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    File:Unseelie-Allure bj.jpg
    Doing what she does best.

    Unseelie-Allure, aka Kassandra Leigh Purcell, is an anorexic lolita attention whore with a skillful and articulate grasp of the English language. One category and not even one account being enough to satiate her lust for moar pageviews and fans, Unseelie's horrid eye-rape extends to both the digital art and photography categories of DeviantART through her two accounts. From her photography her secondary nature as a camwhore is revealed as nearly all her pictures are of herself at various angles both with and without clothes, which is undoubtedly the source of nearly 2 million pageviews on her photography account. By contrast Unseelie's art account has only received 75,000 views, simply proving her only talent is being fap material for lonely basement dwellers when she isn't in the kitchen making sandwiches for her fat, hairy LARPer husband.

    Marriage and sexuality

    Her 'puppy / husband.'

    Yes, it seems Unseelie is married despite her being only 18; so to all you fapping fanboys you’ll just have to kiss your sexy anorexic honey goodbye. Wait… she’s still modeling her naked photos to people for money? What?! Ah yes, her dumbass husband must condone her eating disorder, and her selling photos of her sickening naked body to strangers.

    Truth be told, she isn't legally married to this lowlife and the only "ceremony" they had was one with his LARPing group. It should also be mentioned that her and her "puppy", as she calls him, are bothpolygamist and have had multiple affairs whilst dating. These affairs include threesomes.

    Something she is extremely open about, especially on the account made in late 2009/early 2010 on formspring.me ([1]) is her Polygamy and how open she is about her sexuality. Something she frequently brags about and encourages people on the site to "ask her anything" no doubt in an attempt to get more attention from aforementioned fapping fanboys and to make her feel like she has sexual appeal. On formspring she admitted that she would indeed have sex for money, and even "let 100 guys jizz on her" for $3000. This is not to be taken as an open sexual personality as some would say, as in some questions she clearly states prostitution is a possible career choice. Some questions on her sexuality and her answers include:

    Have you considered working as an escort girl to earn money?

    I think if Pat had friends with like *moneyyy* id do something sexual with them depending on what they looked like, if they were clean, etc T_T Specially with me about to be unemployed T_T *soul drewls out of mouthhh


    —from formspring.me

    Would you do a bukkae scene for $2000 fully clothed and wearing glasses

    (costume and prop eye glasses furnished). Or $3000 if you include a nude masturbation scene and perform the bukkake scene wearing nothing but panties . All guys tested for HIV. Absolutely ? For that kind of money I dont mind a bunch of dudes jizzing on me in glasses and all clothed. I would just want to see the darn hospital forms saying they are clean of EVERYTHING lol For the extra thousand would I be masturbating myself or someone else? For a 1000 id do a nude masturbation scene right now rofl


    —from formspring.me

    "In your only FFM Threesome, did you try a double blowjob?"

    Yup! Its a little awkward, I have to admit. Not for any social reasons but functionality wise ?Its a lot going on in such a confined area lol


    —from formspring.me

    Once again proving that her 'open to question' forum is purely for the attention of the virgin masses, and her own personal attempt to overcome a deep seated insecurity.


    Kassandra has also admitted on formspring that her husband Pat is something of a pedophile, having sexual intercourse with her at the age of 13. Claiming she lied to him makes no difference as any man of his age would surely have been able to have told the age of a 13 year old girl. Especially one that dresses like a emo slut:

    "Was Pat thge first guy you had sex with?"

    Actualy, yush. @[email protected] When i was around 13-4ish i think?. I lied to him about my age at first though lol


    —from formspring.me

    "How did Pat feel when he found out you had lied about your age? Did it cause any sort of trust issues between you two?"

    Actualy it was rather comical ^_^' I hadnt remembered and the flake that I am had him over for i believe my 15th bday? and we had this moment of shifty eyes and big old kitten eyes of " LOVEEEE SUPPRISEE!" haha He picked up on it and just shook his head. I mean regardless, it wasnt like it would have made me legal if i was truthful about my age at the time anyhow. Just means he was a bigger pedo than he realized rofl


    —from formspring.me

    Mastery of the English Language

    its like a fiary tale!


