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    Police.gif Fact Alert
    Nobody cares about Unichan anymore!

    Unichan is a Kusaba X imageboard in the style of 4chan and similarly afflicted with an overabundance of both trip and namefags. It only has one board, /b/, for Boxxy. Once dedicated solely to Boxxy the site has since found other girls to talk about. Probably the scariest place on the internet, Unichan is where virgins who have absolutely zero chances of getting an IRL girl go to act out their OTI obsessions over girls that they will never meet.

    It should be noted that members of Unichan actually showed up at Boxxy's house while she was still in hiding. This entire site is dedicated to destroying the privacy of girls, boxxy being one of them. If you are a young girl who comes across a Unichan member it is advised to call the police or otherwise get the fuck out of there because you will most assuredly be raped.

    Trolling Unichan

    Because any man with a rape face like this can't be dangerous, right?

    Unichan is the easiest place on the internet to troll ever, since the mods are always asleep. It is a chan whose main board /b/, does not stand for random, but stands for Boxxy instead. This place is full of forever alone nerds who sit around all day talking about how perfect their Queen is. Boxxy has actually posted there a couple of times and mentions Unichan throughout her video "Things are about to get intense". Since in Boxxy's aforementioned latest video she says that she was going to hold off going to Uni until the hate dies down (Most newfags think she meant University, this is obviously wrong since in the USA you say you go to college, even if you go to an ivy league school), users of the chan are constantly in fear that Boxxy will read their threads and never post there again if there is nothing but undying admiration on the board. This has since occurred Catie now only posts on her own chan due to the hate she was reading on Uni. Uninites, as they affectionately call themselves, believe that Boxxy was an elaborate character that Catherine Wayne created, and this explains why she is fat now. This brings mega lulz when the truth is laid out in front of them.

    Whenever I need the opinion of virgin, Ritalin addled 12 year olds about the beauty of women, I come to Unichan.Yep, I'm sure to find it here..


    —A particularly masterful troll telling it how it is.



    I keep hearing this term. I don't know where you clowns get the idea that people saying nice shit about Catie aren't being sincere. I totally ♥ Catie man, and words can barely express how much, no matter how often I say it.

    You guis think you're being somehow moar honest or morally superior because you say pessimistic shit, or point out obvious possibilities as if the rest of us haven't considered them. It's nothing but a bummer dude. It brings down the tone of this site, plays into the hands of trolls, and nobody's impressed. You sure as shit don't have to be a naive idiot or insincere to say something nice about Catie. She's fucking magic dude, and I ain't even close to kidding when I do.


    —She's fuckin' magic dude

    We are all in love with Boxxy here. Some day she will realize what is best for her.


    —Creepy as fuck


    this is catie... -___- you dumbfuck >_>


    They think that Boxxy is a character by the way



    anonymous suggesting that Boxxy gets with every member of unichan at the same time.]


    Oh you mean like in earlier videos where she was just trying too hard, and now that she is 18 and in school for performing arts she is like "Oh I'm so deep. that is just one of my many personalities I use to delight my fans".

    Boxxy was her OL name, not some elaborate character she made up. Catie was just some 15 year old girl trying too hard. Now she is 18 and taking advantage of all you impressionable idiots. God you are so dumb.


    —Probably the only sensible person on the whole board

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