definitions for sex moves with their limited knowledge on the subject (usually a virgin anyway, but hey, it's the fucking internets). Usually it starts off fine, until they realize that they don't know how to spell "vagina", so they have to replace it with pussy, and pretty soon the whole definition deteriorates into "u take ur dick and put it into her pussy until she starts cummin' and then u cum all voer her face".

Encyclopedia Dramatica on Urbandictionary

One of Urban Dictionary's definitions of Encyclopedia Dramatica:


Some dirt poor kid's website where he sits in his garage making fun of the rest fo' the world... other dirt poor kids in their own garages have helped in the creation of immature, rude, racist, grossly offensive, disturbing and rarely funny articles.

EXAMPLE: Encyclopedia Dramatica is full of grammar and spelling errors and lies, it is equivalent to the education of a public school.


Ironically, this definition is riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Here's another example.


group of former /b/tards that were banned from 4chan for posting child porn. These former /b/tards (now just "tards") went and vandalized 4chan's Wikipedia article, and were promptly banned from there, too. Out of bitterness, these people began Encyclopedia Dramatica as a way to get back at the Internet and fill the gigantic void where their e-cocks used to be. Articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica usually consist of websites or people which are all branded as "unfunny" and/or "gay" because Encyclopedia Dramatica is the Absolute Internet Judge Of All That Is Funny And/Or Gay.


Oh, so that's how it all started. Who knew? As you can see, Urban Dictionary maintains only the highest of standards and a truthful, mature, well-researched approach to defining unfamiliar terminology.

About as unfunny as Uncyclopedia, Urban Dictionary is subject to censorship unlike ED. Yet, somehow, UD also manages to completely avoid any form of moderation, resulting in 94% of their definitions being either:

(A) Entirely incorrect/unhelpful
(B) Unfunny
(C) Unintelligible vanity entries
(D) Sexual techniques invented by someone who has never had sex involving a state name, some kind of wrestling move and feces.
(E) Any combination of the above

It should also be noted that Urban Dictionary, for some queer reason, has ads featuring hot chicks that you probably wish you could fap to, but you can't because they're not naked and you fail with females.

Urban Dictionary explained in Urban Dictionary format

Now also for blacks.

Urban Dictionary

A website that attempts to explain popular words and phrases, for retards and failfags by retards and failfags.

Example: Urban Dictionary is like the coolest website on the internet! Hahaha, Disregard that I suck cocks!


[17:17:08] -Shy:##urbandictionary- It has come to my attention that an unknown user has sided with a former channel operator, who posted personal information on Encyclopedia Dramatica. As of today, I will permanently ban any user who shows signs of trolling, no ban foward, no chance to argue the banishment. Trolling/bullying/etc will not be tolerated. When you bring the internet into real life.


—More butthurt from Shy

<sexyann> i miss my jonathan. i havnt seen him since we started dating


—An average user talking about her relationship.

Bwaah has left ##urbandictionary (requested by Hypertize ( Removed - Idling is not allowed on ##urbandictionary.))


— A real kick message. Seriously, shy set his bot to kick idlers.

2010 Urban Word of the Year

On October 24th, 2010, some ronery anon stumbled upon the annual contest known as the "Urban word of the year." With a smile on his face and a plan in mind, he gathered up all of his chums on /b/ and asked them to decide what word they should back in this prestigious event.

Inevitably, they chose nigger.

So the call to arms was set. You can vote for anonymous's favourite word here. By researching for the word (not refreshing the page) you can vote as many times as your racist little heart wishes.

Vote nigger 2010!


sends the vote to NEWFAG.

They have found us!


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