    —UnseelieAllure, [2]

    If anyone can ever tear themselves away from staring at the Photoshopped ass or breasts in her photography you will notice the comments and descriptions she leaves on DeviantART and her LiveJournal. Upon inspection you may notice that despite her being 18, she has the English comprehension of an 8 year old. Take this dazzling use of the English language in one of her LiveJournal entries:

    Friend of her side of the family, n former Xbf

    of hers has cancer again. Cant afford to pay for treatment and has a son. He doenst have long either. All my chinchillas have officially died today, my dad buried Maho today in the yard. Something i found disturbing, he almost stepped on the dead bird corpse that has been out there for weeks now in the process of entombing Maho. He looks to me for a pat on the back for his deed . Call me shallow, but i was too busy being disgusted for his regard to the baby bird rotting on the concrete of our yard. Maybe im just in the mood to be angry with him after he made me eat yesterday. If i want to throw up and wobble around the house dizzy, i will. Dammit. And his mortifying me(though hat was pretty funy,see last entry to feel less confused). Its raining heavily tonight.We are suposta get some nice thunder...so my fellow long islanders keep a eye on the sky, im sure it will be beautiful!


    —UnseelieAllure, shows off her amazing punctuation, and grammar.[3]

    OOn my way back i triped and twisted my ankle ( i ran out too

    quickly to put on the correct shoes earlier,so the ones i had on were HUGE on me) and he kneeled down and insisted on picking me up on his back and carring me all the way home! This man is amazing. Like.Out of a girls anime amazing. Id make anime girls glare at me with sheer envy with all the romantic and kind hearted things he does like this...*swoons*I was so consiouse about how heavy i was though..so i was torn with "ow ow ow" "omg im fat omg im kiling his back omg omg" "ohh hes so romantic..and sweet..and kind..and..i cant believe this is real its like a fiary tale!


    —UnseelieAllure, is proof that anorexia turns your brains to mush.[4]

    So as you can see, anorexia mainly unhealthy because it rots your brains away, and turns you into a drooling, Wapanese dumbass.

    Artistic Endeavors

    A typical example of her photography.

    At a glance, one may find this apparent model's photography attractive; maybe even rather inventive - though beneath the spangly photoshop editing that she thankfully no longer vehemently denies doing, it is evident that due to her somewhat attractive face and willingness to flash the tits her monstrous fanbase have overlooked the shiteous outfits, christmas-wrapping setups and constant vacant, openmouthed expression in blind favour of feeding her ego, and proclaiming her the srs model she believes that she is.

    Along with her eating disorder, her horrid photography and mauling of the English language she must butcher something else. And along the way she has decided that it should be human anatomy. Unseelie is a purely Photoshop artist, refusing to use any real media what-so-ever or take any critiques or art classes. Many of her works are original, but quite a lot of them are shitty Photoshop repaints over photos of herself. As mentioned before she has a separate account for her art, and for her photography, even so her art still manages to spew itself over into her other gallery, and she favs her own works with her different accounts.

    In a way Unseelie’s art differs from her photography. In her photos she wears as little as possible, but in most of her art she puts a heap load of clothes on her figures; this is to distract you from the fact that she has no grasp of human anatomy.

    • If she has more than one figure in a drawing they’re always amazingly disproportionate to each other.
    • She tries to add blurry effects, and filters to blind you from her bad anatomy.
    • She can’t draw faces, she tries to make them look like models, but they end up all wonky like mongoloids.
    • She often tries to avoid drawing hands.
    • Her ‘art’ is often amazingly unfinished and blurry.

    If you do want to pick up a mistake in Unseelie’s work and tell her about it, don’t bother. This often results in one of her copy, and pasted English-tarded responses, or she’ll delete / hide your comment, ignore you or wait until her fapping fanboys come after you saying things like ‘it’s her style!’ or ‘just because it’s art doesn’t mean it has to be realistic!’ Not understanding human anatomy is not an ‘art style,’ that’s just lack of education / patience, and she’s clearly going for a realistic style, it’s not our fault she botches it.

