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    Atomic.gif Warning!

    The original

    Uboa is an NPC from the 2005 indie exploration game Yume Nikki. The character is an alternate form of the NPC fans have named Poniko. He replaces Poniko soon as you turn off the light, and plays a continuous muted "aaaaaaah" sound, (if properly filtered,) surprising most people. If you turn off the light in Poniko's house, there is a 1 in 64 chance that you will see Uboa. It was originally thought you had to kill Poniko first and return for another chance, but this has easily and quickly been proven false. Once Uboa appears the screen shakes slightly, the room darkens and a fairly quiet buzz (fans write the onomatopoeia as 'AAAAAAAAAAAああああああああああああ' [a reference to an event triggered in another part of the game]). Touching Uboa brings you to a land covered in a thick white goop where giant monsters spill blood all over the place. Some people are scared shitless by Uboa. Those people are pathetic.

    Since the creator of the game broke the moonrunes while naming it, it is called Uboa rather than the technically correct Ubwa. Also, many artists don't seem to get that Uboa itself is the size of an entire loli. It's not the head of anything.

    Finding Uboa

    Fall asleep, go through the Nexus (the room with all the doors) and enter Snow World. Walk/bike northwest until you find a lone igloo. Enter and once inside interact with the pool of water. You will be teleported to an island in a pink sea. Follow the path until you see a pink balloon and interact with it. You'll be sent to the center of the pink sea. Wander north until you find a green one. touch the balloon, enter the house.

    1. Turn the switch off.
    2. If Uboa doesn't appear, then go outside and try again faggot.
    3. Uboa will eventually appear and you can't escape unless you interact with it or pinch yourself awake.
    4. Interact with it
    5. ???
    6. PROFIT!!!

    When you finally get Uboa you can not leave the room. Interacting with it only leads you to a land with no exit. Like 90% of the game, the Uboa is a useless feature.


    Haunted Videos

    Video guide, with an extra banister-rubbing penis for good measure.


    Even more WTF?

    Uboa's a dirty blob.





    Other Notes

    1. Uboa also has a *chan board dedicated to it and Yume Nikki. You should check it out, watch out for spoilers though. They're making about 20 fangames, the main two still being Yume 2kki, which is about being sold to the circus or something now, and .flow, which is about taking a chainsaw to the face of what appears to be classmates, possibly using 1337 programming skills on the computer you never get up from. The rest are a bunch of 13 year old boys trying to be cool.
    2. The game appears on /v/'s recommended games wiki.
    3. Yume Nikki is free to play and download, link below.


    WHO FUCKED WITH THE LIGHTS? About missing Pics
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