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    File:Utau screenshot.PNG
    Well, at least it's better than Yamaha's.

    UTAU or "The poor man's/wap's Vocaloid" and "the Macfag's Vocaloid (because Vocaloid is not available for Mac OS X" is a shitty freeware clone of Yamaha's Vocaloid software made by Ameya/Ayema. Nobody quite knows how to spell his name. It's used by Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid Fantards to make mostly bad covers of Vocaloid songs or otherwise. Some people like to make covers of human-sung songs as well. A good thing about UTAU is that you can conveineintly make your own voicebanks with fuzzy background noise, or use professional editing software to tell the background noise to GTFO.

    Popular UTAUloids

    Defoko/Utane Uta

    Utane Uta, more commonly called Defoko, is the default voicebank that comes with the UTAU program. Her voice is from another TTS voice synthesizer already, so her voice is extremely airy and robotic. People have attempted to make a "Defoko VCV" but that's no better. Her voice is shit. People only use her for "nostalgia reasons".

    Kasane Teto

    When life gives you strawberries, JAM THEM IN!!!1!

    By far the most popular girl of the bunch, Kasane Teto was one of the first UTAUloids made for UTAU. She is known to be part bat (aka Chimera by waps) and has an unhealthy obsession for baguettes. She has won half the fans of Hatsune Miku and is now often used to make shittier covers of Miku original songs.

    Namine Ritsu

    The classiest and most emo of all the [email protected] UTAUloids, Namine Ritsu is the best of them all. He sings reasonably well. A lot of fans bitch and moan about his age because VIP said she was 6 years old and had missles for boobs. Not only that, he's actually a trap and a Squirtle. Because of this, many fanbois guessed his age was 18 as an educated guess. He's often seen with a circular rainbow keyboard around his waist.

    Iku Acme

    A necessary addition to the Utau family, she is a hentaibot that is completely useless because her high-pitched seven year old girl moaning appeals only to pedophiles, horny japanese business men with fat wives and Weeaboo. Created by Studio S, her name "Iku" means "I'm coming!" in Azn, and "Acme" means orgasm. At the news of her release, 15 year old boys flocked and attempted to download her, only to be cock blocked by the japanese filehost.

    Iku Acme "Performing" ;)

    It sounds like she's singing while being fucked in the ass...


    uglydollsinc123 - a disoriented viewer

    Sukone Tei

    The epic win of the UTAUloids. She is a Yandere (Person who could get pissed easily) girl who highly wants to kill Hatsune Miku and others that Like Her beloved Kagamine Len. She might want to kill all the Vocaloids and UTAUloids If she feels like it. Her character Item is a cucumber that she puts in her salad or uses them for a dildo Simulator. Caused the most butthurt due to her unoriginal design and love for Len. Also trolls the Naruto fanbase because of her Sharingan eyes.

    Momo Momone

    Not much about her besides the fact that she's the one who sang the Nyan Cat that we all know and love. She also wears a maid suit.


    Used to be an UTAU. Overseas UTAU fans are still buttmad about her because she got more attention and fanart over their shitty OC.

    Other UTAUloids

    Some Wapanese faggots decided they wanted to be original and have their own kawaii OCs with voices!!1 to make beautiful music and long, detailed biographies interact with other OCs with. On this side of the internet, there exists girls and only girls. Often, they are on the UTAUinternets because they have found it to be a much better use of their time. They spend most of their time trying to woo male UTAU, causing internetdramaz because male UTAU don't want to be touched by them, and bashing other UTAU which are obviously worse than their wonderful, original UTAU. The worst part: there are more than 100 created. Don't believe us? Here:


    To see more cancer, click here: http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/UTAUloids#Japanese_voicebanks_produced_in_the_United_States

    Other UTAU Users

    The MemeTeam

    The MemeTeam are assholes who shit out USTs and UTAU to make music. They are known for being a huge group of friends, composed of some of the most popular UTAU users that frankly, nobody really gives a shit about anymore. They're horrible and call people out when UTAU users "steal" their usts causing lots of drama. They've also made homophobic statements before.


    Here are some examples of the UTAU songs from YouTube.

    How to install UTAU

    Installing UTAU is the worst part. ever, as you have to change your computer's locale to Japanese; It won't work if you put in in english because it has to be in Japanese desu.

    • 1. Change computer's locale to Japanese
    • 2. Download UTAU: http://utau2008.xrea.jp/ (Comes with barely used voicebank.)
    • 3. Try Romaji phonemes to find out they don't work
    • 4. Buy a kanji keyboard
    • 5. Write an song and Post It to JewTube
    • 6. Proceed to stretch your ass
    • 7. ?????
    • 8. PROFIT!!!!!

    How to make an UTAU

    So you've come up with the most original UTAU design for yourself and now you want to create your own kawaii desu voicebank? Here's how.

    • 1. Get a microphone and download Audacity.
    • 2. Record your mating sounds.
    • 3. Configure the OTO.ini file of your samples haha fuck that, only noobs oto
    • 4. Go to YouTube and search a .ust file of World is Mine, or Popipo (Lasalliax's ust specifically) steal it and use it for your UTAU.
    • 5. Cry why your UTAU isn't popular yet.
    • 6. Complain the UTAU fandom is toxic.

    Don't forget to e-beg for someone to make a shitty TDA edit MMD model of your kawaii UTAU. Only cool kids use TDA edits. The best TDA edits are done by only the most high class users such as StarsNeverStop.

    Softwarez series.jpg

    UTAU is part of a series on


    Visit the Softwarez Portal for complete coverage.