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    UMCRS, Ultimate Motherfucking Cat Rapist Site, is a site of fat whores who want to chop off the dicks of every member of My Chemical Romance.

    Originally started in August 2004 by a myspace whore, the Ultimate My Chemical Romance Site reigned as a site full of emo bitches and fat whores who always complained about boring shit. In mid-October 2005, UMCRS was shut down, and thus emo bitches were left without a home to cry about how they slit their wrists to My Chemical Romance. Until December 2005, UMCRS2 was started, along with another site, thus a battle started until UMCRS2 was shut down, which brings us to UMCRS [Ultimate Motherfucking Cat Rapist Site]. Started back up by an attention whore who doesn't give a shit about anything but herself, manager positions have bounced around and caused much controversy, leaving manager positions to only a couple people, until the Great Spamming of July 24th, 2007 (see below).



    Half of the members masturbate to Gerard Way's pictures like one of the members, Kirsten, who, even though denies to such accusations, is extremelly in love with his pointy teeth. The other half masturbates to furry porn. UMCRS members also bitch and whine about how horrible their lives are at every chance possible. Like how their family members are in jail for no reason. Even though it is common knowledge that they tried to kill their own baby.


    This site experiences drama at least once every second, usually over stupid reasons like "OMG NO GERALDZ HAIR WUZ BETTER WEN IT WUZ LONG OMG IM GUNA KIL U". Trolling the members of this site is extremely lulzy, due to the PMS that constantly affects them. After drama, someone always asks for lesbian sex because nobody loved them when they were children, which is most likely what will happen to their retarded family memebers.

    The Great Spamming of July 24th, 2007

    What some retard, Izzy, tried to spam after the events of 7/24. She of course, failed miserably.

    On July 24th, 2007, UMCRS was raided. Much butthurt and many lulz followed. Lots of the members, LOL MEMBERS, are butthurt over it, and kept editing this page and proving how butthurt they are. Many of the members involved then are now over it today. However, some members that have never seen the page stumble across it while googling themselves and post about it, whining about how inaccurate it is and how butthurt they are. No one cares anymore, because their balls finally dropped.


    God, what a fat cunt. She dropped out of college, and her parents bribed her with a sidekick to get her back into community college. Yet she still refuses to go to college. She is a huge attention whore and thinks she's hilarious. She really isn't. She preys on little boys, and her main target is Myke. Myke can see through her ruse and usually makes a fool out of her in threads when she tries to be witty and condescending. She usually bitches about how much she hates her parents, but she's like 21 years old she can support herself? She's really lazy and won't get off her ass to get a job. She makes up excuses how she has social anxiety but is actually too much of a pussy to leave her house, for fear she may actually burn off some calories. She spends all of her "money" (that she mooched off of her parents) going to shows, then comes home to bitch about them later. She recently got a Mac and flaunts it around, thinking she is so awesome, when she really isn't. She doesn't know how to use the Internet, and insists on showing off everything she has (mooched off of her parents) when she posts over 9000 questions a day on the board, asking how to do the simplest task, like make a line on Photoshop.

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