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    "Failing tickles!"

    The best torrent application


    Anders Behring Breivik, 2083

    µTorrent (pronounced "micro-torrent" for mathematicians, "mu-torrent" for Greeks, and "U-torrent" for illiterates), is the best bittorrent client evar, both due to its efficiency and rich lulz deposits- or at least it used to be last thursday. Today, uTorrent is an adware honeypot and shit compared to how it used to be 5+ years ago. Also, for the computer geeks out there, uTorrent was well known for having a light systems footprint, stable builds, and easy to use interface. In the current year, your best bet is to torrent qBittorrent.


    The Future of uTorrent

    It was bought last thursday by bittorrent inc., which in turn has been bought by some assholes who have raped at least 100 13 year old boys. No one has yet been able to find any real proof that µTorrent actually reports any informations about your activity to the bad guys, but that doesn't stop retards from going batshit crazy and having a hissy fit when they see somebody using any version of µTorrent that has been released later than at least 100 years ago.

    Some overminds also like to point out that µTorrent no longer reports downloading pieces that failed hash checks because "its gona screw our cheeturs detectionz". Nevermind the fact that Azureus, the retarded fish frog of a bittorrent client written entirely in java (fail manifest), making it completely useless for anybody with less than 100GB of RAM and a quad-core, has been doing it for at least 100 years, and no one cared. This is probably due to the fact that using Azureus is a bannable offence in itself, so detecting whether the person using it is a cheater or not is pointless.

    PROTIP: for instant drama, start a thread on any tracker's forum about how µTorrent should be banned if it's allowed or how it should be allowed if it's banned. Try to make it offensive enough to enflame idiots, but not too much so you don't get banned right away. Best targets are porn trackers or moneymaking trackers (think bitsoup.org). Alternatively, shoot at it until it dies.

    To escalate drama say you've conducted some research on that matter and have indusputable proof that your baseless opinion is correct. If somebody demands to see your proof - ignore them. Extra troll points if you mention wireshark.

    According to teh internets luser hihi, µTorrent developers employed l33t h4x0rs who apparently took Computer Science 9000 and/or/xor Computer Science Infinity to hack your internet protocol address File:UTorrent2.png

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