    Because people have been trying to critique Unseelie so that she can improve she has been putting disclaimers such as this underneath her images:

    This art is not perfect. Nor is it intended to be so or bethe key representation of a one definite fashion style. It is an art piece done in spare time prior work and contains

    many a faulty anatomical(sp???Grr) error. And i am aware of them all.


    —Unseelie, too fucking lazy to actually correct her mistakes

    So, she is aware of ALL of the faults in her art but she does nothing to correct them before showing anybody or even trying to improve? It’s obvious to the majority of people that she’s only making this disgusting excuse for art as a way to get more ass-patting and worship, and not because she wants to have an art-based career. Sadly, her fapping fanbase far outweighs the people with functioning mental facilities.

    Art whoring

    Despite uploading her art to various DeviantART accounts, and sharing hideous work-in-progress pictures through-out her Livejournal Unseelie weasels her way into other communities seeking attention. One such community is the File:Lj-favicon.png egl community at Livejournal. (A safe community for loli to hide.)

    At first Unseelie found a place here amongst these poor lolitas who were as yet unaware of her terrible attitude and mental problems. They fed her ego telling her how amazingly talented she was; but as she continued posting up filth after filth of art some lolitas started to catch on to her lack of acceptance of critiques and her failing anatomy.

    Because of this, Unseelie doesn’t post as often there; aware that not everyone is going to stroke her ego so she whores herself to other Lolita communities such as File:Lj-favicon.png erololi and File:Lj-favicon.png egl_art. Truth be told the lulz and drama surrounding Unseelie are so extreme she’s been mentioned on File:Lj-favicon.png lolita_fucks (lol suspended) more times than anyone could imagine. (She should do a photoshoot, and become their mascot.)


    Unseelie's expert loli trolling.

    Due to her ego-enlarged and wapanese disposition, Unseelie makes the perfect EGL community troll, offending angry western women in little girl's dresses left right and centre by gleefully mixing lolita with her prized furry arseplug and horrendous, blinding nudity. Our anorexic and dsymorphic darling also successuffly and admirably provoked the LOLita community into creating a Lolita Burger article in her name when she made the terribly retarded mistake of posting on egl asking if wearing lolita to the gym was acceptable - once it had eventually been deciphered what the lunatic had mashed out with her keyboard.

    Money whoring

    Where does Unseelie get the money for all her skank-wear? That’s right, from you! The poor mindless consumer that gives her money thinking you’re going to get a lovely, polished piece of art, but instead you get a steaming pile of unfinished shit. Her lonely, virginal fan base often just throws money at her for no reason, most likely in a desperate bid for her to notice one of them long enough to suck their e-cock. She also whores herself out constantly for commissions at any opportunity. Jumping on any ‘wanting to commission art’ post anywhere with links to her horrid art, and prices before anyone has even agreed to pay her for her shit. As of late this hasn’t been much for Unseelie, as she is about to launch her pay site. That’s right, she will now become a fully fledged prostitute as you can pay her money through her site to get full-on naked pictures of her and her horrendous, saggy vagina.

    Unseelie also has a Cafepress site where you can buy merchandise with her anorexic body or her horrendous art on it. SCORE! *pulls out the credit card*

    7chan attack

    In 2006 a 7-chan spam attack was launched on Unseelie’s main DeviantART account. Her main comments page were flooded with things like ‘wapanese bitch,’ but this was short-lived as the 7channers stopped to fap over her photography. Poor fools. It is obvious that Unseelie does have many Wapanese qualities, including adding obscure Japanese words to the titles of her photography to make herself sound educated. Or taking English words and making them Japanese, such as making ‘Baby Doll,’ ‘Bebi-do-ru.’

    The fanbase

    The fanbase has been mentioned, and consist mostly of people who never want her to take her photography away because they like fapping over her never-changing face, and her anorexic body. These fans jump to Unseelie’s aid at the drop of a hat, and are ready to defend her against anyone who tries to give her a critique or tell her that she’s an unhealthy weight. These mindless drones have also joined a fan club for Unseelie at Myspace. (Although it is unsure who started the fan club, it was probably Unseelie herself.)

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